Kelly Clarkson's third album "My December" was met with tons of controversy upon its release. Considered by many fans to be her most personal work to date, this week we dive into the history behind the album era, and the infamous industry feud it birthed.Support the Show.
Published 05/21/24
Published 05/21/24
By the turn of the new millennium, neo-soul had well been introduced into music with artists like Lauryn Hill, Maxwell, Jill Scott and Brandy at the forefront. But the true king of neo-soul – in my humble opinion is none other than the musical mastermind himself – D’ANGELO. This being his sophomore album – he wanted to take more risks and make the funky jams he always wanted to make; but what he didn’t expect, was the major image shift that he was about to experience after the release of his...
Published 03/29/24
Fresh off his Super Bowl halftime performance - let's dive into the album in Usher's discography that gets written off the most (in my humble opinion)... "Here I Stand". Country Music News TodayA bite-sized dose of country music news every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday keeping...Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify Support the show
Published 02/12/24
After the debut of Britney Spears in late 1998 – record labels across America were all scrambling to find their own Britney. After all, the solo female blonde pop star was a business model that hadn’t worked since Madonna debuted in 1983 – every other pop blonde that came out after her came and went. So when Britney stuck – the music industry struck gold. RCA Records got Christina Aguilera, Columbia Records got Jessica Simpson, and Epic Records got a young teenage girl by the name of Mandy...
Published 02/05/24
This week on the podcast - we dive into the fourth album by Canadian Country queen Shania Twain. With tracks like "Up!", "Forever and for Always" and "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!" - this album was chockfull of hits, and was the follow-up to her diamond selling album "Come On Over". courtesies: ctv canada am, aol, mercury nashville, dateline nbc, cbc, access hollywood, extra Support the show
Published 01/29/24
It's all things Lindsay Lohan this week! I'm joined by singer and digital producer Elise Mariah to chat about Lindsay's debut album "Speak". This year also marks 20 years of this legendary album, so what better time? courtesies: universal music group, the ellen degeneres show  Support the show
Published 01/22/24
Nobody gave us an album as groovy and infectious as Maxwell in 2001’s “NOW”. After a relatively lackluster reception to his second album Embrya; the pressure was on for Maxwell to deliver a successful third album and he did just that. Between groovy R&B tracks to heartbreaking ballads, this album is the perfect soundtrack for your wine nights.  Support the show
Published 01/15/24
Toronto influencer Mikael Melo joins us this week to chat all about Ashley Tisdale's debut album "Headstrong".  courtesies: warner bros. records, ktla, youtube/ashleytisdale, walt disney records, mtv Support the show
Published 01/08/24
By early 2003, bubble-gum pop was on its way out and pop-rock was taking the forefront in terms of the mainstream music market. People were getting bored of the formulaic blonde hair and boy bands dancing in formation and were yearning for something grittier. In comes Evanescence. With rock hard guitars, mystical strings and Amy Lee’s haunting vocals, the band filled a void that was missing from pop radio. From their grand-slam debut single “Bring Me To Life” to tearjerker ballads like “My...
Published 01/01/24
To celebrate the upcoming 15th anniversary of "Fearless", we are joined by the amazing Nora Princiotti (Every Album Ever Podcast, The Ringer). Together we  chat about this amazing record and the iconic moments the era had to offer, in what has since become the record that broke Taylor Swift into the mainstream pop world. courtesies: gac, mtv, itunes, big machine records, taylor swift, cmt, people, countryhound Support the show
Published 09/26/23
"Canada's Drag Race" producer Natalie Makovora joins us for out very-first pop punk deep-dive! None other than the legendary album "Riot!" by Paramore.  Support the show
Published 09/12/23
For out first hip-hop retrospective, we dive into none other than the St. Lunatic himself, Nelly. With worldwide smash-hits like "Hot In Herre" and "Dilemma", this album is a Hip-Hop staple, and introduced Nelly to a whole new legion of fans around the world.  Support the show
Published 08/23/23
In the dawn of Y2K pop, while we got all the goodness of the Britneys and Christinas, we also started to see the rise of the pop girl who was a little edgier and a little funkier. The ones that didn’t necessarily fit in a box, but provided the bops nonetheless. Low and Behold the emergence of Canadian queen Miss Nelly Furtado with her debut album “Whoa Nelly”. The album flew like a bird into our lives in the Fall of 2000, and 23 years later, the rest is history. Now, turn off the lights, lay...
