A good selection on varied topics done in a way that is informative but not too long. Always good stuff.
Wilson806 via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 03/30/20
Overall, good podcast. I started from Episode 1 and have been listening through all of them. My one point - The President Trump stuff is boring. Regardless of your opinion of the man, this podcast will tire you of hearing about him. Many episodes almost force him into the conversation without the...Read full review »
Goodie hooligans via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 03/07/20
What Higher Learning or a Higher Level of Learning once was and is always have supposed to be and been about, which is higher state of mind and thinking can only mean a plurality of Perspectives and Viewpoints in order to contribute to one’s way of thinking or how to think it does not mean as its...Read full review »
Kevin from AZ. via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/02/20
Great show and compelling interviews 👍
Rano From Oz via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 02/21/20
I’m never disappointed with the topics covered and guests featured in these podcasts. Consistently educational, smart and thought-provoking. I love the way hosts and guests rotate through US, Canada and UK.
diakrieg via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 02/15/20
Quillette has balls! Interviewing Charles Murray is ballsy and dangerous. Love it
Stungly via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 02/03/20
Interesting. Refreshing honesty about delicate topics
rabidmoderate via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/27/20
You never know who they will be interviewing or on what subject, but I always find it of interest.
Ssssssssstevee via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 01/25/20
It’s nice to see nicely done open discussions on topics that must be talked about no matter how much the authoritarians try to silence us.
Foocifer via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/10/20
Sound quality isn’t too, but the quality of the conversation is!
SouthChinaExpat via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 01/10/20
But the constant speeding up and slowing down of the audio is hugely annoying.
Stan Cranston via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/23/19
Just finished your episode on US Presidents and 25th amendment. As usual great guest, timely topic and information that is presented without the usual political bias. Keep them coming!
CuChulain78 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/19/19
Excellent interviews.
Adeetitito via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 10/13/19
Quillette has carved out an interesting space for itself, in that it claims to eschew partisanship in favor of an evidence-based approach. In reality, that's just about impossible to do all the time, so the podcast (and website as a whole) is absolutely worth listening to and reading, but...Read full review »
Zawfer via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/05/19
It is refreshing to hear thoughtful conversations in this time of hyperbole and idiocy. Quillette podcast is essential listening and the Quillette news letter is essential reading for all thoughtful individuals.
ArtemK via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 08/30/19
During Toby Young’s otherwise great podcast with Prof. Bruce Gilley, his heavy breathing was very distracting.
chramber73 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/08/19
I was hoping that we’d see some real balanced reporting from this source (Quillette). Maybe the 5 podcasts that I labored through so far weren’t the best case study but there’s too much other useful information out there for me to devote much more time in search of a better yield from particular...Read full review »
masterDoja via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/02/19
Thank god I found this podcast. I was running low at work and getting frustrated with the try-hard tactics of some other casts. This is exactly what I needed! Intelligence in my ear!
Karmasucksheyboys via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 07/29/19
Such a pleasure to find this podcast, which is so full of truth, wisdom, and common sense, and devoid of fashionable, silly ideology.
A Forager via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 07/15/19
It’s topics are controversial, its style understated, undramatic, quick to draw distinctions in the interest of precision and accuracy. The guests have viewpoints, but the editorial folks appear to avoid professional spokespersons, or table pounders, and the interviewers seem to be quick to call...Read full review »
sevensevenonenine via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 07/04/19
Come here and listen to free thought and discussion. Such a breath of fresh air.
Georgie Buns via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 06/24/19
While I listened to this I got the illusion that they were voicing my thoughts - like I was vicariously in the discussion.
peter de leeds via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 05/28/19
In our nutty politically hysterical age people from different backgrounds talking intelligently about important topics in a mature way. Refreshing.
