The Matildas don't have a home. Why isn't the Government putting up the money to create a Centre of Excellence for thew Matildas. Roy suggested the nodulisation of a centre of excellence, one facility in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and so on. A place you can get a good cup of coffee, lift some weights and a pool with the logo of the team on the bottom.
Published 06/03/23
Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson cast a collective eye over the world of sport.
Published 05/27/23
V'Landys and Abdo are back from a successful soiree in Las Vegas, USA. Roy & HG tossed around a bunch of acts and shows that could bolster the Aussie weekend of entertainment. The venue, the  Allegiant stadium, holds 65,000 fans, but how are they gunna fill it? Donald Trump and his MAGA crowd could be the answer!
Published 05/20/23
Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson cast a collective eye over the world of sport.
Published 05/13/23
Roy took a call this week from the Mayor of the Inner West Council about the conversion of the ground keeper’s cottage at Leichhardt oval into a Rugby League Museum. This was the same cottage that Wayne “Junior” Pearce grow up in. When the museum is complete, Keith Barnes’ trousers will proudly hang in the doorway for you to walk through.
Published 05/06/23
The Man of Feathers and crew are looking to take Rugby League to Las Vegas, USA. They want to grow the game into the lucrative “Golden mile” U.S gambling market. Smart move from V’Landys who thinks there could be an audience there. What about Trump’s MAGA types? Half close your eyes; they look like a Rugby League crowd.
Published 04/29/23
Are football code bosses imposing an “ethical obligation” on us, as the fans? They want us to stay at home, so they can pull more money out of the sponsors and broadcasters, while watching sport on TV. What about our stadiums? So where are our young entrepreneurs making use of these venues. Lift ya game Rugby League!
Published 04/22/23
Why is dog racing so family friendly? All the dog needs to do is put it's head down and follow the bunny. Meanwhile Willy Mason drops the track side tips to Roy, always with a smile. 
Published 04/15/23
Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson cast a collective eye over the world of sport.
Published 04/08/23
Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson cast a collective eye over the world of sport.
Published 04/01/23
V'Landys and crew have talked about introducing a Respect Round. Roy and HG have floated the idea of a NO Respect Round. Rugby League has been built on hatred, busted body parts and punches in the head. With rivalries like the Roosters vs the Rabbitohs, the Dragons vs the Sharks and famously in the 80's Parra vs the Bulldogs, why celebrate Respect? NO state, NO mate, just HATE!
Published 03/25/23
Roy's been hard at work giving HIA's on mice. The results are varied. Meanwhile, dog collisions at the greyhounds are a BIG problem. On the first bend, the dish lickers come over the fence, mistakenly confusing the lurer for a punter's head. Roy remembers one time, eight dogs chewing on a person's head! Now they have a perspex safe fence which attracts smearage. 
Published 03/18/23
American tennis star Taylor Fritz was fined $10,000 for vomiting in a bucket side of court. This raised lots of discussion and possible courtside redesigns. Such as, turning the Um's chair into a port-a-loo. On a different note, Manly are looking to heal some club wounds, Roy suggested, "A pig on the spit would do the trick", in memory of  the great Bozo Fulton, Manly's chief pig shooter.
Published 03/11/23
Roy and HG are back for season 2023! People, isn't every round a respect round? You go to the Rugby League, gob off to the team you hate, their supporters gob off to you and we all respect that. Well, you gotta respect sometimes, the people you respect, you don't respect. That's respect.
Published 03/04/23
Ray “Rabs” Warren has long been the voice of Rugby League. After hanging up the binoculars, he’s turn to jewellery designing, designing the $10,000 NRL Premiership ring. This legend has no boundaries! What next? Host of Eye of the Storm? Find out next season…
Published 10/01/22
At half past the 11th hour on AFL Grand Final eve, Roy & HG examine the tax free status of all sporting codes, especially AFL and NRL. Is this because sport in this country is like a religion? Or V’Landy’s and the Murderer squeezing the last ounce of juice out of sports that are dying in the bush. Royal Commission me thinks.
Published 09/24/22
Roy remembers the day Her Majesty met Rooting King. Roy sensed a presence; it was the Queen. The King knelt to allow the Queen to mount him, and the grace, pride and poise on the Queen’s face, will never be forgotten.
Published 09/17/22
Australian cricketer, Cameron Green suffers from cramping issues. Roy associated cramping with a lack of salt and offered some advice. Stomp and Grass use to insist on having a salt lick in the dressing rooms with the Shamrocks. Certainly, at halftime the whole team would get on their knees and have a lick.
Published 09/10/22
INTRODUCING: ABC Sport Daily - Aged 45, Tom Brady's off-season has included the following: retirement, comeback, a record TV deal, revelations of flirtations with a new team, an 11 day holiday on the cusp of the season. What's going on with the NFL's GOAT? Will he rise once more? Featured: Jenna Laine, ESPN. 
Published 09/08/22
INTRODUCING: ABC Sport Daily - 4.5 billion is a huge number and the consequences are just as big for the game, the broadcasters, other codes and most crucially - you, the fan. It might be the biggest broadcast deal in Aussie sports history, but is that best? Featured: Sport business writer, The Australian, John Stensholt.
Published 09/07/22
20 years on from Australia's last Bledisloe Cup, are the Wallabies ready to win another one? Sure Australia has been patchy of late, but so have the All Blacks. We dare to dream with rugby caller Sean Maloney. PLUS, an upset at the US Open, a Postecoglou pearler and the AFL settles on broadcast partners. That's on this bonus episode of ABC SPORT DAILY for all Roy and HG subscribers. Featured: Rugby commentator, Sean Maloney.
Published 09/06/22
Nick Kyrgios knocked over the world number one. Ajla Tomljanovic has defeated the GOAT. Both are in the US Open quarters and Aussie tennis is having a moment in New York. Neither player is done yet. Could we see a double coming of age in the city that never sleeps? That's on this bonus episode of ABC SPORT DAILY for all Roy and HG subscribers. Featured: Former Australian Davis Cup Captain, Wally Masur.
Published 09/05/22
With the retirement of Serena Williams and James Tamou, there was a suggestion of a farewell World Tour with these two exceptional athletes. James could have a final spray at a ref and then sit down with Roy and he would ask, “take us through it?”.
Published 09/03/22
The Bunnies have pulled out of next year’s round zero clash in America. Maybe the problem isn’t the teams, Rugby League needs an ambassador, like Shaquille O’Neal. Instead of sending a first-grade teams, send a couple of Flegg teams
Published 08/27/22