Listener Question: The stuff you talk about is pretty obvious, isn't it? Often the things we talk about seem obvious, but the problem is they are not common language! Our work is simplifying common leadership problems and providing a common language that can make tackling problems and scaling solutions across our organizations easier! We cannot diagnose, improve, or pass on principles we cannot articulate with common, simple, language!
Published 11/29/21
This week I am taking a break from the regular format to simply say thank you for everything you and your families do to advance the cause of LIBERATION across the world. My family and I wish you and yours a wonderful thanksgiving, no matter what version of the holiday you choose to celebrate.  I hope that you have the opportunity to take time away from work, free your mind from the burdens of day-to-day life and show the people around just how much they truly mean to you.
Published 11/22/21
Listener Question: I believe in fighting for the highest possible good of others, but how do I stop feeling like such a hypocrite? Hypocrisy is not having high standards and making mistakes. Hypocrisy is not struggling to attain perfection, rather it is holding others to a standard you make no effort to attain yourself. Owning our mistakes, our imperfections, and our inadequacies shows our humanity and creates an environment where our teams can fail forward without fear!
Published 11/15/21
Listener Question: No one has ever done this for me, how can I be expected to do it for anyone else? When we experience hardship, it can be difficult to break the cycle, especially when we have no model for what right looks like. Breaking the cycle and changing our family trees means identifying what went wrong, what we wish would have happened, and closing the skills, emotional intelligence, or self-awareness gaps we have!
Published 11/11/21
"I am not sure I want to be that vulnerable with the people who work for me." Vulnerability drives engagement and engaged employees fight for the org's highest possible good! Rate yourself 1-10 based on the following three questions: 1 - On our team, we admit mistakes easily 2 - On our team, everyone openly shares their ideas 3 - On our team, we rely on common knowledge, rather than exploring new ideas
Published 11/01/21
Sometimes we undermine our influence without knowing it, and the way we speak to people can have a dramatic impact on how they receive us!   Leading, and coaching people through these blindspots is a critical skill to both our success and theirs!
Published 10/25/21
In this episode, we'll talk about why we should all stand up against any negativities that we encounter around us and how important it is for us to be the catalyst of change!
Published 10/18/21
Today we share listener tips for leading up! Have more tips you want the world to know: [email protected]
Published 10/12/21
Leading up is the most challenging type of leadership to execute.  Earning Influence and understanding how to communicate effectively to those we serve is critical to both our success, and theirs.  
Published 10/06/21
Taking a leadership role with people who have, and are our friends is always tough to navigate.  Getting off of the right foot is critical to preserving the relationship, and ultimately your success in your position.   This week we talk about, the tough conversation, communicating our concerns, setting expectations, and following through with built-in accountability!
Published 08/16/21
This week I am joined by the Amazing Rob and Vaughan.  Listen in as we recap our biggest event of the year!  
Published 08/12/21
My Keynote from the 2021 Air Force Sergeants Association's Professional Enhancement Seminar.   Reach out to [email protected] to book me for your event!  
Published 08/02/21
You pushed us into the Top 100 in the Management Category!  To celebrate I am giving away 5 seats in our 5 Voices/Transforming team communication course.  To enter: 1) Leave a review of the show 2) Share http://core.militarysherpa.com on any of your social media sites 3) Send [email protected] a screenshot, along with the user name you left the review under.   Winners will be announced on August 5th!
Published 07/30/21
The ideal leader is responsive, but putting in the work to gain influence is as preventative as changing the oil in your car!   In this episode, we dig into how we can build influence in preparation for the storms that inevitably come.  
Published 07/26/21
Deciding what to coach, and preparing are only half the battle.  Now we have to nail down how to navigate the conversation in a way that builds influence and leads to healthy follow-up.  
Published 07/19/21
Deciding what to coach, and preparing are only half the battle.  Now we have to nail down how to navigate the conversation in a way that builds influence and leads to healthy follow-up.  
Published 07/12/21
This week we held our first-ever military Sherpa All-Call! Hope you have time to listen in on what we've learned, and where we're headed!!!
Published 07/07/21
I often believe my expectations are reasonable, when in fact they are unreasonable and typically under-communicated which can be an absolute disaster in the making!!! Let's get after this problem together!!!!
Published 07/05/21
In this episode, I share some of the reasons I am proud to be an American, and proud to have served 21 years in her defense.  
Published 07/04/21
Striving to discover the root cause of behavior, technical, and even personality gaps is the greatest step we can take when it comes to effective coaching, and managing difficult conversations.   Today we talk about how to do that well, efficiently, and in a way that BUILDS influence as we go through the process.   E-mail me at [email protected] to get a copy of today's tools!
Published 06/30/21
Way too often people let inhibition stop them from having REAL conversations about DIFFICULT topics.   Let's figure out how to view these conversations as a growth opportunity for EVERYONE involved!
Published 06/22/21
Episode 28 - What to Coach Coaching during the big game is easy, simply call out what you see and adjust in real-time! Coaching in-between the big games, when the clock and cameras are off requires more intentionality and is what forges championship teams and people! In this episode, we get into the WHAT of coaching!
Published 06/14/21
Download my eBook "10 Tips for Becoming a Leader Worth Following" at www.militarysherpa.com
Published 06/07/21
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Published 05/11/21