When big data meets retail, the result is "no demand"? In a world of apps and bots powered by big data predictive selling means that you do have to ask, your need is met before you know it. Gwen looks at how big data and changing consumer behavior is changing the thinking about what retail marketing means.
Published 04/13/17
The story of how Lowe's, typically a big-box, big footprint store, packed a lot into a much smaller space by focusing on customer needs both in store and in Manhatten.
Published 04/10/17
A case study of a partnership between Brazilian ecommerce player NetShoes and Brazilian telecoms to provide free mobile data access to the NetShoes website.
Published 02/13/17
Bryan Gildenberg says focusing on audience rather than channel is how to win in the new technology landscape. There are no more channels only audience.
Published 08/17/16
Tim Greenhalgh discusses how IoT changes design thinking in the physical & virtual retail world
Published 02/04/16
Neil Bruce discuss mobility and retail powered by data.
Published 02/02/16
Jon Bird on what becomes of retail and retail marketing when the landscape shatters and reconfigures.
Published 01/30/16
David Roth looks at the speed of connection, when things communicate with each other and what that means to retailing and retailers.
Published 01/30/16
Gwen Morrison: A panel discussion on how content, commerce and technology have commingled in the retail environment that not just blurs but destroys traditional channels.
Published 12/01/15
A discussion of what and how premium brands create immersive, omnichannel signature experiences.
Published 09/26/15
Miguel Flores discusses why and how American Eagle entered the Mexican market. Topics include omni-channel marketing, consumer trends in Mexico and how American brands can be translated into other cultures.
Published 08/23/15
Michael Stich, Rockfish's head of innovation, speaks on digital, mobile commerce, shopper marketing, experiential retail, omnichannel, purchase path,
Published 03/14/15
Jorge Vargas, TNS, discusses what is a brand and its value
Published 02/10/15
Tim Greenhalgh, Fitch, discusses how branded experiences are crafted and why they are necessary for retail success.
Published 02/07/15
Bob Thacker and Eric Erickson discuss the reinvention of Target through, event, product and PR innovation: the road from discount to retail discovery.
Published 01/30/15
Anneliza Humlen talks about the role of retail in augmenting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs by empowering and engaging consumers through a business's retail experience.
Published 01/30/15
Bob Thacker explains how AdoptAClassroom.org gives teachers a hand by providing needed classroom materials so that students can succeed. It is estimated that more than 15 million children don’t have the resources they need to succeed in school.
Published 01/30/15
Bryan Gildenberg of Kantar Research shares view of current and future trends in global retail. This talk features some suprises around technology and where future growth markets will be and who is poised to take advantage.
Published 01/29/15