Today, we will be talking about the band’s second album “7” which included mega-hits like “Reach” and “Never Had A Dream Come True” among others. 
Published 03/07/23
When you hear the title “The Voice” there really is only one name that comes (or that should come to mind). Whitney Elizabeth Houston. By the late-‘00s, Whitney’s music career had all but fizzled as her personal life and struggles became more prevalent than her professional career. But in 2009, Whitney changed that and came back with her first album in 7 years. “I Look To You” is a complicated era, as while it was the first time Whitney was back to recording in years, it was painfully...
Published 02/15/23
Published 02/15/23
I am joined by the lovely Joanna Adams (twitter: @nowstarringto) for an in-depth analysis on the "Never Gone" album by the all-conquering Backstreet Boys. This album was dubbed as their "comeback" album after a 4-year hiatus. Did it live up to the hype? Listen to find out our thoughts. 
Published 01/17/23
Packed with covers of Christmas classics, this album is the feel-good Christmas album that 2000’s dreams are made of. Released in the peak of Jessica’s musical career, ReJoyce revisits a brief moment in time when Jessica Simpson’s star shined brighter than ever. 
Published 12/23/22
In late 2002, we were in the middle of a media circus caused by none other than Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, “Bennifer” if you will. But, it wasn’t just the fact that they were together that fueled this circus. Jennifer also released an album, an album that not only was chockfull of love songs dedicated to Ben, but an album that has since been considered to be her magnum opus. Today, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of my personal favorite JLO album “This Is Me.. Then”. So sit back,...
Published 12/07/22
We start off the new season celebrating one of the shining gems in Britney Spears' discography, "Blackout". I am joined by Troy McEady (Beyond The Blinds, Dunzo Podcast) and Jesse Chambliss (Jesse's Girls Podcast) to discuss every track on the album, as well as its impact on popular culture. courtesies: x17online, hollywood.tv, the ellen degeneres show, the ryan seacrest show, kempire radio. 
Published 11/22/22
By 2009, Shakira had earned the reputation as the belly-dancing songstress whose hips didn’t lie. But the question was, how was she going to follow-up such an immensely successful period? After all, “Hips Don’t Lie” is one of the defining pop hits from the 2000s. Well, the answer was in the form of a she wolf. With a more experimental sound and sexy new attitude, Shakira came bursting back onto the scene more confident as ever. While, this album cycle definitely had its challenges, Shakira...
Published 10/01/22
This week, we dive into the sophomore album by singer, performer, businesswoman and beauty Rihanna "A Girl Like Me". From "SOS (Rescue Me)" to "Unfaithful" this album was a part of the foundation of the beauty mogul we know today. 
Published 09/16/22
In the spring of 2001, in the wake of a ton of negative bad press surrounding on the top-selling y2k artists, Destiny’s Child, the ladies of the group were about to face a bit of a renaissance (see what I did there) with their album Survivor. The album which is one of the best-selling albums by a girl group ever, is integral in not just the story of Destiny’s Child, but the story of Beyonce as well. So all my Independent Women and Bootylicious Babes… join me and later in the show my special...
Published 08/17/22
In late 2001, when people ask who the queen of pop is, the average answer was Madonna, maybe Janet. But, if you asked that question somewhere in the UK or Australia, Kylie Minogue’s named would definitely be thrown into that mix. But she was about to breakout in America in a big way.. with the release of the album “Fever”, Kylie brought worldwide hits like “Cant Get You Out Of My Head” and “Love At First Sight” to the forefront, among other disco classics. And perhaps biggest of all, she...
Published 08/04/22
“Back to Black” took the saying work of art to new heights. With extreme success usually comes some form of extreme tragedy and that juxtaposition is synonymous with Amy Winehouse’s story. So pour a glass of wine, get your vinyl players out and get ready to get Back to Black with Amy Winehouse.  courtesy: Back to Black - Amy Winehouse, written by Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse. UMG (on behalf of Universal-Island Records Ltd.); MINT_BMG, CMRRA, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, Sony...
Published 05/21/22
Michael breaks down the music, looks and events surrounding Ciara's first-ever album "Goodies", released September 28th, 2004.
Published 05/06/22
Diving deep into the debut album era by one of our favorite Idols, Jordin Sparks.
