Episode 80. Find out which of this year’s six entries won the grand prize, in a mini-episode recorded live at the Paul Foot Award in London. Featuring Ian Hislop, chief judge Padraig Reidy, and the Mystery Winner.
Published 06/07/23
Episode 79. In the second half of the Paul Foot Award Shortlist, teams from the Sunday Times, Vice and the Guardian reveal what they've been digging into - namely Boris Johnson and the BBC chairman, Baroness Mone and a £200million PPE deal, and the dangerous rise of Andrew Tate. Tune in later this week for Part III, live from the award ceremony!
Published 06/05/23
Episode 78. In the most exciting crossover event in podcast history, the Paul Foot Award comes in three parts this year. In Part I the brilliant hacks from the Times, Observer and Newsquest Cumbria tell their stories, of unregulated psychologists in the family courts, dangerous police Taser use and British Gas breaking into people's homes to fit prepayment meters.
Published 06/05/23
Episode 77. Matt Muir provides the Eye’s take on new AI technology ChatGPT, which may well obliterate mankind in a new and exciting way, while Jane Mackenzie reveals the latest on open-cast mines in Wales, which might contribute to wiping out the species in an old-fashioned way.
Published 04/24/23
Episode 76. A mega-millions local government derby: Richard Brooks explains the mysterious dealings behind the Teeside ‘Freeport’, and Tim Minogue reveals how Croydon council managed to go bankrupt three times in two years. Free acre of highly contaminated waste ground with every download!
Published 03/17/23
Episode 75. For the first time since 2019 the Eye returns to the National Theatre for a live rendition of the Private Eye Annual. Including the dulcet tones of Lewis Macleod, Jan Ravens, Harry Enfield, and Ian Hislop. Merry Christmas!
Published 12/19/22
Episode 74. Jane Mackenzie and Solomon Hughes unravel the tangled tale of who owns Britain’s military housing (spoiler: not only is it not the British government, it isn’t even owned in Britain) and Sarah Shannon takes a quick World Tour of the *other* countries involved in the World Cup who’ve been living up to the high standards set by Qatar. Free kick with every download!
Published 12/06/22
Episode 73. NHS and Saudi Deals. Heather Mills and the Eye’s medical correspondent Phil Hammond explain the ambulance crisis, appointments crisis, and all the other crises currently afflicting the national health service and what (if anything) can be done about them; and Solomon Hughes partially lifts the lid on a mysterious deal between the UK government and Saudi Arabia, which is currently too secret for the British taxpayer to know about. 40 free new hospitals (as promised by Boris...
Published 08/09/22
Episode 72. Finally being held not-over-Zoom for the first time in three years, this special episode comes from the Paul Foot Awards held to celebrate investigative journalism and commemorate the Eye’s great campaigning journalist Paul Foot. Download now to learn about six fascinating and enraging stories from six brilliant reporting teams!
Published 06/17/22
Episode 71. Richard Brooks reveals the latest on Ehud Sheleg, former Conservative Party treasurer and now Sir Ehud following the donation of a few million pounds; and in a Jubilee Special, Adam Macqueen discusses ‘The Queen And Eye’ and Brenda’s 70-plus appearances on the cover over her 70-year reign. Free gong with every download!
Published 05/29/22
Episode 70. Antony Goldman and human rights correspondent Dr Grim reveal how Russia has spent decades practising for its war on Ukraine in other bits of the world. Plus a rare Good News Special: Eye hack Jane Mackenzie reveals what’s been going on in the government’s troubled Covid-catch-up programme for schools.
Published 04/13/22
Episode 69. Richard Brooks and Solomon Hughes discuss their recent appearance with editor Ian Hislop before the Parliamentary Committee on Standards, discussing MPs’ second jobs (and asking the MPs on the committee about their own financial interests). Free £100,000-a-year consultancy position with every download!
Published 02/18/22
Episode 68. Tim Minogue of Rotten Boroughs tells the story of a pub landlord bankrupted and imprisoned by a local council vendetta, who has finally secured justice after more than 20 years; and housing correspondent Rachael Claye lifts the lid on the government’s (latest) promise to sort out the cladding crisis to see how much good it will actually do.
Published 01/20/22
Episode 67. Francis Wheen and Adam Macqueen provide the lowdown behind the punch-up that's knocked the royal family sideways; and Lewis MacLeod and Jan Ravens bring the Eye's 2021 annual to life in our traditional 'Not At The National Theatre Due To Covid' show. 30 minutes of free glorious isolation from the world with every download!
Published 12/16/21
Episode 66. Jane Mackenzie and Karen Liebreich explain the sewage crisis which is sluicing its way into Britain’s rivers and coasts, and human rights correspondent Dr Grim discusses the Iranian regime’s prison system. A thousand free litres of raw effluent with every download!
Published 11/25/21
Episode 65. Richard Brooks and Solomon Hughes cover both ends of the Covid wealth gap - from the companies making mega-millions out of lazy procurement processes all the way to the workers having their wages levelled down rather than up. Free major government contract with every download!
Published 10/13/21
Episode 64. The Eye’s medical correspondent Phil Hammond discusses what comes next in the fight against Covid, and Jane Mackenzie covers the fight over what happens next under Stonehenge. Free sarsen with every download!
Published 08/18/21
Episode 63. It Was 60 Years Ago Today. Adam Macqueen and Ian Hislop discuss the forthcoming '60 Yearbook', a guide to the last six decades as seen by Private Eye. Free plug with every download!
Published 07/13/21
Episode 62. Stay six Feet away from everyone else and tune in to the best investigative journalism broadcast of the year, featuring a cast of thousands of brilliant journalists and insights into their work. Featuring Cobra meetings, Barnard Castle, dubious Covid contracts, David Cameron’s text messages, and much, much more.
Published 06/15/21
Episode 61. Richard Brooks and Solomon Hughes return for a follow-up episode about ACOBA and the revolving door - spoiler alert, the problems haven’t been fixed - plus a Reader’s Complaints Special with editor Ian Hislop.
Published 05/07/21
Episode 60. Jane Mackenzie and Solomon Hughes discuss the new ‘Integrated Review’ of Britain’s defences in the 21st century, and the thrilling new war machines that don’t quite exist yet; and Heather Mills turns over mobile homes to reveal the pitfalls that lie beneath them. Free BAE Systems Tempest fighter aircraft with every download!
Published 04/01/21
Episode 59. Jane Mackenzie reveals how the government’s catch-up tutoring programme for Covid-hit schools is going to work (or not work), and Ian Hislop and Francis Wheen discuss the suddenly fashionable Robert Maxwell and his habit of putting on the writs.
Published 03/05/21
Episode 58. Richard Brooks has been on a pilgrimage to Kent to uncover the hidden chaos of Brexit; Tim Minogue reveals the unexpected downsides of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, and Francis Wheen laments the departure of one of the Telegraph's finest hacks, who also happens to be the Chinese ambassador to Britain.
Published 02/04/21
MD, AKA Phil Hammond, gives a roundup of the year’s Covid news, Richard Brooks and Solomon Hughes look under the bonnet of the government’s latest outsourcing disasters, we speak to Sarah Shannon about Farmed Salmon, and say farewell to the Eye’s friend John Sessions. Free (glass of) port with every download!
Published 12/14/20