A major breakthrough: A former unit commander from Australia's hardest supermax prison is charged with three counts of murder in connection to the 1978 Spear Creek killings of Karen Edwards, Timothy Thomson and Gordon Twaddle
Published 04/12/19
Published 04/12/19
Hear from the detective who recovered Tim Thomson's missing bike in the weeks following the discovery of the three friends' bodies. Who is Bruce John Preston and what significance did he have in the original investigation?
Published 04/11/19
The investigation into the Spear Creek triple murder takes a hit when several investigators are injured in a helicopter crash while surveying the crime scene. Hear the stories of two of the survivors.
Published 04/07/19
Karen Edwards, Tim Thomson and Gordon Twaddle set off on their motorbikes for their outback adventure, meeting other travellers along the way. But somewhere between Alice Springs and Mount Isa, they are befriended by a stranger. Hear from those who met the group on the road - including memories of the mystery man. A man who has never been identified.
Published 03/31/19
In 1978, a couple walking their greyhounds through bushland near Mount Isa discovered the body of a man in a dry creek bed. They alerted police, who found two more bodies nearby. Spear Creek is the real-life Wolf Creek, a story of three young friends lured into the outback and gunned down. Who were Karen Edwards, Timothy Thomson and Gordon Twaddle and what happened to them?
Published 03/24/19
In 1978, three friends set out on an Australian outback adventure. Weeks later, their bodies were found in a remote bushland after they'd been hunted down and shot. Spear Creek explores one of Australia's most forgotten murder mysteries.
Published 03/22/19