Ep. 247: The One Where Nat Went To Therapy
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In the final episode of 2021, Natalie shares a little on surprising herself by going to therapy this year and how 2021 pushed her to new, deeper places.  Instagram | Break The Cycle Online Course | Blog | Shop
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Prompted by messages from people claiming that they seem to only feel confident dating or being in relationships with those who are 'below' their level, Natalie explores what this actually means (and what it doesn't!!) and why we do it in the first place.   
Published 05/13/22
It can be bloody infuriating when someone makes a mistake or does us wrong and they refuse to acknowledge or take responsibility. But plenty of us don't even know what the hell taking responsibility means, so Natalie breaks it down in this week's episode.  Instagram | Break The Cycle Online...
Published 05/06/22
Published 05/06/22