New Zealand's prime minister has vowed to tighten gun laws in response to the deadly attacks at two mosques last week. Will she face any opposition? Also, an investigation finds that the Federal Aviation Administration pushed Boeing to conduct some of its own safety assessments. What role could that have played in two recent plane crashes? Plus, epic floods across the Midwest have forced thousands to evacuate. Why are there floods when it's still winter?
Published 03/18/19
Mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand have left at least 49 people dead. Also, a judge has ruled that families of those killed in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary can sue a gun manufacturer. And, which Republican senators broke with the president to vote against his national emergency declaration?
Published 03/15/19
The FAA has grounded all Boeing 737 Max aircraft in the U.S. as investigators probe the cause of the crash in Ethiopia. Also, new information suggests the special counsel's investigation is done. And, what's it like for a religious minority returning home after ISIS tried to exterminate them.
Published 03/14/19
Dozens of parents have been charged in college admissions scandal. California Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to sign a moratorium on the death penalty. And, Australian Cardinal George Pell is sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing two boys.
Published 03/13/19
After the Ethiopian Airlines crash, the FAA says Boeing's 737 Max 8 is safe. Will former Vice President Joe Biden get into the Democratic race for president? And, why this is an important week for Britain and Brexit.
Published 03/12/19
An Ethiopian Airlines crash raises concerns about a Boeing airliner. The White House's proposed annual budget reflects the president's priorities. U.S. backed forces close in on the last Islamic State stronghold in Syria.
Published 03/11/19
Conspiracy theories in American politics go way back. How did they help create the United States, and how did they become the currency of political opportunists? We're sharing a bonus episode of NPR's history podcast, Throughline.
Published 03/09/19
Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman, sentenced to 47 months in prison. The house votes to condemn anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry. Funerals begin for victims of a tornado in Alabama.
Published 03/08/19
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort faces sentencing Thursday. Arizona Senator Martha McSally reveals she was raped while serving in the military. Minnesota's new congresswoman stirs controversy.
Published 03/07/19
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg won't run for president. California's attorney general declines to prosecute officers who killed an unarmed black man last year. And, the FDA approves a major new drug to treat depression.
Published 03/06/19
Rescue crews in Alabama search for survivors of the deadliest U.S. tornado since 2013. A new NPR investigation reveals inequities in the way federal disaster aid is disbursed. Canada's prime minister is embroiled in a scandal.
Published 03/05/19
Congressional probes into President Trump gather steam. In Sacramento, two officers who shot dead an unarmed black man won't face criminal charges. ISIS fighters attempt to defend their last pocket of territory.
Published 03/04/19
The testimony of Michael Cohen has prompted House Democrats to seek more interviews and hearings with associates of President Trump. What's next? And, we get the reaction overseas on the failed summit between the U.S. and North Korea. Also, what to expect in the Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland, premiering this weekend on HBO.
Published 03/01/19
President Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ended without a deal. Also, we have analysis of Michael Cohen's testimony before the House Oversight Committee.
Published 02/28/19
President Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, testifies in public before a congressional panel Wednesday. President Trump is in Vietnam for a second summit with North Korea's leader. Also, tensions escalate between India and Pakistan.
Published 02/27/19
The House is set to vote Tuesday to end President Trump's border wall emergency. It's Election Day in Chicago as voters there select a new mayor. Also, Walmart is changing the greeter position in a way some say will disproportionately affect workers with disabilities.
Published 02/26/19
We take a look at the latest on the situation in Venezuela as Vice President Pence is in Colombia to meet with Latin American leaders. Pope Francis calls for an "all-out battle" against clergy sex abuse. Also, Green Book wins the Oscar for best picture. What else happened at the host-less awards show?
Published 02/25/19
The North Carolina State Board of Elections has voted to hold a new election in the 9th Congressional District amid many signs that the outcome was tainted. And, Chicago police say actor Jussie Smollett staged an attack on himself. Also, a landmark summit in Rome aims to address sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.
Published 02/22/19
A 24-year-old woman who fled America to join ISIS now wants to return, but the Trump administration says she has no right to return. Also, a Coast Guard lieutenant is charged with planning a massive domestic terrorist attack against Democrats and media personalities. And the latest in the Jussie Smollett case, who has now gone from victim to suspect.
Published 02/21/19
The House Oversight Committee says the Trump administration sought to rush the transfer of American nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. Also, why were five armed Americans arrested in Haiti amid violent protests there? And we go to a lab in Italy where scientists are experimenting with genetically modified mosquitoes to combat malaria.
Published 02/20/19
President Trump continues his push for regime change in Venezuela. North Carolina election officials are looking into the outcome of the state's 9th Congressional District, which may involve fraud. Also, the latest from Syria.
Published 02/19/19
President Trump is likely facing several lawsuits against his national emergency declaration. What are they challenging? And former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe blasts the president in a new book and an interview with NPR. Also, the latest twist in the case of an alleged attack against actor Jussie Smollett.
Published 02/18/19
President Trump says he will sign a border funding compromise to avert a shutdown, but will also declare a national emergency in order to build a border wall. Also, Amazon cancels plans for a New York headquarters.
Published 02/15/19
One year after the shooting claimed 17 lives in Parkland, Fla., many are still angry with Broward County Schools superintendent. Marjory Stoneman Douglas senior Patrick Petty lost his sister in the attack, but he said his belief in the Second Amendment is stronger than ever.
Published 02/14/19
A judge rules ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort lied in the Russia probe. And it's been a year since the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. We check in on how the community has been healing. Also, a former Air Force counterintelligence officer is charged with giving secrets to Iran.
Published 02/14/19