How To Let Go Of Your Timeline
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Today on Oversharing Jordana updates Dr. Naomi on her group trip, and the two discuss the best way to get your crew together for a holiday. Our Overshare comes from a new mom coping with her traumatic birthing experience. Today’s Betchicist comes from a Betch dealing with a smelly houseguest. In a special segment sponsored by Lee, Dr. Naomi writes an intention for a listener who feels a bit behind in life. And we’re feeling triggered by talking about the weather and stolen parking spots. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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In this fifth episode of Baby Steps Season 2, host Jordana Abraham sits down with the Bachelor's Sarah Herron for an intimate conversation on her journey through IVF and the heartbreaking experience of pregnancy loss. Sarah shares her story, recounting the profound loss of her son at 23 weeks and...
Published 05/17/24
Published 05/17/24
Today on Oversharing Jordana fills us in on her latest move. Our Overshare comes from a Betch who’s been tricked into planning an engagement. Today’s Betchicist goes out to a listener grappling with guardianship. Dr. Naomi writes an intention for runner’s anxiety that’s brought to us by the...
Published 05/14/24