Preparing for Fatherhood can feel a little daunting and it's not something that we talk about enough. The transition into parenthood can be beautiful but it's also very challenging. Today, I'm joined by Jessica and Seth, marriage and family therapists here at Growing Self. We are going to be discussing the postpartum experience from both the mother's and father's sides of the experience. Join us as we discuss preparing for fatherhood! xo,  Dr. Lisa www.growingself.com
Published 05/17/21
All couples go through a rocky period in their relationship. They may grow distant from each other and encounter problems that seem to be impossible to overcome. It is agonizing to decide whether or not to save a relationship because we never know the possibilities. How will we know when our relationship is worth saving? I'm joined by Marriage and Family Therapist, Brittany S.. Today we are discussing healthy vs. unhealthy relationships. What to look for and how to heal. Join us! Lisa
Published 05/10/21
We have all been through so much this past year, and are hopefully on the cusp of rebuilding. My guest today is author Eileen Hamra, who has a powerful message reminding us that within every loss are the seeds of renewal and rebirth.  She's here to share her story, and her wise advice for how to heal through grief, how to rebuild your life after setbacks, and most importantly, how to love after loss.  Join Us,  Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby
Published 04/12/21
Do you feel stuck in a job you don't love? Or like you're moving down a career path... to nowhere? In this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success podcast, I am interviewing career counseling expert, Megan R. to discuss how you can align your career with your passion.  Tune in to learn more about "career pathing," questions that bring clarity, and get some free career success strategies from an expert career coach. Here's to your success! Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 04/05/21
Happy, healthy relationships are built on healthy boundaries. If you struggle to establish boundaries, understand your boundaries, or even define your boundaries to others, this episode is for you! Join Denver Therapist and Boundary Expert, Kathleen Stutts and me as we discuss today's topic: Boundaries in Relationships. Join Us! Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby www.GrowingSelf.com
Published 03/29/21
If you're feeling a little rusty talking to people, it's time for a refresher course on how to communicate with confidence and charisma.  Today's guest knows all about how to be interesting and fun to talk to. Kristen Carney is a stand-up comedian, comedy writer, and coach who's specialty is helping people be comfortable with others, create a positive impression, and be more confident in conversations. Join us!  Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 03/08/21
It can be hard to trust yourself, particularly around intuition. Many of us, especially women, minimize our feelings, explain away our concerns, and doubt ourselves... to our detriment. Trusting yourself is vital to confidence. But not all thoughts and feelings are trustworthy. It's confusing! Being able to tell the difference between anxiety and intuition will help you trust yourself, so that you can move forward fearlessly. Learn how — join me! Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 03/01/21
Satisfying, stable relationships. A meaningful, prosperous career. Feeling good about yourself and your life. What do they all have in common? Emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the hidden "x-factor" that makes everything work. Without it, you can spin in frustration and failure... and never know why. In today's episode, find out how your emotional intelligence skills stack up, and what you can do to increase it — fast. With love,  Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 02/22/21
Are you in love with someone who is in love with... themselves? Thankfully, there are different types of narcissists, and sometimes healing and growth is possible. (Maybe for them, but definitely for YOU.) I'm tackling your questions about narcissists on this episode including warning signs, narcissistic relationship dynamics, when to cut your losses, and more.  Join me!  Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby P.S. More Q's? Leave them for me in the comments section of this post, on GrowingSelf.com.
