Chef Jacob walks you through how to pick out the knives you really need, and what to consider when shopping for a Grill, BBQ or Smoker!
Published 03/30/21
Chef Jacob breaks down the most common hydrocolloids that cooks can use to solve problems in the home and professional kitchen alike.
Published 03/19/21
In this episode, I lay out the "Greek Salad Challenge" as a homework assignment. The purpose of this challenge is to drill knife skills, and work on creating baseline seasonings through balancing fat, acid and salt. We then carry this concept over into a lesson on how I would recreate the flavor of a hollandaise sauce if all I had was a recipe and had never tasted hollandaise before. This first principals approach to dissecting a dish through flavor structure will allow you to understand and...
Published 03/12/21
How to slay it on a chef's exam for a job interview and nailing large parties like a pro.
Published 03/05/21
Chef Jacob discusses leaving your current career to become a chef, potential safety issues with re-heating & holding food, and how fat affects bread dough.
Published 02/26/21
Chef Jacob walks you through using a combi oven's precision steam control to perfectly cook, hold and execute any number of foods.
Published 02/19/21
We discuss prepping for successful execution, how chefs design and balance their menus, and some live listener questions answered.
Published 02/16/21
Chef Jacob walks you through how to make gnocchi without a recipe, and reviews the new Anova Combi-Oven.
Published 02/05/21
This episode goes off the rails quite a bit, but still turned out great, which I know you expect nothing less. We really hit our flow about 28 minutes in, once I figured out that the comments, ONCE AGAIN, were not loading properly! In this episode, we talk: About crypto currencies and how it will affect restaurant profit margins in the future. The biggest mistake people make when designing their home kitchens. How to create juicy, tender meats for stir fries. Why we use oils when sweating...
Published 01/29/21
Why grandma's beef stroganoff was never that good, pressure cooked ribs test one, culinary rules you break, and the thermal tenderness curve!
Published 01/22/21
Chef talks about his new Combi oven he ordered for the house, a rib experiment he'll be running this weekend, and how to make a pot roast so good it will demoralize your culinary opposition, and make them want to quit cooking.
Published 01/15/21
Chef Jacob discusses why you shouldn't salt your pasta water, the controversy over Hollandaise being a mother sauce, and his new favorite way to cook tri-tip.
Published 01/09/21
Discuss this podcast in the Stella Culinary School Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/StellaCulinary/permalink/1437680866415097/ IN THE DISCUSSION SEGMENT ... We talk eggs, omlettes and the "French Omlette Falacy." I also walk you through how to make a classic, American style breakfast omelette (fully loaded of course). Original post by John: https://www.facebook.com/groups/StellaCulinary/permalink/1432663070250210/ Resources Mentioned Jacques Pepin French Omelette...
Published 05/12/20
In this episode, I bring back The Stella Culinary Podcast after a long hiatus to answer community questions and respond to discussions going on in the Stella Culinary Facebook Group. Join the discussion by going to: https://facebook.com/groups/stellaculinary. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel here: https://youtube.com/jacobburton Check out my Culinary Boot Camp & F-STEP Curriculum here: https://stellaculinary.com/bootcamp
Published 05/05/20
In this episode, Chef Alex Downing, who long time listeners of the SCS Podcast will remember as my Sous Chef at Stella Restaurant. After I left Stella a few years ago, Alex took over as the Executive Chef. He just recently moved on from Stella to become the Executive Chef of Ranchera Restaurant & Country Club in Reno. NV. We talk about his progression from a young cook to a fine dining chef, how the transition from fine dining to catering has been, and what his plans are for the future. 
Published 07/22/19
In this episode, I'm joined once again by Chef Sean to discuss options for party foods and to answer listener questions covering topics such as:  Insta Pots & Pressure Cookers Pressure Cooked Stocks & Sauces High Volume Execution in a restaurant setting. The use of Prague Powder #1 & #2 ... and much more. Join The Discussion Leave Chef Jacob a voicemail to answer on an upcoming podcast. Join the Stella Culinary Facebook Group. Thank you to our sponsors ... Nagmoi...
Published 02/07/19
In this episode, I'm joined by Chef Sean Munshaw to discuss what he's cooking for Christmas, and we answer some listener questions including: How we make a great clam chowder, which leads to an overall discussion on how we approach soup making in general. How classic flavors are established and discovered, and what it really mean to have a "classic flavor pairing." How to get your foot in the door of a high end, Michelin starred kitchen. Questions & Comments? Join our friendly forum...
Published 12/23/18
In this episode, I hop on YouTube and broadcast live, answering listener questions that come in via the Stella Culinary Hotline and live chat box. If you'd like to call the show and leave a voice mail, you can do so by dialing 775-204-8389. I do plan on doing more listener call in shows, so stay tuned for announcements and times.  
Published 11/26/18
I welcome sous chef Sean Munshaw to discuss Thanksgiving tips, the launch of our fine dining concept "Pips Pass," and industry talk in general. Sean has been working with me for a little over a year and a half, and has been an integral player in our culinary program's growth. Links for Sean Biggest Little Food In The World - Sean's Blog @Chef_Shpawn on Instagram Connect with the Show Listener Voicemail Line - 775-204-8389, or you can leave a digital voice mail here. Contact Chef Jacob -...
Published 11/21/18
Paul Lebeau travels around the world, studying and spreading the gospel of freshly milled grains. He joins us on this episode to discuss what top chefs and bakers around the world are doing with freshly milled grains. Have a question or comment? You can call the listener hotline at 775-234-8389, or leave a digital voicemail. Can't get enough bread content? This episode's show notes and further related content can be found here: ...
Published 11/06/18
In this episode we discuss advanced artisan bread baking with bread baker and instructor Nicole Muvundamina. Follow Nicole on Instagram: @nmuvu
Published 10/15/18
You can call the show and leave a voicemail: 775-204-8389 In this episode, more listener questions and voicemails answered. Some sample questions include: Crispy Skin question from Philip "OK, it’s time to squash this once and for all one way or the other. The question is: ‘Does salt draw out moisture from a protein product’? I always hear people saying to rub salt on the skin of a protein product to draw out moisture in order to crisp up the skin. The most recent example was yesterday...
Published 10/10/18
I'm back with two in-depth questions regarding the F-STEP Curriculum to answer. The first one from Dave: "I’ve been through your book, and I love the idea that I might be able to learn to cook without using recipes, something I hate doing and something that stresses me out in the kitchen. I had already decided that recipes don’t work for me, and I realized I am still missing steps, but I had only added the prep stage to my process, not the F-STEP steps, so your book has expanded my...
Published 10/09/18
In this episode I discuss ancient grains, fresh milled flour, and sourdough bread baking with the President of Grand Teton Farm & Mill, Jade Koyle. Jade also owns and operates AncientGrains.com & Einkorn.com. A few of the topics we touch on include: How to successfully bake bread with ancient grains such as Einkorn, and how their different gluten structures require a specific approach. Using fresh milled "herb flour." Using foraged grains to give your bread a special sense of time...
Published 07/12/18
Have a question you'd like me to answer on an upcoming episode? Leave a voicemail, call the Stella Culinary Hotline at 775-204-8389, or e-mail me, [email protected] You can also post your questions, comments, success and failures, to the Stella Culinary Forum, or our Facebook Group. In this episode, listener bread questions are answered! Johna's question on Pan Gallego (here's the video I referenced in my response https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHKLNTdlzE8) A question on the...
Published 07/07/18