Craig David - Born To Do It
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The UK has been known to give us some of the best musicians of our time, especially for the world of Pop Music. From The Beatles, to the Spice Girls to Adele, the brits have always known a thing or two about good music. In the early-oughts, Britain brought us the genius that is Craig David with his debut album “Born To Do It”. The album that gave us hits such as “Fill Me In”, “7 Days” and “Walking Away” helped bring in a new sound to R&B Music in the new millennium, incorporating 2-step UK Garage into popular R&B American music, something that inspired a whole new generation of artists. Join us this week as we take a look back into the history of this legendary album and the music that it has graced us with. One thing is for sure, after today’s episode, if you didn’t know Craig David you will, after all he was Born To Do It. 
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Today, we will be talking about the band’s second album “7” which included mega-hits like “Reach” and “Never Had A Dream Come True” among others. 
Published 03/07/23
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Published 02/15/23