Yes or no to sex with the ex? Can relationships that seem beyond repair be fixed? As the The Last Resort comes to an end, relationship specialist Sandy Rea joins Katherine Feeney and Erin Willing for a very deep conversation about the people we love and what we should expect from them. This will be the last time we hear from our Sweet Spot gossip queens for a while as this season draws to a close.
Published 06/28/17
21 The Last Resort - Week 06
Published 06/22/17
Is Carl from the Last Resort as bad in real life as he seems on the show? Find out on the latest episode of the Sweet Spot as gossip queens Katherine Feeney and Erin Willing ask the hard questions.
Published 06/15/17
Sweet Spot gossip queens Katherine Feeney and Erin Willing are joined by The Last Resort’s Jodie to discuss her journey to a healthy sex life with husband Stu. Sexless marriages, facebook stalking and cheating are all part of the conversation as tensions rise on the Last Resort.
Published 06/08/17
Sweet Spot gossip queens Katherine Feeney and Erin Willing open up about some of their own  issues as they discuss the importance of saying sorry to your partner.   The Last Resort’s Sandy Rea then joins the discussion to share some of her expert knowledge  about how important conflict is within a relationship.
Published 06/01/17
The Last Resort’s relationship specialist Michael Myerscough joins Erin Willing in an insightful discussion that reveals aspects of The Last Resort characters we haven’t yet seen. Michael’s sympathetic and informed approach to relationships provides an understanding that all of us could apply to our own relationships.
Published 05/25/17
In this episode of Sweet Spot sexologist Nikki Goldstein joins Katherine Feeney and Erin Willing to pull back the covers and get to the naked truths facing the couples on The Last Resort.
Published 05/17/17
"The Last Resort’ is here!!!!! Katherine and Erin recap episodes 1 & 2. PLUS Katherine chats with psychologist Sandy Rea, who gives us professional insight into the likelihood of these couples staying together.
Published 05/10/17
Let’s Talk About Sex! Sexologist Niiki Goldstein joins Katherine Feeney and Erin Willing to discuss how important sex is within a relationship. They hit all the hard topics including post pregnancy sex problems, communication in the bedroom, and tips to spice things up.
Published 05/02/17
Catching a cheater and then figuring out what to do them...Katherine Feeney and Erin Willing talk infidelity with private investigator Luke Athens and relationships expert Dr Trish Stratford
Published 04/25/17
Why do people do it, how do people do it and does it mean anything anymore? Kat and Erin talk marriage with one of Australia's more popular celebrants.
Published 04/17/17
MAFS's Jesse gives us his dating tips and we talk technique with dating coach Denny Jones from School of Attraction
Published 04/11/17
The day of reckoning for Anthony and Jonesy, where's Scarlet and what's going on with Sean and Susan, plus MAFS's expert John Aiken gives us his report card on the couples.
Published 04/03/17
Crumbling marriages, sex and long distance, and the L bomb...a busy week on the Sweet Spot as Married at First Sight heads to the finae.. Join Kat, Erin and MAFS relationships expert John Aiken for the inside goss
Published 03/28/17
Slamming doors, surprise commitments and some inside goss on the pairings all in this episode of the Sweet Spot. Expert Trisha Stratford joins us with some surprising revelations
Published 03/21/17
Boobs, balloons and big boats…the grooms make their last pitch to win the hearts of their brides….but which couples will make it to the end?…Join Katherine Feeney, Erin Willing and relationships expert John Aiken on the Sweet Spot your one stop shop on love, relationships, sex and marriage
Published 03/13/17
Cracks in the boys club as Cheryl and Andrew battle it out at the weekly gathering…Join Katherine Feeney, Erin Willing and MAFS expert Dr Trisha Stratford on the Sweet Spot what really went on at the dinner party from hell.
Published 03/07/17
Betrayal, dinner parties, spray tans and daddy issues…Kat and Erin debrief a big week on MAFS, and relationships expert John Aiken talks power and love.  
Published 02/28/17
Does love conquer all… even distance and nasty friends? Kat and Erin get the inside story on the hubby home visits, and MAFS relationships expert John Aiken breaks down the "L" word...  
Published 02/21/17
Get the inside scoop from Kat and Erin on the explosive moments at the dinner party, Cheryl’s comeback and “that” awkward moment with Jesse.
Published 02/14/17
Week 2 of 'Married At First Sight' – the weddings, the honeymoons and all the dramas of the first dinner party.
Published 02/08/17
A lively catch-up on all the couples, weddings and dramas in the first week of ‘Married At First Sight,’ plus a chat with relationship psychologist John Aiken on the importance of sex in a relationship and whether physical connection can grow over time.
Published 02/01/17
Sweet Spot – your weekly podcast on all things love, relationships, sex and marriage.
Published 01/24/17