Brave the Fallout (How I Managed the Aftermath of Business Failing)
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In this episode, Luvvie sets the scene for her journey to rebuilding. She dives deep into The Fallout post-Crumbling, and reveals the full truth about the aftermath of the chaos. She reveals the gaps she's had to fill, the holes she's had to fix, and the implications of all the mess to her personal and entrepreneurial life, including the erosion of her trust, the dark days she's had to sit through, and what kept her going. In navigating through her toughest business year, she emphasizes the importance of finding one's courage, the role of faith, and the love and support from one's village.
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The tables are turned as Luvvie hands over the interviewing mic to her producer, Tish. Luvvie opens up about her calling, her ongoing life audit, letting go of assignments and embracing new ones, and the transformative role that faith has played in her personal and professional life.
Published 07/23/24
Luvvie sits down with Fisayo Longe, the visionary founder of Kai Collective, for an episode that’s about leaning into your boldness and resilience, to make your dreams happen. Fisayo shares her story of navigating crises, from losing a significant six-figure shipment to dealing with burnout, and...
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