Laura Murphy-Oates speaks to David Marr and Melissa Davey about the high court decision that quashed George Pell’s child sexual abuse convictions
Published 04/08/20
Published 04/08/20
The cardinal has failed in his attempt to overturn his conviction for child sexual abuse crimes. Why did two judges reject his appeal and why did the third judge disagree? David Marr and Melissa Davey discuss the case and consider what happens now for George Pell Victim advocates cheer as Pell appeal rejected: ‘Hallelujah – proof there is a God’ David Marr: At the verdict George Pell didn’t flinch; he just pursed his lips a little. He was going back to jail How to listen to podcasts:...
Published 08/22/19
Over two days in Melbourne, lawyers put to the Victorian court of appeal arguments about whether George Pell’s convictions should be put aside. David Marr and Melissa Davey highlight the most interesting discussions from the court and ask some key questions: did Pell’s defence fail because his team argued it was impossible for the crimes to be committed? Did the prosecution fail to sing the praises of the role of the jury? What must the three judges be thinking? • David Marr: after a train...
Published 06/07/19
In an extraordinary sitting of the county court of Victoria, chief judge Peter Kidd sat and delivered a detailed sentence to George Pell for the five counts of child sexual abuse he had been found guilty of. Melissa Davey tells David Marr why this was a ‘masterclass’ verdict and brings us the personal accounts of those harmed by Pell’s crimes. Read the judge’s full sentencing remarks here David Marr: George Pell’s jailing defies the might of Rome but his fall is too appalling for celebration
Published 03/14/19
Now that George Pell has been found guilty of child sexual abuse, we can ask ourselves: what does his story tell us about the Catholic church? The rise of Pell, from a country diocese in Australia to the highest ranks of the Vatican, shows us what attitudes and actions find swift promotion in this ancient organisation• David Marr: Brutal and dogmatic, George Pell waged war on sex – even as he abused children• Timeline: the rise and fall of George Pell
Published 03/02/19
In 2018 George Pell found himself in a Melbourne courtroom facing five charges of child sexual abuse. The cardinal had hired one of the top defence barristers in the state, who argued that what Pell was accused of was completely impossible. But at the end of the trial Pell sat impassively as in a hushed courtroom he was found guilty of all charges. How did he lose this case? Melissa Davey sat in on the trial and tells David Marr the details only someone who was in the courtroom would know •...
Published 02/26/19
David Marr and Melissa Davey examine the response to the royal commission’s final report which was made public on 15 December, including the reaction from senior figures in the Catholic church. The story includes powerful testimony about the long-term impact of abuse from a man who suffered severe sexual and physical assault in a Christian Brothers school, John Hennessey. Warning: some of the material in this podcast is explicit and upsetting The Reckoning, part 1: the road to the commission...
Published 12/20/17
David Marr and Melissa Davey follow the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse – from the hearings in Ballarat in Victoria, ground zero of Australia’s abuse scandal, to a powerful final gathering in Sydney. The story includes evidence from Australia’s most notorious child abuser, Gerald Ridsdale, and his victims. Warning: some of the material in this podcast is explicit and upsetting The Reckoning, part 1: the road to the commission Royal commission delivers its...
Published 12/15/17
At the start of a new series by Guardian Australia, David Marr investigates the background to Australia’s unprecedented royal commission on institutional responses to child sexual abuse – investigating a centuries-long story of faith, money, power and abuse. Marr traces the story through the US, Ireland and, eventually, to Australia. He hears from victims, experts and participants in the commission as he investigates: why has the truth taken so long to emerge? Warning: some of the material in...
Published 12/11/17
David Marr explores the unravelling of the child abuse scandal in Australia and across the globe. In a story of ‘faith, power, money and abuse’ he investigates the work of the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse, the first inquiry of such a scale anywhere in the world. Warning: some of the material in this podcast is explicit and could be upsetting
Published 12/08/17