Blanket Of Warmth - Guided Sleep Meditation
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Enjoy Tracks To Relax without Ads at Imagine a warm cozy blanket that automatically moves from your toes, up your body enveloping each part of you in warmth and comfort. As the blanket covers a new area of your body, you relax more and more deeply. Surrender to the deep relaxation as you feel safe, secure and serene. Our Podcast includes a paid advertisement from Better Help! Get matched with a professional therapist in as little at 48 hours and communicate with them your way via text, chat, email, telephone or video call if you wish. We've used Better Help ourselves and highly recommend their services, save 10% off your first month by visiting in the UK Visit Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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This soothing affirmations session may help you break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back or preventing you receiving everything the universe has to offer. Drift off to sleep at any time and listen again and again whenever you want to re-enforce that you deserve whatever it is you...
Published 05/25/24
Enjoying our Podcast? Please support us on Patreon at This guided sleep meditation is all about healing and focusing on being well. When we use our imagination in positive ways we are more likely to get positive results, after all they say you get what you focus on!...
Published 05/24/24