This week it's just the two boys. It's been a while since we sat down with just the two of us, talked bollox and had a laugh - so this week we've got a lot of zingers, our quiz battle returns and we talk through a few topics listeners asked us to cover.
Published 01/27/22
Pat Divilly is an expert on mental and physical wellness, with a wealth of insight into how we can improve our lives with simple steps. Pat is renowned for his books, seminars and workshops, and he came in to tell us his story about how struggles in his 20s set him on a new path in life, and share some of what he has learned on his journey.
Published 01/20/22
Published 01/20/22
This week we're joined by Irish comedy legend Ardal O'Hanlon. Ardal has some brilliant stories and tells us about going from life as a shy kid in County Monaghan, living in the shadow of The Troubles, to becoming one of the most recognisable faces in Irish comedy. We of course talk about being Father Dougal Maguire, but there's a lot more to this than just Father Ted.
Published 01/13/22
This week we're joined by one of the hottest prospects in Irish boxing, WBA International Champion, Caoimhin Agyarko. Caoimhin talks to us about growing up in Belfast, how he got into boxing, and how he has dealt with racist abuse throughout his life. He also tells us about when he was stabbed on a night out in Belfast a few years ago. It was an attack that very nearly cost him his life and changed his whole perspective on the world.
Published 01/06/22
Jim Sheridan is a giant of Irish cinema, and one of our own. From Sheriff Street, Jim has made some of Ireland's most famous and powerful films, including 'In the Name of the Father' and 'My Left Foot'. He's worked with some of the greats of cinema and he's been nominated for six Oscars. He tells us how a lad from Dublin 1 conquered the world, and about working with people like 50 Cent and Daniel Day Lewis. Jim is a living legend and it was an absolute pleasure and honour to have him come...
Published 12/23/21
At just 20 years of age Ross Tierney has achieved a lot, establishing himself as a star of the Bohs first team, playing for Ireland under-21s and earning himself a transfer to Scottish Premiership side Motherwell. But what he has gone through off the pitch is on another level entirely. He suffered a deep personal tragedy when he lost his best friend to suicide, and faced one of the toughest situations imaginable for any new parent when his newborn son was born with serious complications....
Published 12/16/21
This week marks one year of the Talking Bollox Podcast, so it was a time for our birthday celebration. And then Willa White announced the death of the zinger. But we bounced back for a chat that looked back on an incredible year, the Talking Bollox Awards, and a bumper quiz. On top of all that there were some powerful moments and a lot of laughs, courtesy of Willa.
Published 12/09/21
Ireland international Jack Byrne comes in to talk to us about his journey in football, going from playing under Patrick Viera at Man City to playing in Holland, the Championship and eventually playing for Ireland. He talks about the personal struggles he faced as he moved between clubs, and why he finally decided he wanted to move home. He also talks to us about how Irish football can move to the next level and he tells us some of the best players he played with and against
Published 12/02/21
Miriam is one of the biggest social media content creators in Ireland. She comes in to talk to us about how she built a massive global social media audience in a short space of time and her journey from lockdown to The Late Late Show, with a stop off in South Africa. We also talk about why social media is the new mainstream media, and much more.
Published 11/25/21
Adrian Kennedy is the king of talk radio. He comes in off the bat with some very controversial zingers! He comes in to talk to us about growing up, getting in to radio, how big the phoneshow was and the impact it had. He tells us some of his most memorable phone calls it & behind the scenes about the days of the show when it was one of the biggest in the country.
Published 11/18/21
We have a serious bit of craic in this one, but then we get in to why we got Joe in for a part 2, because a lot was left unsaid in Part 1. This is a very raw, gripping story about Joe's loss of his brother and father and the miracle birth of his son Ollie ‘Ice’ McGucken.
Published 11/11/21
This week it's just the two boys with a few things to talk about. We talk about how Calvin caused murder with some comments on the law of attraction, and we talk about mindfulness/mindset and how big a role it plays in success and failure in life. We talk about travel and the new experiences it can bring you, and we did a bit of a quiz this week too, with the two boys going head to head.
Published 11/04/21
We have a very different episode for you this week. We recorded a crossover episode with Darren Conway and Joe McGucken, the lads from the Stall It podcast, and it's a mad listen that gets hectic.This episode is 4 lads talking about anything, letting the conversation go anywhere, causing slaughter and having the craic. There's no structure to this one, but loads of laughs about haircuts and runners and Halloween memories, and plenty of real talk about fame and the work that goes into a podcast.
