The central governor theory is based around the premise that the brain will override your physical ability to run and “shut the body down” before you're able to do serious or permanent damage to yourself. Dr. Joe Uhan, founder of Uhan Performance in Eugene (Physical Therapy, Coaching, Running Analysis) and is studying manual therapy fellow-in-training at Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy in Steamboat Springs, CO.
Published 10/24/21
Here are the items we talked about Running Shoes - HERE is the article Don referenced Ibuprofen - HERE is the story AJW referenced What are your Cues? Why are we offended by the term Jogging? Knowing the trail The Awe Run. HERE is the article from Psychology Today about Awe Walks. HERE is the podcast episode Scott mentioned where he learned about Awe Walks Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar
Published 10/15/21
Adam Kimble and Strava Co-Founder, Mark Gainey, were recently talking about Eliud Kipchoge's attempt at the sub 2-hour marathon.  They focused on every little detail that his team worked on improving. These small improvements can make a big difference.  How can we implement this strategy in our lives?  
Published 10/08/21
Trail Runner Nation friend and frequent guest, Dr. Phil Maffetone, helps us understand that health isn't a simple byproduct of fitness; that fitness can be improved with better health.  He explains how we can become healthier and more fit athletes.  We refer to an article, "Athletes: Fit but Unhealthy".
Published 10/01/21
Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and Dr. Ryan Green are runners, experts on running form AND owners of specialty shoe stores.  We enlist their help to teach us how to choose the right shoes: -Find a credible store and fitting expert -Step & Feel -What is the right size? -Use all your senses to feel the fit -Orthotics? -Color matters -Magic will happen when you take off your shoes
Published 09/24/21
One of the new devices for athletes that is getting some buzz are continuous glucose monitors (CGM), a small adhesive patch with a tiny filament embedded in the flesh.  This device is designed to track your blood sugar levels.  Could this be the next technology that helps runners avoid bonking?  Author, runner and regular TRN guest, Alex Hutchinson recently tried out one of these devices and shares his experience.  Read his recent article, "A Real-Time Fuel Gauge for Endurance Athletes" in...
Published 09/17/21
Kerry Gustafson is owner of Prime Sports Institute, an athletic training facility providing a team approach to health care in Bellingham, Washington.  Kerry explains that athletic trainers are the "point guard" for your care.  Traditionally these athletic trainers are found on the sidelines of collegiate or professional sports teams.  Now their services are available for the amateur runner!
Published 09/10/21
Andy Jones-Wilkins joins to talk about seven simple rules to consider for a successful long run.  This list is not comprehensive and we may have follow up episodes.
Published 09/03/21
Trail Runner Nation began in November of 2011 with a singular purpose or WHY: To share knowledge with our Nation of runners that will help them become better runners, run longer. In this candid conversation, Don and Scott talk about how this WHY was formed and how it has guided the podcast: from choosing guests and topics. We credit this clarity to a book by Simon Sinek, "Start with Why". We highly recommend it to everyone that might be looking at life or projects that are a little blurry.
Published 08/27/21
Kilian Jornet, 33, is one of our generation's greatest endurance athletes.  He is a six-time Skyrunner World Series champion, and has stood atop the podium at trail races around the wold, most notably the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, Western States Endurance Run, and Hardrock Hundred Mile Run.  Jornet has set fastest known times on mountain peaks from the Matterhorn to Mont Blanc and holds numerous ski mountaineering records.
Published 08/20/21
One thing most runners have in common is that we will inevitably puke: literally and figuratively.  How do you react to these situations?  Dr. Rob Bell is a certified Mental Performance Coach with years of academic research and real-life coaching experience.  He will help us to put these situations into perspective, frame them and then use them to propel us to improved performance and fulfillment. Dr. Rob Bell's seventh book, Puke & Rally: It's Not About the Setback, It's About the Comeback
Published 08/13/21
Badwater 135 mile race is dubbed the world's toughest footrace.  It begins at the lowest elevation in the USA (280 feet below sea level) and runs over three mountain ranges in the blistering heat of Death Valley, climbing 14,600' to end at the portal to Mt. Whitney.  Some of the greatest ultra runners have run this race.  This was Sally McRae's second attempt.  In 2018 she finished a personal-disappointing seventh place.  This year she won and won big.  
