Six months after Theo’s mysterious disappearance, fresh revelations are opening new possibilities on what happened that night in Byron Bay. His father Laurent returns to Australia to walk through the bush at night for the first time, and the local community organises a ceremony to maintain momentum. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Published 12/06/19
Published 12/06/19
The mystery of an abandoned campsite next to the Tallow Beach sand dunes adds new urgency to the search for Theo. Who lived there, and did they know anything about what happened to him the night he disappeared? And some recent history around the Cosy Corner cliffs presents a possible scenario for what may have happened to Theo. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Published 11/29/19
Byron Bay is known an idyllic tourist town where celebrities and influencers spend their summers. But as the locals know, there's a darker side to life here. Retracing Theo's path through the Arakwal National Park raises more questions and contradictions about what happened the night he disappeared, and reveals a hidden community that most visitors to Byron never see. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Published 11/22/19
Once Theo's family cracked his online accounts, they had a clearer picture of his path on the night he disappeared. So, aided by the local community, they begin to retrace his steps. But after the local police abandoned their search, and psychics stepped in, things become confusing for those on the ground. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Published 11/15/19
As word of Theo Hayez's disappearance spreads around Byron Bay, concerned locals leap into action. One local suspects drink spiking and leads a small search party through bushland near the centre of town, where there’s a maze of occupied and abandoned homeless camps. But leads are sparse, and the police are baffled. The real information is hidden in Theo's online accounts. His family sets about cracking into that digital vault, desperate for any information when every minute counts, with...
Published 11/08/19
Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez dropped into Byron Bay in late May 2019, enticed by the town's unique allure of bohemian life, beautiful surf beaches and a sprinkling of international celebrity glamour. Then he disappeared without a trace. As it dawns on his family that he’s been silent online for six days, they mobilise a search, aided by Byron locals who never knew Theo but refuse to accept a visitor to their town could simply vanish. For information regarding your data privacy, visit...
Published 11/01/19
Theo Hayez is missing in Byron Bay, a beautiful beachside town on Australia’s most easterly mainland point, frequently in the spotlight for its famous residents. Theo’s from Brussels. He’s 18 and on a backpacking holiday when he vanishes in May 2019. Behind the scenes local volunteers who’ve never met Theo begin searching and investigating with his family, parallel to a major police investigation. At the request of Theo’s family, The Australian newspaper’s national crime correspondent David...
Published 10/29/19