Published 03/18/22
Brandy came out swinging on 2002’s Full Moon and has since become one of her signature... if not her signature album. This year we celebrate 20 years of this iconic album.  Join me and a few of my special friends as we deep dive into this era, going through all the songs and more.  IG LINKS TO MY BEAUTIFUL GUESTS: Casey - @4evercurliegurlie Unique - @uniquesworldview Keisha - @4everkeisha_
Published 02/28/22
“The Diary of Alicia Keys” arguably serves as the Alicia’s magnum opus, with career-defining tracks like “If I Ain’t Got You” and “You Don’t Know My Name”, to R&B classics like “Diary” and “When You Really Love Someone”. This record is an R&B masterpiece, so sit-back relax and open the pages of your diary as we dive into “The Diary of Alicia Keys”. 
Published 02/06/22
A look into R&B singer Omarion's sophomore solo album "21".
Published 01/17/22
The Holiday Season is a time for family. Cheer, fun and festivity. So what is a holiday season without some festive holiday season. Yes, we all know that Mariah Carey is the queen of Christmas, but there have also been many magical Christmas music in pop music, and this one in particular is a favorite of mine. It’s by a little group named Destiny’s Child. At the height of their commercial success in 2001, Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle of Destiny’s Child released their Christmas masterpiece “8...
Published 12/23/21
Michelle Branch was 18 years old when her first single “Everywhere” took over radio, and that set the tone for her debut album “The Spirit Room”. With hits like “Everywhere” “All You Wanted” and “Goodbye To You”, Michelle catapulted to super-stardom that saw her all the way to the GRAMMY Stage. So grab a pen and paper, and write those angsty thoughts from out teens out because today we dive into singer-songwriter Michelle Branch’s debut album “The Spirit Room”. 
Published 12/07/21
After the boom of Y2K pop was coming to an end in early 2002, the music world was shifting to a more urban sound. Suddenly the general public wasn’t as interested in the famous Max Martin sound that shaped the sounds of artists like Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and Britney Spears and instead were leaning towards a more hip-hop sound. Enter, Ashanti. Her debut self-titled studio album was a blockbuster smash. Released in the spring of 2002 the album is home to classics such as “Foolish”,...
Published 11/23/21
w/ Special Guest @literaltrash2004 By 2001, Britney Spears was three years into her career and had already sold over 40 million albums, had two number one albums, three sold out tours, performed at the Super Bowl, Grammy’s and MTV VMA’s, and scored three top 10 singles. Oh and she wasn’t even 20 years old. But it was in the fall of this year that she would release one of her most personal and introspective albums in her discography “Britney”. From immaculate performances, to the catchiest...
Published 11/09/21
with special guest Troy McEady (Dunzo Podcast). By the year 2000, Queen of Pop Madonna had already been a trailblazer for close to two decades, habing been banned by the church multiple times, selling hundreds of millions of albums and inspiring countless artists. When it came time for another album release, Madonna was facing something she had never faced before, competition. With a whole new crop of teen pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera taking over radio stations and...
Published 10/28/21
A real love survives a rock steady vibe. That was the opening line of one of the most legendary albums from the 2000s by ska band No Doubt. When No Doubt released “Rock Steady” they hadn’t had a hit since 1997 with “Don’t Speak” and the pressure was on after their previous release didn’t quite match up to the success of their “Tragic Kingdom” album. And Match Up they did with this one… with four amazing singles, three of which became smash hits, it’s safe to say that No Doubt more than...
Published 10/08/21
When thinking about pop music in the 2000’s, there are a few staple tracks that come to mind. Some might say “Oops! I Did It Again”, some may think “In da Club”, but I’m almost certain that majority of people will think of “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. The song along with the album that it came from, has grown a true legacy over the years. This week, we take a look at the debut album by British singer Natasha Bedingfield. So sit back, relax, open your notebook and take out your pen...
Published 09/24/21
The UK has been known to give us some of the best musicians of our time, especially for the world of Pop Music. From The Beatles, to the Spice Girls to Adele, the brits have always known a thing or two about good music. In the early-oughts, Britain brought us the genius that is Craig David with his debut album “Born To Do It”. The album that gave us hits such as “Fill Me In”, “7 Days” and “Walking Away” helped bring in a new sound to R&B Music in the new millennium, incorporating 2-step...
Published 09/24/21