Dr. David Ley is a therapist and psychologist here to de-shame, debunk, and shed light on the idea of sex as an addiction. He unpacks the impact growing up religious or with morally conservative beliefs has on people identifying as sex addicts, discussing why it’s crucial we make sexuality a healthy part of life. David and Alexa break down how after 40 years, the sex addiction model of treatment still has no positive impact, and how leaning into self-compassion and acceptance are actual...
Published 11/30/22
Today, Adam Roa joins Alexa to give hot tips on how to break up better. He talks about why breakups are some of the most painful experiences we go through, exploring how it’s a simultaneous dissolution of our past, present and future. They are an opportunity to redefine who you are, and explore yourself, what you want, your fears, your magic — aspects you can only see when you’re in your single, sovereign energy. Adam unpacks his learnings from his year-long relationship hiatus, divulging how...
Published 11/23/22
Published 11/23/22
Alexa and Jordan open up about their pregnancy journey, sharing the challenges they faced leading up to conception, and the devastation and grief from miscarriage. They unpack how it impacted their marriage, and what Jordan’s learned about being fully present with Alexa and holding her emotions. Today’s show may do more than tug on your heart strings — it’s real, raw life. May it accompany those who feel alone in their own process, and be of service to the hearts that need it.
Published 11/16/22
Grab your tissues, ‘cause Lex and Bryn are on the mic for a PSA that will bring some tears.
Published 11/09/22
Dr. Cat Meyer is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex, trauma, and Ketamine Assisted Therapy. Today she and Bryn dive into sexual healing through psychedelics, specifically empathogens like Ketamine, and how it allows us to connect with our trauma in a way that does not dysregulate the nervous system. Dr. Cat shares why Ketamine therapy is also powerful for couples, unpacking how it removes walls for vulnerability so they have a safe container to share fears and desires.
Published 11/02/22
Alexa and Jordan are back on the mic to unpack what it means to do “the work” as a couple, including personal and sexual development. The path of growth looks different for everyone, and tension can arise when couples are not aligned on this path. Lex and Jordan share their own experience with navigating these waters, sharing ways to encourage your partner in their expansion and why you shouldn’t just “throw the towel in” when you feel they aren’t meeting you in your growth.
Published 10/26/22
Susan Marrufo is a yoga instructor, founder of Samarasa Center, and creator of the Yoga, Sex + Death™ retreat. Today, Susan and Alexa are going deep into the waters of shadow work, sharing their personal stories of inner excavation for experiencing true intimacy with themselves and others. Learn ways to bring awareness to the parts you keep hidden, the parts that are holding you back from connection, so you may un-numb from life and access softness within.
Published 10/19/22
Get ready for Burning Man part 2 with Lex and Jordan as they finish unpacking their experience on the playa! Today, Lex dives into the series of synchronicities she experienced, fully unraveling the magic that is possible in the desert. Hear about Jordan’s flirtatious fun, and the couple’s thoughts on being open to play and pleasure when it feels right. Lex and Jordan also talk about the play party and their roles as Angels, along with the unique, disarming, and healing experience of the Foam...
Published 10/12/22
Lex and Jordan are on the mic bringing you part 1 of their Burning Man recap! Get an inside look at what goes down on the Playa as they share this year’s experience compared to their first Burn in 2019. Learn about the guiding principles and structure of this nine-day event, and what makes this pilgrimage-like experience as challenging as it is expansive.
Published 10/05/22
Emily Young graduated from Sex Coach Prep School, and right out of the gate, she began helping women come back to themselves, their desires, and their connection to their bodies. You’ll hear Emily’s story of getting pregnant at 19 and the moment she realized she had lost herself in her identities of mom, wife, and employee. She shares what she did to begin getting to know herself again and how this led her to find her passion and join Sex Coach Prep School.
Published 09/28/22
Today, Serena and Bryn are bringing you a vulnerable, open, and tender conversation on divorce. Serena is in the midst of uncoupling with her husband and is here to share what her relationship looked like leading up to this and her experience being fully in it. Bryn shares learnings and blessings from her divorce and offers a beautiful insight into what’s possible on the other side.
Published 09/21/22
As a board-certified OB/GYN and a leading voice in women’s health, Dr. Heather Bartos helps women get to the root cause of their health issues and empowers them to develop a relationship with their bodies and intuition. Today, she joins Bryn to unpack how to individualize your self-care practice to what you need by getting in touch with your unique design. Dr. Heather shares how she and her husband healed their sexless marriage and shares a fun game to do with your ladies to feel sexy about...
