This week's clips are from when we were hearing of the invisible menace from China for the first time and I may have been one of the first people in this country to get it. Or it might have been a dodgy bivalve
Published 10/11/21
This week, it was the week before we left the European Union to access our perfect new lives, a man calls to tell me about his organ and we solve global warming in one easy step.
Published 10/04/21
This week, in clips from January 2020, Donald Trump announced his Space Force, we were a week away from our glorious future outside the Evil European Socialist Superstate and I declare war on trees.
Published 09/27/21
This week, in clips from January 2020, a man wakes up from what sounds like a coma and sees who our prime minister is, the church talk about sex a lot and there's the very first inkling from China that things may be going downhill.
Published 09/21/21
This week's clips were from just before we escaped the Evil European Overlords, one lady was very upset about it, there's a spooky prediction about empty shelves and quite a lot of eccentric callers.
Published 09/13/21
This week, there's some calls so impenetrable you'd need to be Alan Turing to figure them out, Sajman Jav slips up and we learn who is the backbone of this great country.
Published 09/07/21
This week's clips come from when Hazza and Sparkles were causing consternation by not following the script we had written for them, we were about to be free of our European Socialist Overlords, The Tangerine Scream was still in the Whitehouse and quite a few callers were not completely satisfied with me.
Published 08/30/21
This week, people were obsessing about the colour of their passports, there's crisps and chocolate at the same time and Hazza and Sparkles were threatening to leave.
Published 08/23/21
This week's clips are from just weeks before we gained our freedom from the Evil Socialist Superstate and someone was planning a celebration. I get a call from an old enemy and one from a customer who is not completely satisfied.
Published 08/16/21
This week's clips are from days before we ascended the sunny uplands of our glorious future and left the Evil Socialist Superstate, the nation was searching for loose change, Donito Mussolini was flexing his muscle and it was all a bit "Dad's Army".
Published 08/09/21
These clips are from just weeks before we first heard about an invisible menace in China and we were occupied by other matters like what Hazza and Sparkles were going to do next and, most pressingly, how we should celebrate our glorious exit from the Evil European Superstate.
Published 08/02/21
We are in January 2020 when we were bathing in the glory of a new leader and the invisible menace was yet to be heard of. There's the best TV shows, a unique way of funding the nation's favourite institution and all eyes were on Hazza and Sparkles.
Published 07/27/21
These clips are from January 2020, just before we left the EU and before we heard of the invisible menace that was just around the corner. There's quite some chat about the royals and an old friend of the show calls to talk about "algorithms".
Published 07/20/21
This week's clips are from January last year and we were talking then about many of the things we are still talking about now. A heartless, evil woman from far, far away had come to steal our precious puppy, World War 3 looked like it was about to begin and an "expert" calls.
Published 07/12/21
This week is a bit spooky as a good few months before we had ever heard of the virus, the idea of wearing masks and working from home came up, along with something odd in a farmer's field and even weirder up a skyscraper.
Published 07/06/21
Hi, Nick Abot listener, We’ve got another brand new podcast we think you’ll enjoy. ‘I’ve Been Thinking’ is a new weekly show hosted by Peter Frankopan. As well as being a best-selling author (Silk Roads), Professor of Global History and Oxford and voted as one of the World’s Top 50 Thinkers, Peter uses this podcast to speak with some incredible guests looking at topics from around the world that help understand and explain the past, present and future. Guests include former Director of...
Published 07/01/21
This week's clips are from the end of a marathon run of shows over Christmas 2019. Donald Trump had just bombed Iran, Australia was on fire, someone commits a milk crime and I declare war on daytime TV.
Published 06/28/21
This week, the clips are from just after New Year 2020 and we take a trip round the new Prime Minister's love nest hideaway, wonder why there's no female equivalent for a "toyboy", dampen a singed wallaby and get a foretaste of panic buying in the supermarkets.
Published 06/21/21
This week's clips are from early 2020 when it looked like World War 3, there is a lot of rage around, just like today, and I go into what I think that is all about.
Published 06/14/21
Hi Nick Abbot fans – we have a new True Crime podcast we think you’ll enjoy called ‘If It Bleeds It Leads’ Could you be a criminal? What separates the way you think, from the criminal mind? Join the world’s leading professor of criminology, Prof. David Wilson and star of Silent Witness Emilia Fox as they discover what’s really going on behind some of the most notorious crimes. What do you do with have-a-go heroes who try to stop you robbing a bank? What's it like inside an escalating...
Published 06/11/21
This week we go behind the scenes (allegedly) of doctor wotsit off the telly, I get attacked by a fan of the kooky president of a kooky country and there's an incident in the Pound Shop.
Published 06/07/21
This week we are forced to pick a seat in the cinema, the EU take our windows away, a strange argument is used for eating on the bus and I get put right off my breakfast.
Published 06/02/21
This week we cover everything in chocolate, find something awful on the bus, wash our shopping long before covid appeared and eat off a tree.
Published 05/24/21
This week: Kier Starmer's hair, what to do with a squirrel, getting a takeaway from the zoo and what not to eat on a train.
Published 05/17/21
This week, some time traveling between when Boris Johnson was elected leader of the Tories and how we felt about him two months later, there's a certain Nigel getting hit with a tasty treat and something weird about baked beans.
Published 05/10/21