Keithcrosby via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 05/23/19
I really enjoy a lot of Quillette articles, but I often find the podcast rather unlistenable. Whereas the website features lots of centrist, evidence-based articles in a rational tone, the podcast very frequently has a strong conservative slant, especially the ones hosted by the British editor...Read full review »
Platy pus via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 05/12/19
Thankyou for the interview with Roger Scruton. Great interviews, great pace, probing just how they should be. Pleasure to listen to
Girl next Dior via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 04/24/19
I have enjoyed several episodes and listen regularly. The self-titling as “heterodox” seems like a rather calculated misrepresentation - every piece I’ve ever seen on Quilette, and every conversation here takes on some liberal idea or outlook. How is that heterodox? So all liberal perspectives...Read full review »
Mama Blafla via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/21/19
I’ve been very happy with the quality of work put out by Quillette, both the podcast and written formats. Essential source of heterodox ideas In a time of newspeak and dangerous levels of socially enforced conformity.
KenP4 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/03/19
Thank you for bringing people like Irshad to this discussion. She said it all so simply and clearly.
West ended via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 03/20/19
The interviewers are very good and the interviewees are very interesting.
ThePloffesor via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 03/03/19
Curious, no, that the featured iTunes review for a podcast with a 4.5-star rating is a 2-star putdown by someone eager to dismiss it as “right wing.” Which it most certainly is not! So then what is it? It’s a podcast featuring people willing to follow evidence & reasoning where they lead,...Read full review »
Telecaster via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/03/19
This podcast description misleads, as political pundits are keen to do. This is North American right-wing ideological orthodoxy packaged as free thought and heterodoxy. Pass.
Give Life Back 2 Music via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 02/22/19
Content matters. And that's, where this podcast scores. One star reduction due to the sometimes really poor sound quality. Anyway... I love to listen to you!Read full review »
Nivananca via Apple Podcasts · Germany · 02/22/19
Noteworthy outstanding at asking great questions and probing the issue from various angles. I am so tired of listening to predetermined talking points. Quillette interviewers do a great job of avoiding the pat questions and discussion that dominates much of the tribal speak available from most...Read full review »
Bob T-S via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 02/21/19
For such a young podcast it's a credit to Quillette that they're able to pull in the quality of guests that they do. Sadly the audio is not always up to the standard that you'd expect from a publication like Quillette. That one issue aside, I expect this podcast to grow into the...Read full review »
Mac79_Real via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 02/19/19
Audio level is too low. I’m looking forward to the content though
gerbearz via Apple Podcasts · Ireland · 02/16/19
Love the discussions and ideas but the audio is terribly balanced and mixed. Have an audio engineer help you out real quick. Its way too harsh
Taphabit via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 02/14/19
These are standard talking points. Some original stories, but the framing could be from any conservative outlet...not as original or open minded as advertised:(
Figgyreddrum via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/28/18
Wow, listeners need to keep their critical thinking guard up with this podcast. This podcast advertises itself as the voice of science and reason, but the episodes consist of a constant volume of rhetoric and misinformation. The host leads this rhetoric with a funny, but irresponsible name...Read full review »
hpraywell via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/17/18
Superbly enlightening podcast. One of my new favourites.
The ultimate ronin via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 12/01/18
Quillette as a magazine has rapidly grown to have such reach that’s it no surprise they roped in a superstar first interviewee for their podcast(Jordan B Peterson). Alas, there are a few production issues: The robotic delivery of Claire Lehman’s intro, with its irritating electronic musical...Read full review »
RoryFromDublin via Apple Podcasts · Ireland · 11/19/18
Stop recording interviews that length by phone or Skype. It sounds terrible
ConorUB8 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 11/19/18
Wonderful podcast that gives me a great opportunity to hear directly from some of the voices behind Quillette’s best articles
Audiolover777 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/17/18
You started with a star turn, but you cannot use a Skype connection for a quality podcast. Sound was poor. I am sure that with professional help you could have arranged a suitable connection from a studio in Canada. I should be happy to listen to Toby Young, but there were too many long, earnest...Read full review »
Lakanal2 via Apple Podcasts · Switzerland · 11/14/18
Shame really. But looking forward to more content.
Sad Flickr user via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 11/12/18
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