James Maynard is making waves in the world of prime numbers - we spoke to him in his office at Oxford University. James is appointed a professor And wins the Cole Prize James discusses the Twin Prime Conjecture - Numberphile video Small Gaps Between Primes - paper Large Gaps Between Primes - paper Large Gaps Between Primes - Numberphile video James on his love of primes - Numberphile video James Maynard playlist Prime Number playlist Numberphile on Patreon With thanks...
Published 11/10/19
Fame and Admiration - with Timothy Gowers Fields Medallist Sir Timothy Gowers discusses his career - and the role of ‘begrudging admiration’ in mathematics. Sir Timothy Gowers webpage at Cambridge Timothy Gowers blog And his Twitter The Fields Medal Terminator 2 The unconditional basic sequence problem Szemerédi's theorem Tim Gowers International Math Olympiad results The Fields Medal with Cédric Villani - Numberphile With thanks to MSRI Meyer Sound
Published 10/22/19
We speak with Neil Sloane - creator and keeper of the famed ‘On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences’. OEIS Sequences we featured from the OEIS included Fibonacci Numbers, A068679, Bell or exponential numbers, A000435 - The Genesis Sequence, Euler totient function, King Louis births, Recaman's sequence, Gijswijt's sequence, and Brady Numbers. Videos featuring Neil on Numberphile Neil Sloane homepage Traralgon and Brady’s podcast with Tim from Traralgon 1956 Melbourne Olympics Neil’s...
Published 08/14/19
We record at the Royal Society in London, with Isaac Newton's original calculus papers. Infinite Powers by Steven Strogatz Steve's author page on Amazon Some bonus video footage we filmed at the Royal Society Hannah Fry with the same documents on Objectivity And the Principia on Objectivity The Royal Society With thanks to MSRI Meyer Sound
Published 06/17/19
From a difficult school to serving two terms as president of the juggling club - James Grime discusses his mathematical journey. James Grime website - includes a section to book his talks A selection of James’ videos on Numberphile James’ own channel - Singing Banana James discusses The Little Professor The first proper Numberphile video from 2011 Filming at a gritty, urban underpass Status: Black Eagle James talks about Enigma Brady’s Bibledex With thanks to MSRI Meyer Sound
Published 05/20/19
John Urschel is studying for a PhD in mathematics - and played three seasons of professional football in the NFL. Mind and Matter - by John Urschel and Louisa Thomas - on Amazon Book on the publisher's website John's math publications John's NFL stats With thanks to MSRI Meyer Sound Numberphile merchandise
Published 05/14/19
David Eisenbud's entertaining stories about mathematics are a fascinating glimpse into how math works - how it really works. MSRI - where David is director David Eisenbud's MSRI page with some links to publications and other material Google Scholar citations Videos with David on Numberphile The 17-gon video David's math genealogy With thanks to Meyer Sound
Published 04/07/19
Standup mathematician Matt Parker opens his heart to reveal... a standup comedian who loves mathematics. This is the link for 'Humble Pi' - signed first-edition hardback Matt Parker videos on Numberphile Matt's website The notorious Parker Square video Parker Square T-Shirts via Numberphile on Teespring The Malls Balls With thanks to MSRI Meyer Sound You can support Numberphile on Patreon A note: Humble Pi will be released at different times in different countries, but you can get...
Published 02/24/19
Author and campaigner Simon Singh talks about his fascinating career, a famous legal case, and his attempts to change the way mathematics is taught in UK schools. Simon Singh's website - links to all sorts of stuff Watch Simon's videos on Numberphile parallel - as discussed on the show Simon's books on Amazon Quest for a new £50 note Brady's video with suggestion for the £50 British Chiropractic Association v Singh - via Wikipedia With thanks to: MSRI and episode sponsor Meyer...
Published 02/11/19
Computer hackers, Klein bottles and searching for a lost teacher - Cliff Stoll is a man with stories to tell. Cliff's Klein bottle website The man with 1000 Klein bottles under this house Cliff Stoll videos on Numberphile The Cuckoo's Egg by Cliff Stoll Silicon Snake Oil by Cliff Stoll Boing Boing article about Cliff's predictions With thanks to MSRI Meyer Sound Also check out Numberphile on Patreon Numberphile T-Shirts and stuff
Published 01/08/19
Math celebrity Hannah Fry tells us about her life as public intellectual and thought leader - plus her as-yet unreleased novel 'Free as a Bird', written as a schoolgirl. Hannah's website - including links to her papers Numberphile videos featuring Hannah Fry Hannah Fry books on Amazon US Hannah Fry books on Amazon UK Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry Thanks to BBC 6 Music for the clip from Shaun Keaveny's show With thanks to MSRI Meyer Sound
Published 12/16/18
Ken Ribet is the president of the American Mathematical Society. He played a key role in the proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem. Ken Ribet’s home page The AMS Ken’s famous paper The Wiles Proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem Numberphile video with Ken about his work Ken’s 87 hair cuts Simon Singh discusses Fermat’s Last Theorem in a Numberphile video With thanks to MSRI Meyer Sound
Published 11/22/18
Grant Sanderson makes incredibly popular math videos - but his views on math education may surprise you. 3blue1brown on YouTube Grant's 'Hope Diamond' Eye The actual Hope Diamond With thanks to... MSRI Meyer Sound Podcast by Brady Haran
Published 11/05/18