Helen, Adam and Andy try to answer your questions about the election - not 'who's going to win?' (everyone knows that) but the more interesting bits. Plus a special double quiz of Eyes past and campaigns present. 
Published 06/12/24
Ian Hislop reveals the winner, live from BAFTA, of the 2024 Paul Foot Award!
Published 06/11/24
Rebecca Thomas of the Independent describes her broad and shocking investigation into the failures in the UK’s mental health system. The last in the Paul Foot Award 2024 mini-series.
Published 06/10/24
Paul Caruana Galizia (Tortoise) and Antonia Cundy (Financial Times) discuss their joint piece on Crispin Odey, the former hedge fund manager now denying multiple allegations of sexual assault. Part five of the 2024 Paul Foot Award mini-series.
Published 06/09/24
DUAL NARRATIVES. Lewis McBlane of the Northern Scot on the most important road you (probably) haven’t heard of – the A96 and the 80-year campaign to add another lane to it. Part four of our mini-series on the Paul Foot Awards.
Published 06/08/24
Humberto Rocha of the Oil Price Information Service on some dodgy dealing in Big Carbon... in part three of our new investigative mini-series interviewing the investigative reporters behind six remarkable pieces of journalism shortlisted for this year’s Paul Foot Award. 
Published 06/07/24
Part two of our new investigative mini-series interviewing the reporters behind six remarkable pieces of investigative journalism, all shortlisted for this year’s Paul Foot Award. Today, Justine Smith of The House magazine on the crisis in children’s mental health services.
Published 06/06/24
A brand new mini-series from Page 94: interviews with the reporters behind six remarkable pieces of investigative journalism, all shortlisted for the prestigious Paul Foot Award 2024. Today, Tristan Kirk of the Evening Standard on the scandal of the Single Justice Procedure.
Published 06/05/24
The team discuss the laws that are being shoved through parliament before the electoral iron curtain descends (and those that are being left on the other side), plus an update from Richard Brooks on the latest goings-on at the Post Office inquiry.
Published 05/29/24
Helen, Adam and Andy discuss MPs changing sides, power in the rental market changing hands, and Jeremy Clarkson changing into Greta Thunberg. 
Published 05/15/24
Tim Minogue joins Helen, Adam and Ian to talk Rotten Boroughs, the fall of Humza Yousaf and how Private Eye outed a spy.
Published 04/30/24
Ian, Helen, Adam and Andy talk about upstanding members, retiring ministers and get all Trussed Up. 
Published 04/17/24
Ian, Helen, Adam and Andy learn what you have to do to get arrested in Scotland, investigate which way Rupert Murdoch’s leaning as the election approaches, and finally go where only men have boldly gone before: the Garrick club.
Published 04/04/24
Phil Hammond joins Andy, Helen and Adam for a pre-election NHS special all about the state of the health service. Also featuring blown whistles, strained metaphors and some very rude health.
Published 03/20/24
Ian, Adam, Jane and Helen discuss royal privacy, the possible resurrection of the Crooked House pub, and the return of George Galloway. Questions? Feedback? Email us on [email protected] Sources: George Galloway on the “indefatigability” quote | Christopher Hitchens on being a drink-sodden former Trotskyist popinjay | Libel payouts over forged documents | Inquiry into Mariam Appeal | Inquiry into Viva Palestina | On Mykonos: “I actually had sexual intercourse with some of the people...
Published 03/06/24
Ian, Helen, Adam and Andy unearth the Page 94 Inbox and answer reader questions about every subject under the Sun (or, er, in the Eye).
Published 02/21/24
Andy, Ian, Helen and Adam discuss banned courtroom reporting, how to tell a journalist from a politician (hint: it’s impossible), and the crypto-to-politician money pipeline. Send your questions to [email protected]
Published 02/07/24
The team discuss the Post Office fallout, polling and when not to believe it, mayhem at the Mirror and finish with the latest National Trust sconefight.
Published 01/24/24
Private Eye has been reporting on the Post Office scandal for over a decade: Richard Brooks joins the team to discuss how we got here and where things go next. Plus, updates on the Mirror Hacking debacle and the massive profits being made on Teesside.
Published 01/10/24
In a special between-Christmas-and-New-Year episode, Helen grills Adam and Andy on the big news of 2023. Contains all your favourite characters from the year - Nadine! Boris! Piers Moron! and more Prince Harry than you thought possible.
Published 12/29/23
Ian is joined by Harry Enfield, Jan Ravens and Lewis Macleod to bring the Private Eye annual 2023 (available in shops now. Ed.) to the stage. Featuring Sylvie Krin, EJ Thribb, William McGonagall, Sir Herbert Gussett and many more!
Published 12/20/23
The team discuss the Labour leader's newfound love of Thatcher, the news from COP28 and the Telegraph deal that even its journalists are against.
Published 12/06/23
The team discuss the reshuffle, discover what David Cameron has been doing in his gap years, and what Suella Braverman would do if only she were home secretary. Plus: The Crown and a Nadine Dorries quiz.
Published 11/22/23
The team look at how Fleet Street is covering the Covid Inquiry given their own compromised hacks, discuss the man behind last week's conservative ARC conference, and pick a few holes in Nadine Dorries' The Plot. Plus, Matt Muir reveals what progress Rishi Sunak's AI conference has really made in averting an AI-pocalypse. 
Published 11/08/23