Published 07/09/23
"Return Of Saturn”. The album that Gwen Stefani has gone on to say she can’t even listen to anymore because of how deep and dark the lyrical content was for her in this time. But it wasn't all serious, this album was also home to some hardcore bangers and coming from someone whose in the midst of their Saturn return… this episode is a long time coming! This is No Doubt's "Return Of Saturn". Support the show
Published 07/01/23
Fresh off the success of her multi-platinum Grammy-winning 2001 release “All For You”, Janet Jackson had been consistently putting out hit records for well over 18-years, so when it was announced in early 2004 that Miss Jackson was to return with a new album (then, her sixth) as well as a spot headlining the SuperBowl halftime show, the streets were buzzing. Nobody could have predicted the series of events that would follow, resulting in the end of Janet’s commercial success as we knew it....
Published 06/22/23
Today, we will be talking about the band’s second album “7” which included mega-hits like “Reach” and “Never Had A Dream Come True” among others. 
Published 03/07/23
When you hear the title “The Voice” there really is only one name that comes (or that should come to mind). Whitney Elizabeth Houston. By the late-‘00s, Whitney’s music career had all but fizzled as her personal life and struggles became more prevalent than her professional career. But in 2009, Whitney changed that and came back with her first album in 7 years. “I Look To You” is a complicated era, as while it was the first time Whitney was back to recording in years, it was painfully...
Published 02/15/23
I am joined by the lovely Joanna Adams (twitter: @nowstarringto) for an in-depth analysis on the "Never Gone" album by the all-conquering Backstreet Boys. This album was dubbed as their "comeback" album after a 4-year hiatus. Did it live up to the hype? Listen to find out our thoughts. 
Published 01/17/23
Packed with covers of Christmas classics, this album is the feel-good Christmas album that 2000’s dreams are made of. Released in the peak of Jessica’s musical career, ReJoyce revisits a brief moment in time when Jessica Simpson’s star shined brighter than ever. 
Published 12/23/22
In late 2002, we were in the middle of a media circus caused by none other than Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, “Bennifer” if you will. But, it wasn’t just the fact that they were together that fueled this circus. Jennifer also released an album, an album that not only was chockfull of love songs dedicated to Ben, but an album that has since been considered to be her magnum opus. Today, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of my personal favorite JLO album “This Is Me.. Then”. So sit back,...
Published 12/07/22
We start off the new season celebrating one of the shining gems in Britney Spears' discography, "Blackout". I am joined by Troy McEady (Beyond The Blinds, Dunzo Podcast) and Jesse Chambliss (Jesse's Girls Podcast) to discuss every track on the album, as well as its impact on popular culture. courtesies: x17online, hollywood.tv, the ellen degeneres show, the ryan seacrest show, kempire radio. 
Published 11/22/22
By 2009, Shakira had earned the reputation as the belly-dancing songstress whose hips didn’t lie. But the question was, how was she going to follow-up such an immensely successful period? After all, “Hips Don’t Lie” is one of the defining pop hits from the 2000s. Well, the answer was in the form of a she wolf. With a more experimental sound and sexy new attitude, Shakira came bursting back onto the scene more confident as ever. While, this album cycle definitely had its challenges, Shakira...
Published 10/01/22
This week, we dive into the sophomore album by singer, performer, businesswoman and beauty Rihanna "A Girl Like Me". From "SOS (Rescue Me)" to "Unfaithful" this album was a part of the foundation of the beauty mogul we know today. 
Published 09/16/22
In the spring of 2001, in the wake of a ton of negative bad press surrounding on the top-selling y2k artists, Destiny’s Child, the ladies of the group were about to face a bit of a renaissance (see what I did there) with their album Survivor. The album which is one of the best-selling albums by a girl group ever, is integral in not just the story of Destiny’s Child, but the story of Beyonce as well. So all my Independent Women and Bootylicious Babes… join me and later in the show my special...
Published 08/17/22