Cierra hopes back into the booth to kick it with Ked and she updates us on what's been going on with her since the last podcast. Cierra talks about the hardships and adversities she faced that caused life to spiral and take a major toll on her psyche, but it didn't break her. Cierra got her life back on track and moved forward with an event that she had to put on hold, The Loser's Ball that will take place October 14-15, 2022 in Atlanta. This event is exclusively for the bariatric community...
Published 07/22/22
India hops in the booth with Ked for an all-new super dope episode to chop it up and talk all things weight loss. Ked and India dive into a range of topics associated with India's journey with attending concerts post-op being one of the topics. Tune in and get the scoop on India and learn all about how much of a dope content creator she is. You can follow India on Instagram, @thatchickuknow_vsg
Published 07/14/22
Ked is back on deck with an all new super dope episode and Maddie hops in the booth to chop it up with Ked to discuss navigating life five years post-op and being a beacon of light to others in the community through her blog and social media presence breaking the stigmas surrounding bariatric surgery. You can follow Maddie on Instagram, @maddie5088
Published 06/23/22
Ked is back again after a brief hiatus and his favorite cousin Loni aka L-Boogie hops into the booth to chop it up. Ked and L-Boog catch up on old times and have a very candid discussion on all things bariatrics and just life in general. Follow Loni on Instagram @loveelonii
Published 06/17/22
Jahaira Marie got next and hops in the booth with Uncle Ked to talk all things weight loss and gives us an bird's eye view into her life post-op and what life is like as a content creator. Jahaira and Ked cover a wide range of topics and one notable topic they touched on was the impact that their own cultural and ethnic food have had on weight gain and becoming obese and how after overcoming obesity and being educated on how to properly eat now they are able to still have some of these foods...
Published 01/12/22
Lamonda slides into the booth with Uncle Ked for another super dope podcast episode and shares her weight loss journey. She talks about the importance of mental health and seeking therapy from a licensed professional breaking the stigma that has plagued the African American community for decades. Lamonda also discusses her struggles with body dysmorphia and how life has changed for the better after losing 159 pounds. One thing that has always remained the same and has always been a constant...
Published 01/07/22
Former Division I athlete David steps into the arena to chop it up with Ked and share his journey. David's journey to becoming a healthier person is a very compelling story that needs to be told. David's freedom was on the line literally and figuratively as he sought to break the chains of obesity that he was bound by after gaining over 200 lbs taking David to 465 lbs at his heaviest.  Determined to not let this be the end of his story, David grabbed hold of the reigns and changed the...
Published 12/23/21
Season 3 kicks off in a major way as Ked returns to the booth after several months off. Shan jumps into the booth with Ked and they chop it up talking all things weight loss. Shan shares her journey and talks about how the threat of hypertension and being put on medication was the the catalyst to her breaking the chains of struggles with obesity. Ked and Shan also discuss the effects of consuming manufactured protein on the body long term and the healing effects of eating a plant based diet....
Published 12/06/21
Bre steps into the booth with Ked and talks about her life now at almost one year post-op. Bre chronicles her journey and talks about not having the average BMI that most had before weight loss surgery but having several underlying conditions like PCOS and sleep apnea made her a prime candidate for VSG to get her health in order. During the discussion Ked breaks down the weight loss journey and shares a great analogy about the journey always being under construction. Ked and Bre also discuss...
Published 08/27/21
Stephanie jumps in the booth with Ked for Episode 61 and they chop it up and talk all things weight loss surgery. Stephanie talks about the importance of mental health while on your journey and how instrumental it is to success. Stephanie also discusses what the final straw was that helped he to make the conscious decision to get weight loss surgery. Tune in to get the full scoop and hear more of Stephanie's journey. Follow Stephanie on Instagram, @blackkoi_rny
Published 08/19/21
After taking a brief hiatus ya boy Ked is back with his 60th episode and you already know it is super dope. Courtney slides through and hops in the booth to talk about her journey that almost never was. Court and Ked chop it up about an allergic reaction turned deadly that resulted in her being in a medically induced coma for over a month and being told by doctors that if she survived she would be severely disabled and in assisted living for the rest of her life. You got to tune in to get the...
Published 07/13/21
Sam and Britt, hosts of the all new Hold Up Weight Podcast jump in the booth with Ked to chop it up about the debut of their new podcast and how important it is to have more representation of women of color in the weight loss community in the realm of podcasting. They also have a discussion about how society is more accommodating to overweight women as opposed to overweight men when it comes to sexiness and sex appeal. Tune in to get the scoop and hear more about these ladies and the...