Published 09/14/22
Kinky meme creator and kink advocate, The Funny Dom, joins Alexa to talk about being a Sadistic Daddy Dom, D/s scene planning, and aftercare! TFD shares why he chooses to be anonymous, with Alexa unpacking her initial conflict with having an anonymous guest. They get deep into how exploring various kink archetypes helps you become more of who you truly are on a more actualized level. And to wrap up, TFD paints a picture of one of his favorite, juicy D/s scenes for you to take notes on!
Published 09/07/22
In today’s solo episode, Alexa shares her favorite sex toys with brand recommendations! She walks you through how to get clear on the type of experience you desire and ways to use various toys, including vibrators, anal plugs, claws, and floggers.
Published 08/31/22
Rina Trevi is back on the show to join Bryn in talking about tantric healing and yoni massage! Bryn shares her recent yoni massage experience with Rina and a breakdown of what it entails. You’ll learn how yoni massage and tantric healing allow us to enjoy our sexuality in a profound way. Through yoni massage, we can begin to fully understand our pleasure, the places that challenge us, and where we are numb. It expands our capacity for pleasure through trauma release and by knowing how our...
Published 08/24/22
Amy Natalie is an empowerment coach and embodiment guide for conscious women, spiritual seekers, and feminine leaders. Today, Amy and Bryn explore how to reconnect with your feminine energy to improve your relationships and invite more connection, pleasure, ease, and abundance into your life.
Published 08/17/22
Nadine Lee, founder of Tantric Alchemy, discovered a deeper understanding of herself through traditional tantra yoga, and now guides others to live their most delicious lives. She shares her journey of resistance and surrendering to the path of tantra, sharing the experience of her kundalini awakening at 14 years old. Nadine talks about the power of facing suppressed emotions, reclaiming our sexual energy, and leaning into various archetypes that make us uncomfortable. Get ready to stop...
Published 08/10/22
Orpheus Black is a public speaker, teacher, thought leader, and author within the BDSM and kink community. Get ready to melt into his stories as he shares his journey into discovering kink, becoming polyamorous with his wife, and his D/s performances on-stage. He divulges beautiful wisdom on surrender, faith, trust, and power dynamics, and how we find liberation and self-knowledge by exploring our kinks.
Published 08/03/22
Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt is on the show to share her stories, wisdom, and inspiration on becoming better at loving yourself and deepening your self-intimacy. She unravels her journey of going from ballet to topless dancer, turning her shame into dangerous beauty and learning to live with her heart wide open. Through her sharing and teachings on intimacy, you’ll learn how to become better at loving yourself, in turn discovering how to call your person in and create a deep, conscious...
Published 07/27/22
Our favorite dominatrixes, Kimi Inch and Kayce Neill, are back on the show to talk about fetishes and kink. This fascinating conversation gets deep in the weeds on understanding what a fetish is and how we can work with the power of our sexual desires. They also share ways to open the conversation with your partner about kink and make them fun, connective, and intimate.
Published 07/20/22
Taylor Simpson helps women navigate their shadows and alchemize it into sexual liberation, wealth, and true embodiment. Today, you’ll hear how she healed her childhood trauma and father wounds, and the journey of her spiritual and sexual awakening. She talks about learning to work with the power of your dark feminine and fall in love with all aspects of yourself. Taylor and Alexa also explore ways we find healing through BDSM and kink, and how you can invite your partner to play in this realm...
Published 07/13/22
Debra Silverman is an Astrologer of over 45 years with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and we love how she combines the two for a unique psychological-spiritual approach! Today, she explores what you need to know about your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, and shares how knowing your chart fosters deep self-love. She also gives fascinating insight into Alexa by breaking down parts of her chart!
Published 07/06/22
Kenya Stevens is the CEO at Progressive Love Academy and has been coaching couples for 17 years alongside her husband, including helping couples divorce-proof their marriage. Today, Kenya shares her and her husband's journey into polyamory and what she’s discovered about herself along the way. Kenya also shares communication tools and the 5 principles and protocols for moving into a polyamorous relationship.
Published 06/29/22
Today we’re talking about men’s sexuality and ways to overcome sexual challenges with Intimacy and Relationship Coach, Caitlin V. Caitlin specializes as a sex coach for men, helping them reclaim their sexuality, have deeply fulfilling relationships, and have the best sex. She unpacks why erectile dysfunction is increasing in young men, where performance anxiety stems from, and how women can help men get back to the wisdom of their bodies.
Published 06/22/22