Published 02/15/21
Love is love. At the same time, gay and lesbian relationships face unique challenges and stressors — from without, and from within. On this episode, LGBTQ+ relationship-affirming couples therapist Kensington Osmond shares strategies that promote growth and healing. What supports healthy-identity development, growing up gay in a strict religion, non-supportive family of origins, unresolved internalized shame, — we're tackling all of it. Join us! Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 02/08/21
Are your subconscious "thinking traps" getting in the way of your finding the right person? On today's episode of the podcast, NPR's dating expert Damona Hoffman is here to help you get out of your own way and find the love you're looking for. Join us! xo, Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 02/01/21
It's easy for kind, hard-working people to say "yes" to all the demands on their time and attention. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should. If you're not setting healthy boundaries around your time and energy, the result is mental and emotional depletion, burnout, and disconnection from what matters most. On this episode we're talking about how to set healthy boundaries that prioritize what's important... to you. Join me! Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com  
Published 01/25/21
While divorce is always hard, having an amicable divorce is the best outcome — particularly if you're going to be coparenting or sharing a business for years to come. My guest today is divorce attorney Stephanie Randall. Tune in to learn what divorce is *really* like, the biggest mistakes people make, and real-world strategies for how to create an amicable divorce when possible. If you're considering divorce today's episode is a must listen! Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 01/18/21
This has been a uniquely stressful time for couples, but it has also offered a slew of "micro-moments" that can make or break a relationship. Smart couples are using these opportunities to grow stronger and more connected. Other couples miss them, and their relationships are failing as a result. Today I'm sharing the most important things you can do to strengthen your relationship (and what to avoid) so that you can grow together, not apart. Join me!  Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 01/11/21
How about this #NewYearsGoal? Learn how to practice radical self acceptance, and truly love yourself for who and what you already are. Being okay with not being okay, having compassion for yourself and others, and growing in your authenticity may sound like the antithesis of personal development, but the opposite is true:  Radical self acceptance can (paradoxically) lead to transformational change on every level.  Let's lean in, together. Join me! xo, Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 01/04/21
On the cusp of a new year it can be easy to over-focus on constant-and-never-ending self-improvement, new goals, and all the things you want to achieve. But the truth is that you have already grown so much, learned so much, and done so much. Rather than charging forward, today we're taking stock of your strengths, life lessons, accomplishments and wisdom. And access the journal prompts for today's episode here: https://www.growingself.com/learn-and-grow Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 12/29/20
In this season of gift giving, it can be easy to forget what our loved ones really want: Our unconditional love, trust, kindness, appreciation, attention, time, understanding, empathy, respect, emotional safety, and cherishing. However, we can't give those to others without prioritizing our own wellness. Today's episode is all about helping you cultivate the highest and best in yourself so that you can fully embrace the amazing gift that you are. With love,  Dr. Lisa Marie...
Published 12/21/20
If you're single, you know: Dating in the pandemic age is more complex than ever. However, there are fantastic opportunities to create healthy new relationships — if you know the dating mistakes to avoid. On this episode of the podcast, get real-deal dating advice from dating coach Markie K. She shares her top "dating advice do's and don'ts" to help you navigate the current reality of dating with clarity and confidence. Join us! Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 12/14/20
Men crave emotional connection too. But our culture of "toxic masculinity" can impede emotional intelligence and make it hard for men to connect. My guest today is Andrew Reiner, author of "Better Boys, Better Men: The New Masculinity That Creates Greater Courage and Emotional Resiliency." He's sharing strategies for how to cultivate emotional health and connected relationships with men. Join us! Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 12/07/20
If your relationship is on the brink, standard-issue relationship advice and conventional marriage counseling approaches can make things worse. But Discernment Counseling — a special, obscure type of couples counseling — can still save it. Learn how it works, and the strategies you can use to potentially save a spiraling relationship. Join me!  Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby More relationship questions? Leave them for me (and help yourself to more free resources) on the blog at GrowingSelf.com.
Published 11/30/20
Were you the perfect child? The clown? The scapegoat? If you weren't who your family needed you to be, did other people fall apart? Without self-awareness and intentional correction, dysfunctional family roles from your family of origin can sabotage your adult relationships. In this podcast I'm sharing strategies to help you overcome the legacy of a dysfunctional family, and develop healthy relationships. Join me! Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 11/23/20
Dr. Lisa here, doing a swan dive into your podcast feed a little early today to let you know that if you've been experiencing a resurgence of "covid anxiety" lately, you're not alone. I'm re-releasing my "How to Cope With Covid Anxiety" podcast episode for you right now, and will be back in touch later today with a new episode.  Wishing you all the best,  Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby
Published 11/23/20
Is it hard for you to trust your partner? If you've ever caught yourself double checking them (and then wondering to yourself, "Do I have trust issues?") this podcast is for you. Today, we're talking about what trust issues are (and are not), signs of trust issues, what causes them, and what you can do to overcome them — so you can feel confident and secure. Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby Ps: Access all the resources I mention in this podcast on the blog at GrowingSelf.com!
Published 11/16/20
Long distance relationships have unique challenges, but love from a distance can work beautifully. In today's episode I'm answering your long distance relationship questions around: - How to keep your connection strong when living apart - How to manage feelings of anxiety and insecurity - The most important "Us" conversations all long distance couples must have - How to cohabitate successfully after living long distance - And more!  xo, Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 11/09/20
Difficult conversations are tough to have, and easy to avoid (or botch). But authentic communication is vital for healthy relationships — especially when it's about something that is really important to you. Today: Learn real-world strategies for how to have difficult conversations so that you can prevent differences from fracturing your most important relationships. xo, Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com
Published 11/02/20