The tables are turned as Luvvie hands over the interviewing mic to her producer, Tish. Luvvie opens up about her calling, her ongoing life audit, letting go of assignments and embracing new ones, and the transformative role that faith has played in her personal and professional life.
Published 07/23/24
Luvvie sits down with Fisayo Longe, the visionary founder of Kai Collective, for an episode that’s about leaning into your boldness and resilience, to make your dreams happen. Fisayo shares her story of navigating crises, from losing a significant six-figure shipment to dealing with burnout, and how she managed to turn every setback into a comeback. They discuss the importance of resilience, discovering and embracing one's identity beyond business, and how staying authentic has been key to...
Published 07/16/24
This bonus episode delves further into Fawn's lessons on the power of obedience, purpose and clarity, and finding divine alignment. Whether you're seeking guidance in your business or personal life, this episode is what Luvvie dubs a 'masterclass' for anyone seeking to live a purpose-driven, God-led life. This was more than just a conversation, it was a spiritual and motivational experience that Luvvie felt was just too good not to share.
Published 07/05/24
Luvvie speaks to Fawn Weaver, the brilliant mind behind Uncle Nearest Whiskey, for an episode that is simply soul food. They go deep on how she left home at 15, and then finds meaning in life, while laying in a hospital bed. They talk about faith, purpose, obedience, legacy, and how she has been able to build a billion dollar company, while maintaining deep, divine peace. Luvvie says “this might be the best podcast episode I’ve ever recorded” because this one is special.
Published 07/02/24
Luvvie explores the inspiring journey of Morgan DeBaun, the visionary founder and CEO of Blavity Inc., as she discusses building a media empire for black millennials. Morgan shares her path from Silicon Valley to establishing a diverse and mission-driven company, highlighting the challenges of fundraising, overcoming skepticism, and the importance of resilience and innovation. Offering valuable insights on leadership, team building, and navigating entrepreneurship, Morgan's story is a...
Published 06/25/24
Luvvie sits down with colleague and dear friend, Tiffany 'The Budgetnista' Aliche, as she shares her journey from teacher to becoming a leading figure in financial education. Tiffany discusses how the loss of her husband changed her, personally and professionally, and how 2023 was also her worst year of business. It all forced her to re-evaluate everything in her life, including how she learned to accept help and how she restructured her company post-loss. The conversation highlights her...
Published 06/18/24
Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist, speaker, author, and host of the award-winning podcast 'Therapy for Black Girls,' joins to share practical strategies on maintaining mental health while navigating the pressures of managing a business. The discussion sheds light on the underlying reasons for why we keep busy, the importance of setting boundaries, and the need to learn the skill of asking for help. Luvvie and Dr. Joy delve into triggers and trauma, self-compassion, and giving...
Published 06/11/24
In this episode, Luvvie sets the scene for her journey to rebuilding. She dives deep into The Fallout post-Crumbling, and reveals the full truth about the aftermath of the chaos. She reveals the gaps she's had to fill, the holes she's had to fix, and the implications of all the mess to her personal and entrepreneurial life, including the erosion of her trust, the dark days she's had to sit through, and what kept her going. In navigating through her toughest business year, she emphasizes the...
Published 06/04/24
Luvvie looks back and expresses gratitude for the heartwarming feedback she's received for this season of Professional Troublemaker. Listeners are also invited to visit askluvvie.com and to drop their business-related questions, so that Luvvie may answer them in a future episode. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the next episode, where Luvvie hints at the amazing insights that will be dropped by a renowned guest.
Published 05/28/24
In this episode, Luvvie is joined by Sally Thornton, HR Consultant and the Founder of Forshay, to give her insider perspective as 'team gardener' on the dysfunction, blind spots, and the necessary overhaul of Awe Luv Media. Luvvie and Sally explore the complexities of leadership, the importance of truth-telling in business, and managing team dynamics through turbulent transitions. They share insights on the significance of financial management, the challenges of scaling, maintaining...
Published 05/21/24
In this episode, Luvvie dives deep into 'The Crumbling' - the most tumultuous period of Awe Luv Media - as it faces operational chaos, underperformance, and financial distress in the first half of 2023. Luvvie recounts experiences of unexpected challenges, including unmet deadlines, poor productivity, and critical financial losses that brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy. Despite overemphasizing core values, setting clear priorities, and empowering the team, mistakes continued left...
