From high school drop-out to set theorist, Asaf Karagila shares his journey towards infinity. Asaf is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of East Anglia. Asaf's blog - http://karagila.org Asaf's Twitter - https://twitter.com/AsafKaragila Some Infinity stuff on Numberphile - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt5AfwLFPxWKORZ3UeTKlJiJa-89BBz3t You can support Numberphile on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/numberphile) like these people -...
Published 08/28/21
A Chance at Immortality - with Marcus Du Sautoy Mathematical greatness can strike at any time - even on the train between Oxford and London. Marcus is the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University - https://www.simonyi.ox.ac.uk Marcus' author page on Amazon - https://amzn.to/3eJNd1Z I is a Strange Loop - book - https://amzn.to/3eJNd1Z I is a Strange Loop - performance on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEORIj1Ecug This episode was supported...
Published 07/26/21
Dr Tom Crawford has been known to strip to his underwear in the interests of math education. He is an Early Career Teaching and Outreach Fellow at Oxford University. Tom's page at St Edmund Hall - https://www.seh.ox.ac.uk/people/tom-crawford Tom Rock's Maths YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/tomrocksmaths Tom's main website with links to most stuff - https://tomrocksmaths.com Numberphile videos featuring Tom Crawford -...
Published 05/31/21
Experimental physicist Phil Moriarty works with temperamental microscopes and individual atoms. Today's topics include Ireland, mathematics, failing at university, microscopy, academic gripes... and music. Professor Moriarty's university page - including links to some of his papers Phil's book: When the Uncertainty Principle Goes to 11: Or How to Explain Quantum Physics with Heavy Metal Some of Brady's videos with Phil The Golden Ratio music video Phil's blog Want more? Hear Phil with...
Published 04/03/21
Astrophysicist Katie Mack discusses Twitter, athletics, mathematics, and the small matter of the fate of the Universe. Katie Mack's website And her Twitter @AstroKatie The End of Everything - Dr Mack's book on Amazon This episode was supported by G-Research, a world-leading quantitative finance research firm, hiring the brightest minds to tackle the biggest questions in finance - learn more at gresearch.co.uk/numberphile/ You can support Numberphile on Patreon like these people With...
Published 02/25/21
Adam Kucharski is among a number of epidemiologists who has suddenly been thrust into the limelight. We discuss his career and the current state of the coronavirus pandemic. This episode was supported by G-Research, a world-leading quantitative finance research firm, hiring the brightest minds to tackle the biggest questions in finance - learn more at gresearch.co.uk/numberphile/ Adam Kucharski's website Adam's books on Amazon, including The Rules of Contagion Some of our previous...
Published 02/02/21
Professor Jennifer Rogers discusses coronavirus vaccinations, the media, and her own path to medical statistics. Jennifer Rogers website, with links to all sorts of things Jennifer's TEDx Talk Jennifer has written about cornavirus vaccinations on the Phastar blog here and here For some previous Numberphile chat and videos about coronavirus you can check these out: Gondor Calls For Aid with Kit Yates The Coronavirus Curve with Ben Sparks Crystal Balls with Hannah Fry Other...
Published 12/11/20
Dr Vicky Neale's latest book is about why people should study mathematics - but why did SHE study mathematics? Dr Neale's website - with links to her work and books and craft Why Study Mathematics - book on Amazon Vicky's author page on Amazon Vicky's craft, including the prime bracelets Support Numberphile on Patreon like these people do With thanks to MSRI
Published 12/08/20
Author and puzzle guru Alex Bellos talks about mathematics, writing, reviews, and his early days running a nightclub. Check out Alex's books on Amazon including his latest, The Language Lover's Puzzle Book Alex's website has more information and links to his work and here is Alex on Twitter Playlist of Alex's videos on Numberphile Elliptical Pool Table video and Cake Cutting video Please consider supporting Numberphile on Patreon With thanks to MSRI
Published 11/25/20
School teacher Bobby Seagull is well-known for appearing on a quiz show - but there's much more to his story. Episode sponsored by Brilliant - brilliant.org/numberphile Bobby Seagull's website Bobby on Twitter Bobby's book The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers National Numeracy West Ham Utd Watch Bobby on University Challenge Support Numberphile on Patreon With thanks to MSRI
Published 10/23/20
A team of composers and musicians have joined forces to re-imagine classic nursery rhymes with new counts, timings and tempos. It's dubbed Tuplets for Toddlers, and has been led Numberphile's resident composer Alan Stewart. Check out the album on Amazon And on Bandcamp Links for iTunes, Spotify and others will be added as they come online An old interview with Alan can be found here A couple of Brady's favourite videos scored by Alan include this one from Mt Everest and this one from...
