Inside George Pell’s trial: ‘The room was deathly silent’ – The Reckoning podcast
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In 2018 George Pell found himself in a Melbourne courtroom facing five charges of child sexual abuse. The cardinal had hired one of the top defence barristers in the state, who argued that what Pell was accused of was completely impossible. But at the end of the trial Pell sat impassively as in a hushed courtroom he was found guilty of all charges. How did he lose this case? Melissa Davey sat in on the trial and tells David Marr the details only someone who was in the courtroom would know • David Marr: Brutal and dogmatic, George Pell waged war on sex – even as he abused children • Follow live updates on the reaction to Pell’s conviction
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Laura Murphy-Oates speaks to David Marr and Melissa Davey about the high court decision that quashed George Pell’s child sexual abuse convictions
Published 04/08/20
Published 04/08/20
The cardinal has failed in his attempt to overturn his conviction for child sexual abuse crimes. Why did two judges reject his appeal and why did the third judge disagree? David Marr and Melissa Davey discuss the case and consider what happens now for George Pell Victim advocates cheer as Pell...
Published 08/22/19