The shutdown showdown between President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intensifies. Meanwhile, a report from BuzzFeed News says Trump instructed his onetime lawyer to lie to Congress. And North Korea's top negotiator is in Washington, DC. Could there be a second summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump?
Published 01/18/19
The latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll results show President Trump losing support from key parts of his base. And a Chicago judge rules on whether three police officers covered up for their colleague in the 2014 fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.
Published 01/17/19
British Prime Minister Theresa May faces a vote of no confidence in Parliament today, after lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected her Brexit plan. Meanwhile, federal employees in the U.S. search for temporary work to make ends meet as the partial government shutdown drags on.
Published 01/16/19
Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King is stripped of his House committee assignments for his comments on white nationalism and supremacy. And Attorney General nominee William Barr faces the Senate Judiciary Committee in his first day of confirmation hearings.
Published 01/15/19
New reporting suggests the FBI was concerned about Trump's behavior as early as 2016. British Prime Minister Theresa May makes one last push to sell her Brexit plan — or, she warns, there will be no Brexit at all. And public school teachers in L.A. go on strike.
Published 01/14/19
The partial government shutdown is now tied for the longest in U.S. history, and President Trump appears closer to declaring a national emergency to fund a border wall. Also, the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is likely to be on the Secretary of State's agenda as a Middle East trip takes him to Saudi Arabia.
Published 01/11/19
President Trump is taking his argument for a border wall to the border, while talks over funding the wall are stalled in D.C. What is his visit expected to accomplish? And Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to give a speech in Egypt today against a backdrop of mixed messages on U.S. policy in the region.
Published 01/10/19
In his prime-time appeal to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, the President said the new trade deal with Mexico would indirectly pay for it. Is that true? And there is fresh outcry over allegations of sexual assault against singer and producer R. Kelly following a new docuseries, "Surviving R. Kelly."
Published 01/09/19
President Trump delivers his first televised Oval Office address tonight to talk about his border wall agenda, as the partial government shutdown hits day 18. And as National Security Adviser John Bolton arrives in Turkey, how do shifting messages on troops in Syria look to U.S. allies in the region?
Published 01/08/19
President Trump's acting chief of staff called weekend meetings aimed at ending the partial government shutdown "disappointing." So what now, as the shutdown enters its 17th day? The White House is also sending mixed signals about when U.S. troops will leave Syria.
Published 01/07/19
The House passed a plan last night to re-open the government without funding the border wall. Meanwhile, more U.S. troops are expected at the border soon to build and upgrade border fencing. In the middle of this partial government shutdown, how is the Pentagon paying for this mission? Plus, why Israeli settlements in the West Bank have surged in recent years.
Published 01/04/19
Democrats take control of the House today. Is President Trump's demand for border wall funding doomed? Also, how effective would a wall really be at keeping migrants out of the U.S.? Plus, new details about the American citizen detained in Russia. Are Russians setting the stage for a possible prisoner swap?
Published 01/03/19
Top congressional leaders gather at the White House today for a briefing on the border. Are they ready to start negotiating? Also, family members of an American citizen detained in Russia are speaking out. Is there any reason to believe the accusations of espionage? Plus, NASA completed a mission more than 4 billion miles away from Earth. Will their findings explain the origins of our solar system?
Published 01/02/19
President Trump says he will not back down on his demand for border wall funding. What kind of leverage do Democrats have in this standoff? Also, Russia has arrested an American citizen accusing him of espionage. Is this payback for a Russian operative recently convicted in the U.S.? Plus, will the U.S. and North Korea be able to keep the peace in 2019?
Published 01/01/19
The partial government shutdown enters its second week. How do President Trump and Congress get out of this? Also, hundreds of migrants have been released from overcrowded detention centers. Who is taking them in? Plus, opposition candidates in the Democratic Republic of Congo are calling presidential election results into question.
Published 12/31/18
Is there any sign the partial government shutdown will end soon? Also, are migrant detention centers struggling to keep up with President Trump's border crackdown? Plus, stock market swings have thrown investors into a tizzy. Can this market volatility hurt more than just investors?
Published 12/28/18
President Trump visited American troops in Iraq yesterday. He has decided to pull troops out of Syria and Afghanistan. Is Iraq next? Also, what are U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents doing to keep child migrants in detention centers safe? Plus, several dozen people have reportedly been killed in anti-government protests in Sudan. Is this the end for a strongman who has ruled Sudan for nearly three decades?
Published 12/27/18
An 8-year-old migrant from Guatemala died in the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Christmas Day. What happened? Also, are Democrats and President Trump any closer to striking a deal on border wall funding? Plus, Turkey's president has invited Trump to visit Turkey in 2019. What's really behind the invitation?
Published 12/26/18
The stock market is facing its worst December since the Great Depression. What triggered the plunge? And is the head of the Federal Reserve really to blame as President Trump claims? Also, why Israel wants to move up its elections.
Published 12/25/18
Hundreds of thousands of federal employees are now working without pay. How long will this partial government shutdown last? And what caused a deadly tsunami in Indonesia, where hundreds are still missing? Also, how President Trump's decision to pull out of Syria is viewed inside Syria.
Published 12/24/18
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will leave the Trump administration in February. Congress still has time to avert a government shutdown. And, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is asked: Is ISIS defeated?
Published 12/21/18
President Trump says it's time for U.S. forces to leave Syria. Around 2,200 US troops have been fighting ISIS in Syria. And, another federal court decision blocks Trump's immigration crackdown.
Published 12/20/18
The Senate approves a bipartisan criminal justice bill. Hundreds of detained migrant children could be released before Christmas. And, open scientific collaboration may be helping North Korea evade nuclear sanctions.
Published 12/19/18
Former national security adviser Michael Flynn is sentenced Tuesday. CBS denies ex-CEO Les Moonves $120 million in severance. And, regulators failed to stop an epidemic killing thousands of coal miners.
Published 12/18/18
More personnel moves at the White House, as a partial government shutdown looms. A federal judge's ruling threatens Obamacare. And, the latest in the sexual assault case against Harvey Weinstein.
Published 12/17/18