“They really sort of make you feel like it’s Christmas and Coachella at the same time.”
Published 06/14/24
It turns out A.I. is surprisingly Canadian.
Published 06/07/24
Published 06/07/24
“Pass me the nontoxic glue and a couple of rocks, because it’s time to whip up a meal with Google’s new A.I. Overviews.”
Published 05/31/24
“Did you ever think we would have a literal Avenger fighting back against the relentless march of A.I.? Because that's sort of what this story is about.”
Published 05/24/24
It’s been a week of A.I. vertigo - the feeling that we’ve been dragged five years into the future and aren’t sure what to do about it.
Published 05/17/24
They gave him notes on his outfits and reassurance before a big talk, and they shared made-up gossip about each other.
Published 05/10/24
A synthetic chief executive, a bot trained on employees’ personalities, and a regular duel with ChatGPT — our listeners brought us their stories.
Published 05/03/24
“A clock is ticking on one of America’s most famous apps.”
Published 04/26/24
"I feel like we've been at the club. I need some water and some electrolytes."
Published 04/19/24
I’d rather not tell you what’s in this episode. It’s private.
Published 04/12/24
"I've always said if you have a ChatGPT subscription and a hose, you can get very far in this life.”
Published 04/05/24
“Being a CEO sucks. Elon was right. It is like looking into the abyss and chewing glass.”
Published 03/29/24
Maybe go ahead and download your favorite TikToks.
Published 03/15/24
Just when we thought the feud was cooling off, OpenAI pulled out the receipts.
Published 03/08/24
We finally invited someone on the podcast who is meaner to Casey than Kevin is.
Published 03/01/24
A special Valentine’s Day look back.
Published 02/16/24
Plus, more ancient scrolls deciphered using artificial intelligence, Google’s chatbot updates, and a fight between record labels and TikTok.
Published 02/09/24
Strangely a lot of pro wrestling in this episode.
Published 01/26/24
“Two truly terrible ways to make money this week.”
Published 01/19/24
“This is sort of the big kahuna.”
Published 01/05/24