Published 10/05/20
Economist Tim Harford on the importance of numbers and statistics. Tim Harford's website has links to most of his projects Tim's book How to Make the World Add Up - signed copies on Maths Gear Tim Harford books on Amazon Tim's video on Numberphile Support Numberphile on Patreon With thanks to MSRI
Published 09/12/20
Sir Roger Penrose is one of the biggest names in mathematics AND physics. Here he talks about sibling rivalry, Stephen Hawking, having ideas, and toilet paper. Roger Penrose Wikipedia Roger Penrose books - Amazon The Order of Merit The Theory of Everything - 2014 movie about Stephen Hawking Penrose Tiling Penrose Toilet Paper The San Francisco Transit Center with its Penrose Tiling With thanks to MSRI Support us on Patreon
Published 08/08/20
Dr Katie Steckles is a mainstay of the mathematics communications scene and a regular in our videos. Here she discusses her life at school, university, and now as a freelance maths communicator. Plus life as a pirate. Katie Steckles website Follow Katie on Twitter Talking Maths in Public Check out Katie's videos on Numberphile Support this podcast - and our videos - via Patreon With thanks to MSRI Apologies for the change in audio quality part way through - we had technical issues!
Published 07/23/20
Tributes to mathematician Ronald Graham - a man of many talents. Our guests include Steve Butler, Tom Leighton, and Joe Buhler Ron Graham 'fan' webpage Ron Graham papers Ron Graham on Numberphile A collection of Numberphile videos about Graham's Number Tom Leighton written tribute to Ron Steve Butler tribute to Ron
Published 07/13/20
Speaking with Simon Pampena, Australia's National Numeracy Ambassador who once dreamed of being a Jedi. Simon Pampena website Videos with Simon on Numberphile Epic Circles and The Legend of Question Six Simon on Twitter Beyond 2000 The Malls' Balls are also discussed in our Quiz Episode with Matt Parker With thanks to MSRI Support us on Patreon - we appreciate your help The Patron Wall of Fame You can also catch this episode on the Numberphile2 YouTube channel
Published 07/01/20
Our guest is Ben Sparks - teacher, math populariser, and Numberphile regular. Ben Sparks website Videos with Ben on Numberphile Video of Tim Sparks performing Your Own Idea - Nikko Fir and here's Tim's website A pic of Ben and Tim The Bill Clinton picture Ben's Mandelbrot Video on Numberphile Advanced Mathematics Support Programme Talking Maths in Public With thanks to MSRI Support us on Patreon - we appreciate your help The Patron Wall of Fame
Published 05/27/20
Matt Parker takes a quiz prepared by Brady. The YouTube version of this quiz contains a few visuals. Do you like quizzes and puzzles and interactive courses? Then definitely check out episode sponsor Brilliant - and go to brilliant.org/numberphile for 20% off a premium subscription Many of the links below contain QUIZ SPOILERS. Matt Parker is standupmaths - his website has links to most stuff Matt's books on Amazon Matt's first appearance on this podcast Matt's videos on...
Published 05/21/20
Grant Sanderson from 3blue1brown returns to the podcast to talk about live-streaming lessons, tracing coronavirus, and a technical mishap. Support this podcast and Numberphile on Patreon Grant's channel - 3blue1brown Grant's first live lesson Exponential Growth - 3 blue1brown Simulating an epidemic - 3blue1brown The Coronavirus Curve with Ben Sparks - Numberphile Itempool Matt Parker Ben Eater Nicky Case Tweet The Accidental Stream Grant's eye video on Objectivity Objectivity...
Published 04/19/20
Published 04/19/20
We pay tribute to John Horton Conway - with clips from the man himself, plus contributions from Siobhan Roberts, David Eisenbud, Colm Mulcahy and Tony Padilla. Genius at Play by Siobhan Roberts John Conway Numberphile Playlist Does John Conway hate his Game of Life? Inventing Game of Life Life, Death and the Monster Look-and-Say Numbers Monster Group Siobhan Roberts David Eisenbud Colm Mulcahy Tony Padilla
Published 04/13/20
Dr Hannah Fry made a film two years ago which predicted the coronavirus pandemic with chilling accuracy. Dr Hannah Fry's website - links to all her stuff The BBC Contagion special on iPlayer If it doesn't work on iPlayer, this is a version I found on YouTube!? Numberphile video about the SIR curve with Ben Sparks Numberphile discusses coronavirus mathematics with Kit Yates False Positives on Numberphile with Lisa Goldberg PAPER: Contacts in context: large-scale setting-specific social...
Published 04/10/20
Mathematical biologist Kit Yates discussing the coronavirus pandemic. Kit Yates website Kit on Twitter The Royal Society's call to arms for mathematicians NHS advice on Coronavirus and COVID-19 Ben Sparks on Numberphile - The Coronavirus Curve 3blue1brown on the exponential growth of epidemics Simulating an epidemic with 3blue1brown Tom Crawford on the SIR Model Kurzgesagt on COVID-19 Extended presentation by Nick Jewell for MSRI With thanks to MSRI Support our content via Patreon
Published 03/31/20
From Illinois to Cambridgeshire, Holly Krieger’s path to mathematics was an unusual one. Holly’s webpage And her publications Watch Holly on Numberphile Math or Maths? Champaign, Illinois With thanks to MSRI Meyer Sound
Published 12/13/19
Edward Frenkel's fascinating mathematical journey - from the Soviet Union to the United States. Edward's website Love and Math - Edward's book via Amazon Edward on Twitter His videos on Numberphile Artificial Intelligence: First Person Perspective Coffin Problems paper (aka Jewish Problems) Rites of Love and Math - the film About the film and its Formula of Love Frenkel research papers With thanks to MSRI Meyer Sound
Published 12/03/19