Published 05/14/24
In this episode, Luvvie pulls back the curtain on the rollercoaster of transitioning from being a solopreneur to running a 7-figure business. Needing to diversify revenue streams, she went from having one executive assistant to 7 full-time salaried employees (with benefits!). And all the plans she had for 2023, with strategy. How she created systems, strategy and plans to double her revenue. She walks us through her business transformation, from the highs of scaling up to a...
Published 05/07/24
In this episode, Luvvie shares her personal journey—from being a 'failed' doctor to accidental entrepreneur—and reflects on the highs and lows of starting and running her business. She discusses the importance of community, the struggles of building a sustainable business, and how her outlook on entrepreneurship evolved over time. This season promises deep dives into the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship, featuring interviews with respected business owners and exploring topics like...
Published 04/30/24
In Season 5, Luvvie delves into the raw reality of entrepreneurship, sharing her struggles and lessons learned from running a multimillion dollar business. Joined by fellow industry leaders, she offers a candid exploration of the unseen side of business, after 2023 was her toughest year running her company. Tune in on your favorite platform to catch every upcoming episode!
Published 04/26/24
Today, Little Troublemaker Makes a Mess is out in the world. In this episode, Luvvie discusses the idea of returning to one's true self, specifically the pure and hopeful version of oneself from childhood. She shares how this children’s book helped her reconnect with her younger self, and how writing the book has helped her inner child heal and learn to give herself grace and self-compassion.
Published 05/02/23
Luvvie is joined by Joey Spiotto, her collaborator for LITTLE TROUBLEMAKER MAKES A MESS. With artworks now being commissioned by some of Hollywood's best, how did this former Little Troublemaker once get into trouble for his illustrations? And how did he get Little Luvvie's fade just right? Find out together with your little ones. LITTLE TROUBLEMAKER MAKES A MESS is available for preorder now, and drops into the world on May 2, 2023.
Published 04/25/23
In this episode, Luvvie brings you the ABCs of Troublemaking, 26 words that are traits that every world changer should have. These affirmations are hype mantras, so feel free to listen in with your littles! LITTLE TROUBLEMAKER MAKES A MESS is available for preorder now, and drops into the world on May 2, 2023.
Published 04/18/23
Luvvie's interviews one of her favorite little troublemakers: 9 year old Kylee Brown. Luvvie and Kylee talk about what adults need to do more (or less of), life lessons and even some of Kylee's favorite things about herself. Kylee then gives the best pep talk anyone needs to hear. Her biggest advice to everyone listening: "Slay forever." Listen in!
Published 04/11/23
Thinking about Little Luvvie. The 5-year old me who rocked gold chains, red lipstick and ruffles on her birthday and told people exactly what she wanted. The kid whose favorite phrase was “that’s not fair!” The tiny rebel who would get in trouble for her mouth, and was willing to as long as she knew it was what felt right. I wrote her a letter, of all I hope she knows and remembers.
Published 04/04/23
RISING TROUBLEMAKER: A Fear-Fighter Manual for Teens is out in the world! And today on the podcast, Luvvie is sharing a sneak peek of the audiobook version she narrated. Listen to this episode featuring an excerpt from Chapter 8: Get Your Money, and make sure to grab a copy of RISING TROUBLEMAKER at RisingTroublemaker.com or wherever books are sold!
Published 05/19/22
This week, we’ve got a special RISING TROUBLEMAKER edition of the podcast. Luvvie talks to Zaila Avant-garde - spelling bee champ, basketball phenom, and future astronaut. This conversation will inspire you to go all-in on your goals as you listen to Zaila share how curious and disciplined she is about going after her goals.
Published 05/11/22
Teens today deserve to know what we didn’t get a chance to. In this episode (and in her upcoming book RISING TROUBLEMAKER), Luvvie wants to loan teens courage and share the cheat codes and lessons she wishes she learned as a teen, as well as some lessons she is still learning.
Published 04/27/22
In this encore episode, Luvvie is talking to Carol’s Daughter founder and president Lisa Price. After building her company from its humble beginnings in her kitchen to a multimillion-dollar beauty empire, Lisa has paved the way and created space for Black women in business. Luvvie and Lisa are talking about what you can learn from ditching a path that’s not right for you, finding your way after the storm, and trusting your instincts.
Published 04/13/22
In this conversation first shared as part of her book tour for Professional Troublemaker, Luvvie is talking to psychotherapist Esther Perel. Esther is a bestselling author, TED speaker and host of the hit podcasts Where Should We Begin? and How’s Work? In this conversation, Esther and Luvvie talk about how fear shows up and how it speaks to us, how troublemakers answer to fear, success and how it can inspire and potentially intimidate us, and how community makes us stronger.
Published 03/30/22