Published 10/28/21
This week Sinead Kavanagh joins us in the GoLoud Studios. Sinead is on the cusp of becoming world champion with her upcoming fight against Cris Cyborg. Sinead comes in to talk to us about her road to this career defining moment, what life was like growing up, going from being homeless with her child living in B&B's to now preparing for one of the biggest fights in female MMA history.
Published 10/21/21
We're joined this week by one of Ireland's most famous writers, Roddy Doyle, whose Barrytown books are arguably still Dublin city's favourite novels.Roddy joined us to talk about everything from his inspirations, his work writing novels and films, his life growing up in Kilbarrack, his view on how Dublin city is changing today & so much more.He even criticised how we spell “Talking Bollox”.
Published 10/14/21
This week we have our first ever footballer on the pod! Graham Burke plays for Shamrock Rovers and has been capped for Ireland, is a D1 native and someone with a fascinating story about life in professional football. He tells us about achieving every boys dream of securing a move to a Premier League club. We talked about how politics and decisions can hamper your career in football. He also tells us how coming back to Ireland isn’t always a step down in football and why playing football in...
Published 10/07/21
This week we talk to one of Ireland's rising stars and D1 native, Joe McGucken. The skinny fella is representing D1 on the comedy scene and as the host of 'Stall It', his own GoLoud podcast, alongside Darren Conway. We had some buzz with Joe but it’s not all laughs, he's gone through some struggles in his life and he told us about the highs and lows along the way and the life lessons he has taken from the tough times. This one left us all with a lot to think about, but we had a great laugh too!
Published 09/30/21
This week we welcome back one of our most memorable interviewees, Glenn 'Sauso' Murray. Glenn talks to us about heartbreak, the reason why he hitch hiked around Ireland to raise awareness for mixing alcohol and drugs with your mental health. He touches on ADHD & OCD+ in detail and everything he’s done since he appeared on episode 9 at the start of the year.
Published 09/23/21
Wayne Hart is a reformed criminal. We talked to him about his life of crime, he reflects on how the sexual abuse he suffered as a child led to him turning from the victim to the monster, and the pain he caused people during those years.Wayne has spent 17 years in prison but is now dedicating his life to preventing people following in his footsteps. We had Wayne on as part of the @get_themessage_out campaign. This campaign aims to help young people avoid going down the wrong road in life.This...
Published 09/16/21
This week we're joined by one of Ireland's most famous sportspeople - World and European champions and Olympic medalist, Mick Conlan.Mick tells us about what it was like growing up in Belfast, his journey through amateur boxing, the infamous Olympics scandal and his transition to the pro game with his plans for the future. We also talk about the legacy the Troubles left in Mick's hometown, and the work he is doing now to try to combat the scourge of mental health problems there.Besides all...
Published 09/09/21
After a few weeks of guests we go back to the two boys. This week we touch on some personal topics in regards to traits associated with ADHD and how this impacts day to day life for Terence, and we also give an insight into the thought process of what goes into an episode of Talking Bollox.We go into detail of the school system and the drain it can have on families, and the two boys talk about their very different lives in education.Calvin takes us through his experience in preparing for and...
Published 09/02/21
This is a powerful episode. Brian went from being at death's door to turning his life around after battling addiction to heroin and other drugs for over 20 years, to now being a published author and studying for his PhD. He tells us about his lowest points and the self destruction of addiction and tells us how anyone in that situation can turn their life around.
Published 08/26/21
In this episode Emmet talks to us about his journey to becoming an Olympian, he tells us about suffering with depression, to backing himself, getting credit union loans to pursue his Olympic dream and all the set backs that came with the journey. He gives us an insight into the Olympic village also. Emmet's story is inspirational, he’s one of our own from Dublin's north inner city and he’s an absolute gent. We’re excited to see what the future holds!
Published 08/19/21
This week we have first ever culchie on the show, one of Ireland's most exciting professional boxers, Dylan Moran. In this episode Dylan tells us some mad stories from his days travelling around the world with boxing, from his youth in Waterford, to ending up in scary situations in Tijuana, on to fighting for millionaires in the Alps to training with Conor McGregor in Portugal. His journey has been incredible already and it was brilliant to have him on the show.
Published 08/12/21