In this podcast I examine the different and slightly unconventional angles we need to take to get the best out of this medium. In difficult times we have to get inventive, and let's find the positive things we can take out of this!
Published 03/27/20
So many people think much more about eating healthily. It would be much better for our playing if we took the same care over what we listen to!
Published 03/17/20
At a certain point in our development it is critical that we focus exclusively on the player and the musician we have worked to become.
Published 03/11/20
I got such great questions from Bill Stanley and Ingrid van Ooosterhout that I've done a whole podcast just based on them. See a brief list of the questions below. Hope you enjoy! Excerpt Preparation Solo Competitions Commissioning New Works Talent from Britain and the Netherlands Practice Routines for Amateurs
Published 03/03/20
In this episode I try to look at this thorny subject from everybody's perspective. The composer, the conductor, the colleagues and, of course, us, the trombones.
Published 02/27/20
And now, for Part II of the interview with Rex Martin! Get ready for a big one. Part I, interesting as it was, was more of a friendly chat. I was astonished at how directly and precisely Rex answered my technical questions in Part II. Also look out for a couple of funny moments!
Published 02/18/20
In this episode I cover the following questions sent in by you great people out there! 00:25 How do you ensure you nail everything the way you hear it in your head? 10:25 My feelings about the importance (or lack thereof) of a daily routine 19:05 How does one keep the passion for music and practice alive when having to work full time? 27:10 Dealing with the different approach conductors bring and what has changed over the years Hope you enjoy, and if you have a question...
Published 02/12/20
Style is something often discussed in relation to music. But what is it?
Published 01/09/20
Playing the New Year's Concert with the Vienna Philharmonic was an incredibly special experience for me. Tune in for a glimpse into what it is like from the inside!
Published 12/30/19
Here are a few of my thoughts on an issue that is relevant to all of us.
Published 12/21/19
Tune in to hear my experience with nerves, my thoughts on dealing with nerves and at the end my practical checklist for dealing with nerves. Hope it helps!
Published 12/09/19
A recent social media post brought the nerd out in me even more ;) Here are my thoughts!
Published 12/02/19
In this episode I share with you the inescapable truth of what it takes to make it at the highest level - and it may come as a surprise. Enjoy!
Published 11/25/19
The Q&A session was a such a huge hit, so here are some more questions from you all. Hope you enjoy it! Show notes: 01:00 - balancing work and life 09:00 - what kind of tools do I use for my students (apps, breathing, recording, etc.) 14:30 - my preparation for a world premiere solo with orchestra 19:26 - adapting to a new city and orchestra. From LSO to VPO, from London to Vienna 36:00 - what to do when waiting for entrances in orchestras 48:45 - what do you do with your mind, how...
Published 11/19/19
We all have people in our lives who have had a huge influence on us. Denis Wick has been a great impact on me throughout my life, and in this podcast I hope you get to learn a little more about him and the influence he had on me as a trombone player, business person and musician.
Published 11/14/19
In this podcast I describe what it was like to work with and be inspired by one of the most natural brass players ever to put a mouthpiece on their face. Many of you will know him to be the trumpet sound behind Star Wars soundtracks. I knew him closely as a colleague, mentor and friend. Get to know him a little better through this.
Published 11/14/19
Not just being about viola jokes, although there are one or two in there ;), this is a podcast on the inspiration I received from the viola section in the Vienna Philharmonic.
Published 11/14/19
In this podcast I attempt to answer all of the wonderful questions that you posted on social media. Some brilliant questions, and I hope that you find the answers interesting. You will find the show notes below with minute markers for specific questions, but please make sure that you listen to the first 3 to 4 minutes of the podcast, as this puts everything in perspective.  00:00 - Intro 02:00 - Equipment: The importance of the right equipment, how to find/pick it and other aspects to...
Published 11/14/19
This is to help guide you as to how to plan your life and your career, starting with your days as a student.
Published 11/14/19
How we speak to ourselves while we are playing and are practicing is of enormous importance. In this podcast I tell you how I learnt as a child and the attitude that was put in my head by my father.
Published 11/14/19
Welcome to the Ian Bousfield Experience! In this first podcast ever , I just briefly explain why I wanted to start. Enjoy, and stay tuned!
Published 11/03/19