Published 06/14/21
Mauve hops in the booth with Ked for another super dope episode to chronicle her weight loss journey. Mauve talks about how being overweight would keep her from being active with her daughter and how with the weight loss she is free to do all activities with her now. We also talk about how her relationship with an ex changed for the worse post-op because they were on two different pages in regards weight loss and achieving whole health. Tune in to get the entire scoop and hear Mauve's story....
Published 05/31/21
Rob steps into the booth with Ked to chop it up and talk all things weight loss. Rob discusses how his breaking point was when he was going through his barrage of tests to qualify to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser and all of the underlying conditions that he was diagnosed with hit home and made him realize that he needed to make adjustments in order to live. He had a fear of dying early and leaving his wife alone to raise their son. You can follow Rob on Instagram, @fitrichinfaith
Published 05/26/21
Legendary comedian Lavell Crawford chops it up with Ked on another super dope podcast episode. Lavell shares his journey and has Ked laughing hysterically as he chronicles his life and talks about what his 'why' was when it came to getting weight loss surgery. Get ready to laugh until you can't breathe! You can follow Lavell on Instagram, @lavellsthacomic
Published 05/20/21
Kamasi, Rosalind, and Tierra step into the arena with Ked on an all new super dope episode for a panel discussion on the topic of sex post-op weight loss surgery. If you’re considering weight loss surgery and you have questions about how it will impact your sex life then this is one episode that you don’t want to miss. Tune in to get the scoop and hear the round robin conversation. You can follow them on Instagram, Kamasi @thenotorioussleeved, Rosalind @sleeved_locd_loaded, Tierra @rny_tierra
Published 05/17/21
Super dope host Ked hosts a panel discussion with Terry, Greg, and Terry on a very special episode of the Sleeved Believe The Hype Podcast. These Brothers are from the WLS Community, and they have a candid discussion about life post-op and they give the people a bird's eye view into the struggles of trying to be successful and maintain weight loss post-op as Black Men in America. You can follow these gentlemen on Instagram, @youncleterry @greg_findingmyfit_vsg @graysbaby180
Published 05/10/21
Sonia and Brooke stepped in the booth with Ked to talk about dating and relationships post-op. The ladies discuss how difficult it can be using at times to meet decent people using online dating apps. Tune in to learn to get the details about 'sneaky links' are what getting pretzeled is all about. You can follow Sonia on Instagram, @betty.bypass and Brooke @storyofbee.vsg
Published 05/03/21
Jason pulls up on Ked and hops in the booth to discuss his journey. Jason talks about his breaking point and what ultimately led him to change directions in order to save his life and become an inspiration to not only his family, but an entire community. Tune in to get the details and you can follow Jason on Instagram, @tha_smithsonian_
Published 04/26/21
Weight loss surgery Triple O.G. Rochelle Monique steps into the booth with Ked to talk about what life has been like during the past five years post-op. Rochelle talks candidly and openly about her struggles before deciding to get weight loss surgery and she also discusses the new blessings that are abundant in her life right now. Tune in to hear her amazing story, and you can follow Rochelle on Instagram, @theerochellemonique
Published 04/19/21
Sheretta joins me on my 50th episode for a very special podcast that jumps into the topic of faith and how that ties into our weight loss journey. We have a candid conversation about how our faith and the works that we put in to achieve success with weight loss has lead us to walking in our purpose of serving others. Trust me, you don't want to miss this very special episode! You can follow Sheretta on Instagram, @fit_throughfaith
Published 04/12/21
Brittany & Jade of WLS CommuniTEA hop in the booth with Ked to chop it up about the ladies dishing the tea on their weekly Instagram Live, weight loss stigmas, relationships post-op, and community support. Follow the ladies on Instagram individually, @thevsgfoodie (Brittany) @shadesofjayy (Jade)
Published 04/05/21
Shaunie, Jess, and Alondra of Quad Squad Fitness, LLC hop into the booth with Ked for an in-depth conversation about life post-op weight loss surgery, and how a push-up challenge became a movement that was the catalyst to the formation of the Quad Squad. Follow the ladies on Instagram individually, @corpamerica_vsgtude_shaunie5.0 @jesssleeved @sleevedslayinbae and as a collective @quadsquadfitnessllc
Published 03/09/21
Damien steps up to the plate to share his dope journey with Ked on another great episode. They delve into a wide array of topics including the stigma attached to Black Men surrounding keeping their health in order both mentally and physically. Tune in to hear this phenomenal conversation and also learn all about the 'fat tax' assigned to overweight people. You can follow Damien's journey on Instagram, @dame2damerny
Published 02/26/21