Bats play a pivotal role in the well-being of people, ecosystems and the planet. Rodrigo Medellín, Mexico’s “bat man,” tells Alex Honnold how he’s saving several species from extinction.
Published 12/14/23
Published 12/14/23
A never-before-documented ecosystem in the Amazon coastal area could present new solutions for climate resilience. Explorer Angelo Bernardino explains why.
Published 11/16/23
A deep dive into Arctic waters uncovered an uncharted underwater forest. Meet the explorers who found it and hear how this unusual ecosystem contributes to overall ocean health.
Published 10/19/23
A daring expedition to extract a record-breaking ice core could help us prepare for future climate transitions. Hear from the scientist who led the project.
Published 09/22/23
Alex Honnold meets two scientists using new technologies to protect the Mediterreanean’s marine life.
Published 08/24/23
Ocean health is crucial to our planet. Listen to three young visionaries discuss their boundary-breaking conservation of marine ecosystems with Alex Honnold and hear a special appearance from legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle.
Published 08/02/23
Climate influencers Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen on how social media is inspiring a new generation of ocean protection.
Published 06/29/23
How Tompkins Conservation is rewilding millions of acres and restoring key species in South America.
Published 06/01/23
Meet the biologist canoeing 40,000km of Africa’s under-researched rivers to solve water and food security concerns for millions.
Published 05/04/23
Join host Alex Honnold for Season 3 of “Planet Visionaries.” Hear the stories of the explorers, adventurers and scientists solving Earth’s biggest climate challenges in this podcast.
Published 05/04/23
Mapping Indigenous knowledge could help a nation adapt to climate change. Geographer and climate action advocate Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim explains how.
Published 12/07/22
Malnutrition is a global problem with global consequences. Could this machine fix it?
Published 11/09/22
High in the Himalaya, a tiny community is testing a new conservation model that could have far-reaching effects.
Published 10/19/22
The ocean’s murky and difficult-to-reach “middle light” zone is teeming with undiscovered species. Meet the man on a mission to find them.
Published 09/12/22
Two scientists are searching the world’s most remote caves for clues to our climate’s past — and future.
Published 08/12/22
A daring diver discovers new life — and a unique ecosystem — in Patagonia’s remote fjords.
Published 07/14/22
Trailblazing conservationist Tomas Diagne on why protecting turtles protects the planet.
Published 06/24/22
Meet Rohan Pethiyagoda, the pioneering naturalist reclaiming Sri Lanka’s mysterious cloud forests.
Published 05/27/22
These legendary conservationists champion innovative new solutions for protecting threatened species.
Published 04/29/22
Join Alex Honnold for season 2 of Planet Visionaries, featuring more incredible individuals helping to solve global conservation issues.
Published 04/29/22
Scientist Miranda Wang is using innovative chemistry to upcycle discarded plastics.
Published 01/06/22
Technologist Topher White is using audio in new ways to help find and stop deforestation.
Published 12/30/21
Glaciologist Joseph Cook discovered an unusual contributor to sea level rise.
Published 12/02/21
Inside conservation biologist Kerstin Forsberg’s community-based approach to saving the majestic manta ray.
Published 10/07/21