What does CFR14 §91.103, required preflight action, really mean to us?
Published 11/04/21
EDITORS NOTE: At about 13:00, Jason discusses carb icing and states 72 degrees. The answer, according to an AOPA Safety Brief,  is up to 100 degrees F at 50% humidity. Here is the link to the Safety Brief. https://www.aopa.org/-/media/Files/AOPA/Home/Pilot%20Resources/ASI/Safety%20Briefs/SB09.pdf
Published 10/07/21
What are some ways we can better understand and respect weather?
Published 09/03/21
Jason discusses why soft field landings are so important to master.
Published 07/08/21
Jason and Magda talk about things your passengers can do to help you as a pilot during a flight
Published 06/03/21
Join Jason as he answers some questions that will probably be part of your checkride oral exam…
Published 05/06/21
If there is a secret to perfect landings, what is the secret to mastering landings?
Published 04/08/21
Where should all learners start? With the basics of course. Jason outlines what basics all private pilots should turn into foundational parts of their flight training.
Published 03/04/21
In this episode Jason and Magda sit down to share more details of their story of Jason’s poor decision making and how other co-pilots can be empowered to speak up
Published 02/04/21
Working through the secret to perfect landings.
Published 11/18/20
What are some of Jason’s tips for planning a “Real World” VFR trip?
Published 10/14/20
As a Private Pilot, what are some of the ways we can improve our flight maneuvers?
Published 09/04/20
The #1 way to improve your landings
Published 08/05/20
How do we, as Private Pilots, get better at reading charts?
Published 07/08/20
What can we do as a Private Pilot to get ready for our Instrument rating?
Published 06/03/20
What is the best way to prepare for a Private Pilot check ride?
Published 05/06/20
How can we learn more and understand Thunderstorm Flying?
Published 04/08/20
If you enjoyed yesterday’s post on YouTube and Facebook, today on the Private Pilot Podcast, Jason takes a deeper look into the accident of United Flight 173 How does an airplane run out  of fuel in VFR conditions in sight of the airport?
Published 03/04/20
5 actual Private Pilot check ride questions
Published 04/05/19
What are some considerations for your first passenger after your check ride?
Published 03/01/19
What are some things you can do to improve your landings?
Published 02/01/19
What are some ways to stay proficient as a Private Pilot?
Published 01/02/18
What are some proven ways to help yourself prepare for the FAA written knowledge test?
Published 12/16/17
What can the FAASafey Wings Program do for me as a pilot and why should I be involved?
Published 07/22/17