In the last episode, the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team touched upon 'range' as a concept on the tabletop. The guys thought they would revisit the topic and consider how range effects the games we play, from how far we can shoot to fudging the scale of the table.
Published 07/05/21
Is there a game mechanic that you really like? The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team discuss what bits of games they look for, and enjoy in a set of wargames rules. Plus from the nerve centre of Bowers Towers, Guy brings us all the latest news.
Published 06/07/21
In the 50th episode of the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy podcast the boys chat terrain, answering questions sent in from some of Guy's stooges. They also cover the latest news from Osprey, Great Escape Games and take a look at A Taste of Victory.
Published 04/28/21
In this episode of the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy podcast, we explore if things were better for wargamers in the 'olden days'. Guy has a list of thoughts supplied by a 'friend' which he believes proves things were better in the past. Guy also brings us news of O Group and War on the Ground.
Published 03/23/21
Published 02/23/21
In this episode of the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazine podcast, Guy and Angus talk to Karl Perrotton from cooked dice, Dr Peter Wright and Eddy Price about the development process of Crooked Dice's 7TV fantasy rules, a collaboration with Edge Hill University. Guy also brings us what is new in wargameing.
Published 01/28/21
In the last episode of 2020 Guy, Jasper, Mark and Angus discuss their wargaming highlights of 2020. Plus, this year they are all talking part in the analogue painting challenge, they lay out plans for the winter painting season.
Published 12/29/20
From the newsroom in Bowers Towers, Guy updates us on what is new and shiny in the world of wargaming. The chaps are joined by Chris King to discuss their successes and failures when playing wargames online.
Published 11/25/20
The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team are back to discuss the surprise from the results of the Great War Games Survey, that gamers preferred last over metal miniatures. Links: Saga Age of Hannibal 1/48 Fantasy the Rift Wars 1/48 Combat Canvas Eagles
Published 10/27/20
With the Great War Games surgery 2020 finishing at the end of August the WSS boys are back to discuss the preliminary results, with a surprising change in the top five of favoured wargame genres.
Published 09/22/20
As the WSS team had the virtual pub quiz earlier in the month they never caught up on the news. In this episode Guy fills us in on what is new in the wargaming world.
Published 08/17/20
The team are back and finally have got round to organising the pub quiz! Joined by quizmaster Chris King, with some questions supplied by Sydney Roundwood, the boys divide into two teams...
Published 08/04/20
Guy, Jasper and Angus return for a new episode of the wargames, soldiers and strategy podcast. They discuss their recent Kriegsspiel with the Too Fat Lardies (they lost) and we have an interview with sculpting genius Paul Hicks.
Published 06/09/20
In the latest Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Magazine Podcast the team discuss how they've managed to how to keep gaming in 'lockdown'. Guy and Mark have been playing a Kriegspiel with 'Lardy' Nick using Discord, Angus and Jasper have tried the Table Top Simulator on Steam to play Chain of Command.
Published 04/30/20
Published 04/30/20
In this episode of the podcast the boys are joined by Nick Skinner of Too Fat Lardies renown. The topic under discussion is old rule sets, are there any old games that need revisiting? *** Special Offer *** Until the 15 April 2020, if you use the promo code lockdown on the karwansaray or WSS websites you will get €4 Euros of any one purchase, which means essential you can get a magazine for free!
Published 03/27/20
The guys are back with what is new in wargaming, plus what they've been up to. Guy visited Crusade in January and recorded a lecture from Gareth Glover covering the 52nd Foot at Waterloo.
Published 02/21/20
The band get back together to discuss the latest news and what Santa might have brought us for Christmas. Parting shots, in WSS106 discusses new years revolutions, Guy and Mark tell us about that and Jasper brings us upto date with the latest data pulled from the Great Wargames Survey.
Published 01/21/20
In this Christmas episode of the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy podcast Guy brings us all the latest news from the WSS newswire and the boys discuss what they hope is in their sacks on Christmas day. Also, the Analogue Paining Challenge is almost upon us. Last year Mark was triumphant, who is planning what to bet him this year.
Published 12/19/19
Guy brings us the latest news from WSS HQ plus with Jasper gives us an update on their trip to Crisis at Antwerp. Some of the worlds best statisticians have been studying Great War-games Survey, 2019, we bring you up-to-date with their findings
Published 11/19/19
Perhaps foolishly, we broadcast live to record the latest Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy podcast, we gave you the listener the chance to ask Guy (the editor) questions - seemingly on any topic!
Published 10/22/19
The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team are back with a discussion on bridges in your games; how they might be problematic and some ideas for scenarios. Guy also brings us all the wargaming news.
Published 09/19/19
In the latest episode Guy updates us with news of Warlord Games new Black Seas and Battlegroup's NORTHAG. With the Great Wargames Survey coming to a close, Jasper updates us on some early thoughts about it.
Published 08/25/19
Guy has been to the Warlord Games day and grabs an interview with the author of their new game Black Seas and he gives us his opinion on Warlord's new release SPRQ. With the Great Wargames Survey almost upon us Jasper discusses the previous results with Miles from little wars TV.
Published 07/23/19
The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategyteam are back with news, reviews and what they've been up to in the hobby.Guy brings us a report from Waterloo Replayed, the giant re-enactment of the great battle in 28mm and he also give us his initial thoughts on Games Workshops new contrast paints.
Published 06/25/19