Fire and ice. Grandfathers. Clocks. A talk on the stairs.
Published 07/20/21
Ash spends time in the back yard. Things are shown. There is blood.   CW: This episode contains graphic depictions of violence and gore.
Published 07/06/21
Trapped, but not alone.   This episode contains graphic depictions of violence and gore.
Published 06/22/21
The storm continues. New friends? Something in the chimney, something under the stairs. 
Published 06/08/21
Jack is a problem. Old photos. Looks like snow.
Published 05/25/21
Nightmares and hard talks. The attic opens.     
Published 05/11/21
Doughnuts and discoveries. Things don't add up.
Published 04/27/21
Welcome to Hawthorne House. Meet Ash. Transcripts at www.thepalimpsestpodcast.com Our theme song is performed by Ian Ridenhour (www.ianridenhour.com) and Dov Bek-Levine (https://www.dovbecklevine.com)  
Published 04/13/21
Need help with your house? Mobley Building and Renovation knows exactly what your house needs. Season Four begins April 13th. #embracewhathauntsyou   excerpts from "Ash" by Tracy K. Smith used by permission of Graywolf Press.
Published 03/23/21
House that eats and pleads and kills. Season Four begins April 13th.   The poem in this trailer is "Ash" by former US Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith, from her collection Wade in the Water (2018). We are grateful to Ms. Smith and Graywolf Press for granting us permission to use it.
Published 03/02/21
We are featuring the first podcast episode from Asheville's Word on the Street Squad. This group of Black and Latinx youth have written and produced a podcast exploring cultural roots and power by speaking about Dia De Los Muertos and Voodoo, telling stories they have heard in their families and cultures, and reflecting on how Halloween has culturally appropriated them, perpetuating oppression.  They are also in the midst of their annual fundraiser, El Arte De La Abundancia. You can find out...
Published 11/10/20
It's Halloween. You've been gone so long. We missed you so much. Welcome home.
Published 10/27/20
Poppy O'Brien investigates a series of letters from the 1940s.  Featuring guest performers Beth Eyre, Jen Sugden, and James Oliva. This episode is sponsored by Dashlane (www.dashlane.com/palimpsest)
Published 09/01/20
We're streaming our live show directly to you on Saturday, August 29th at 8pm EST.  Join us here: https://whitehorseblackmountain.com/event/white-horse-live-palimpsest/  
Published 08/24/20
Josie has a choice to make.
Published 08/18/20
Josie breaks the code. Tragedy strikes.    This episode contains images of graphic violence, including gun violence.
Published 08/04/20
Voices in the night. Josie has a visitor. This episode is sponsored by Dashlane.  Today's episode contains images of war, violence, and discussions of suicide.
Published 07/21/20
Josie examines the book. Poetry and parentage. CW: Poetry
Published 07/07/20
Did you miss us?
Published 06/29/20
Broken codes. Josie underground. Contains graphic depictions of violence and war. This episode is sponsored by Dashlane. www.dashlane.com/palimpsest  
Published 03/17/20
Published 03/17/20
Tarot and Towers. Josie is a spy. Something's in the alley.
Published 03/03/20
Ring around the rosie. Josie meets someone who knows things. A dead woman in the garden.  This episode of Palimpsest is sponsored by Dashlane. www.dashlane.com/palimpsest
Published 02/18/20
Layers. Rivers. Theories.   This episode of Palimpsest features depictions of war, violence, and attempted suicide.
Published 02/04/20
We meet Josie, who encounters a series of strangers in war-torn London. This episode of Palimpsest contains images of violence and war.
Published 01/21/20