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We talk to two separate callers who were both given the same decision of whether to choose their girlfriend or video games. Then a final caller tells us how he regrets using his Make-A-Wish wish on colored pencils. It could all potentially be okay maybe. I am a gecko.
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A caller flies to Finland to meet the love of his life, she is nowhere to be found. Then a caller’s mom walks in on him flashing his a*****e to a webcam, we unpack it all. 
 Is this safe to eat? I am a gecko.
Published 07/14/24
Published 07/14/24
A caller talks about hooking up with his straight friend and the baggage that followed. Afterwards a touring Scottish tattoo artist walks across a bridge, a caller struggles with having too much sex, a caller debates his relationship, and a final caller wonders if his nose infection is from...
Published 07/10/24