Talat Chughtai, Director of the Trauma Intensive Care Unit at Hamad General Hospital, talks to Jonathan Kay about COVID-19, the triage decisions he's having to make and what we've learnt from China about how best to treat it.
Published 04/01/20
Kentucky State political science professor Wildred Reilly talks to Toby Young about his new book Taboo: 10 Facts You Can't Talk About, as well as the "1776" project, which he's a contributor to.
Published 03/27/20
Science writer Matt Ridley talks to Toby Young about coronavirus, the prospects of finding a vaccine within the next 18 months, and his new book How Innovation Works: Serendipity, Energy, and the Saving of Time.
Published 03/17/20
Andy Lamey, author of Duty and the Beast, believes conservatives should care about animal rights, not just liberals. He is a libertarian and a vegetarian.
Published 03/14/20
Bo Winegard, long-standing Quillette contributor, has lost his job as an assistant professor at Marietta College. No reason was given, but he believes it's because his research interests included the genetic influence on psychological differences.
Published 03/05/20
Quillette columnist Coleman Hughes on why he and some other prominent black intellectuals have created the "1776" project, a response to the New York Times's 1619 Project.
Published 02/29/20
The late Canadian journalist Christie Blatchford gave a speech last year about the importance of due process and the dangers of the #MeToo moral panic. These are the edited highlights.
Published 02/19/20
Israeli political theorist Yoram Hazony talks to Toby Young about the national conservatism conference in Rome and why British Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski should not have been reprimanded by his party for attending.
Published 02/14/20
Venture capitalist Michael Solana talks to Jonathan Kay about interstellar corporatocracy-and why we should welcome it.
Published 02/09/20
Charles Murray, co-author of The Bell Curve, talks to Toby Young about his new book Human Diversity: The Biology of Gender, Race, and Class.
Published 01/28/20
Patricia Marcoccia and Maziar Ghaderi of Holding Space Films talk to Jonathan kay about the time they spent chronicling the daily life of Canada's most famous public intellectual-and how critics on both sides reacted to The Rise of Jordan Peterson.
Published 01/24/20
Richard Bradford, author of Orwell: A Man of Our Time, talks to Toby Young about why Orwell still has a great deal to teach us 70 years after his death.
Published 01/20/20
Stand-up comedian and guest host Jamie Kilstein talks to comedy impresario Paul Provenza about Ricky Gervais's monologue at the Golden Globes and whether comedy is finally emerging from under a cloud of woke humourlessness.
Published 01/18/20
Daniel Hannan, the Conservative Member of the European Parliament for South East England, talks to Toby Young about his lifelong friendship with the late Conservative philosopher Sir Roger Scruton.
Published 01/13/20
Harvard Historian James Hankins on what the great Renaissance humanists can teach us about virtue and statecraft. Plus: Why so many get Machiavelli wrong.
Published 01/09/20
Armando Simón, forensic psychologist and science writer, talks to Jonathan Kay about why it would be a mistake to try and put a man on Mars. Simón recently set out the case against a manned space flight to Mars in Quillette.
Published 01/04/20
Dr James Cantor, clinical psychologist and sexologist, talks to Jonathan Kay about his recent peer-reviewed critique of the AAP's unscientific guidelines on treating trans children.
Published 12/24/19
Toby Young talks to Jonathan Kay about the Conservatives' victory in the UK General Election in which Labour suffered its worst defeat since 1935.
Published 12/14/19
Alireza Nader, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, talks to Jonathan Kay about the recent political protests in Iran and the regime's brutal response.
Published 12/11/19
Philosopher Benedict Beckeld talks to Jonathan Kay about why so many intellectuals and young people loathe the culture of the West.
Published 12/01/19
Political pundit Mark Halperin talks to Jonathan Kay about his new book, How to Beat Trump.
Published 11/21/19
Author Meghan Daum talks to Jonathan Kay about her new book, The Problem With Everything.
Published 11/15/19
Veteran political journalist Steve Richards talks to Toby Young about the U.K.'s forthcoming General Election, becoming a stage performer late in life, and his recent book about recent British Prime Ministers.
Published 11/07/19
Director of Research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies David Adesnik talks to Jonathan Kay about the latest developments in the Middle East.
Published 11/02/19
Jesse Singal, contributing writer at New York magazine, talks to Jonathan Kay about being targeted for cancellation by Nicole Cliffe, a well-known left-wing journalist.
Published 10/28/19