Productive Living: Becoming CEO of Your Health, with Andrea Nakayama
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This week's episode features my conversation with Andrea Nakayama, Functional Medicine Nutritionist and founder of Functional Nutrition Alliance, talking about new ways to look at our health and nutrition while improving our productivity. What we put into our bodies and how it makes us feel (good or bad) can directly impact our productivity I'm excited to share with you my conversation with functional nutritionist, educator, speaker, podcast host, and founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance,  Andrea Nakayama as part of our Productive Living series. Who is Andrea? Andrea is an internationally known Functional Medicine Nutritionist, educator, speaker, and founder of Functional Nutrition Alliance, and host and producer of the award-winning 15-Minute Matrix podcast. Andrea is leading a movement to transform the health industry into a system that works, empowering patients and practitioners alike with the systems and tools of Functional Nutrition. How Andrea got started Over two decades ago, in April of 2000, Andrea’s husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given 6 months to live while she was pregnant with their first and only child. In response, she doubled down on an area she was passionate about – nutrition – in an attempt to extend his lifespan beyond his 30s. They made it over two years before he passed, and in the wake of his death, she discovered that she had developed Hashimoto’s. The transition from caregiver to patient allowed her to see how the healthcare industry lacked the resources and empathy to serve people who have unclear diagnoses or who are terminal.  Andrea realized this was her new calling. She put herself back through school, changed her career, and began to address the gaps she identified through her experience. She has since discovered even more gaps. Andrea is based in Oregon, where she trains other coaches, clinicians, and aspiring functional nutrition counselors in the science and art of functional nutrition practice. This is a training Andrea has designed over the past 12 years when she discovered she was having more success in practice with those with chronic illnesses than other providers. This 10-month in-depth, highly curated course is the primary function of her work. Andrea also does a lot of personal writing on her blog, evolving the work of functional nutrition. A typical day for Andrea Andrea's days evolve more around her purpose rather than a checklist of things to be completed each day. She feels that her purpose is what drives her and produces the most results. Her days always include making time for herself. She is an empty nester but does have a partner, but they live separately. She has her home to herself but still makes sure to make time for what's important to her, whether that's walking, hiking, or going to a dance class. These activities feed other parts of her so she can show up for her other to-do's. Andrea has learned that she has to stack things in little amounts. If she tries to do something too big, she will fail herself. She gives herself grace and stacks small activities each morning. She likes to stretch, meditate, and set her intentions for each day. These activities take 5-20 minutes max or an hour in total. Andrea has a gratitude practice which includes her body, mind, business, and creativity. She offers gratitude for her son, her late husband, her current partner, family, friends, and the other loves of her life. These morning moments of gratitude allow her to reset and surrender to her day. What is functional medicine nutrition? Functional medicine has three primary tenets: * the provider and patient work in a therapeutic partnership * looking for root causes; why is this happening rather than how can it be fixed?
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