Published 08/06/21
Joe Grant has run and raced around the world and created some amazing adventures in his home state of Colorado.  Guest hosts Anna Frost and Stephanie Howe find out more about what makes Joe tick and why he feels running is an art.
Published 07/30/21
Our Coaches, Krissy Moehl , David Roche and Ian Sharman join us to talk about some of the lessons that were learned from the 2021 Western States 100 race that might help you improve your performance.
Published 07/23/21
Mimmi Kotka is a world class runner that lives part-time in the Chamonix Valley giving tours of the mountains at Run the Alps.  She and her husband Toni and dog Enzo. Mimmi has won or been on the podium at a number of major trail races around the world. Mimmi joins Anna and Stephanie to talk about her passions and her struggle and triumph over RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport)
Published 07/16/21
This week's podcast will be hosted by two of our favorite guests, Anna Frost and Stephanie Howe. Be sure to check out these links to their coaching and their events coming up: Stephanie's web site Stephanie's Threshold Expeditions Anna's web site Anna's Trail Run Adventures
Published 07/14/21
It is no surprise that world-class athletes couldn't get to their level without a strong mental game. It could be argued that you need a strong mental game to push beyond your personal limits to a new plateau.  Noel Brick, PhD, research phycologist of endurance athletics and Scott Douglas, contributing writer for Runner's World, co-authored the titled book and help us understand how we can learn from these athletes to improve our performance on and off the trail.
Published 07/09/21
We invited Ryan Montgomery on our podcast to do a "Golden Nuggets" episode. Like some trail runs take interesting twists and turns and you end up discovery new and exciting vistas, our conversation did too. We hope you enjoy and will share it with other. Ryan Montgomery started his running career in middle school and quickly became a top performer. He will be representing Team USA in the 24-hour World Championships in 2021. Ryan is also an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.
Published 07/02/21
After our Western States 100 Prognostication episode, we kept the recording button pushed and this is the discussion.  We get a short race report from AJW on his Bighorn 100 race last weekend.  Ambasedor Level Patreon members get all our bonus miles.
Published 06/26/21
We sit down with Andy Jones-Wilkins to get his take on this year's race.  There will be 320 amazing stories from each of the starters.  We highlight some of the ones that you might want to watch unfold. Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar Make sure to get your FREE sample pack of UCAN by clicking HERE Register to win a pair of La Sportiva Cyklon shoes powered by Boa Fit Systems Get 15% off your order at XO skin using the code TRN
Published 06/24/21
Our friend, Cory Reese, join us to talk about depression.  Cory is an ultra runner and author of three books: Nowhere Near First Into the Furnace  Stronger than the Dark Cory introduces us to his friend and physiology expert (and ultra runner), Catherine Van Tassell, social worker, PA with experience in psychology at the University of Utah.  She is also a master trainer for iFIT Mind. If you have thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255...
Published 06/18/21
The world did not come to an end at the 2021 World's End 100K last week. Andy Jones-Wilkins experienced his first DNF after successfully completing 184 ultras prior. Read more about AJW's race in the Tap Room at iRunFar Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar
Published 06/11/21
A new series of regular episodes we are going to play with is called NuggetCast. Andy Jones-Wilkins joins us to explain what is a NuggetCast and kick of this first episode. This episode's nuggets are: - Train the mind - Throw out the ego - Be Prepared Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar
Published 06/04/21
In running failure might manifest itself as a DNF at a race or a failed workout. Many of us are programmed to believe that failure is bad. In this episode, we will challenge that fallacy and talk about how failure is part of the design process of becoming a better runner and human. Returning guest, Adam Kimble joins us with a couple friends, Jim O'Brien and Connor Crouch to recount a discussion they recently had on a run about DNFs and failures.
Published 05/28/21
We all love a good story about trail running. In Dean Karnazes' latest book, "A Runners High - My Life in Motion", he tells stories that you will easily draw you in and might remind you of similar situations that you might have been in. The stories will make you laugh, questions our sanity as runner, and make you think about life and running.
Published 05/21/21