Wealth-tech CEO Explains Why Your Financial Planning Sucks & How to Fix it: Keval Bhanushali
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Watch this episode on YouTube- https://youtu.be/a4IL9q2RHDk  In this episode: How to achieve Financial Well-Being? Why you should not trust every financial advice? Understanding Your Generational Profile and Financial Behaviour Score Step-by-step scientific financial planning In this episode, we dive deep into the essence of financial well-being versus mere independence. From understanding how to manage your financial behaviour to focusing on building a robust retirement corpus, this conversation is packed with insights on why we invest and the difference between being rich and being truly happy at 80. Keval Bhanushali, Co-Founder & CEO of 1 Finance, brings his wealth of experience to the table. An IIM Calcutta and Harvard Business School alumnus, Keval has shaped the core business model at 1 Finance, steering the financial institution into a significant ecosystem for wealth management, investment advisory, and more. With a focus on wealth creation for Indian MNIs, Keval’s expertise spans across wealth management, portfolio management, and alternative investment funds, among others. We have a telegram community for our listeners. Join here- https://theinspiringtalk.com/telegram   For brand collaborations and opportunities, send us an email at  [email protected]   Send me a voice message: https://theinspiringtalk.com/speak   Connect with Keval Bhanushali     Website LinkedIn  Check Keval's Book Take your Monesign assesment   Follow the Inspiring Talk on Facebook http://theinspiringtalk.com/facebook   Twitter http://theinspiringtalk.com/twitter Instagram http://theinspiringtalk.com/instagram  
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