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with special guest Troy McEady (Dunzo Podcast). By the year 2000, Queen of Pop Madonna had already been a trailblazer for close to two decades, habing been banned by the church multiple times, selling hundreds of millions of albums and inspiring countless artists. When it came time for another album release, Madonna was facing something she had never faced before, competition. With a whole new crop of teen pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera taking over radio stations and record stores around the country, everyone was anxiously awaiting to see what the Queen would put out, would it be able to compete with the new girls? Compete it did, with her album “Music” Madonna introduced a new sound to the world of pop and reinvented her image once again. Home to some of her biggest hits like “Music” and “Don’t Tell Me” join me this week as we deep dive into Madonna’s incredible eighth studio album “Music” with our special guest Troy Mceady from the Dunzo Podcast. After all, Madonna said it best herself, music makes the people come together.
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Today, we will be talking about the band’s second album “7” which included mega-hits like “Reach” and “Never Had A Dream Come True” among others. 
Published 03/07/23
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Published 02/15/23
Published 02/15/23