Guy has been to the Warlord Games day and grabs an interview with the author of their new game Black Seas and he gives us his opinion on Warlord's new release SPRQ. With the Great Wargames Survey almost upon us Jasper discusses the previous results with Miles from little wars TV.
Published 07/23/19
The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategyteam are back with news, reviews and what they've been up to in the hobby.Guy brings us a report from Waterloo Replayed, the giant re-enactment of the great battle in 28mm and he also give us his initial thoughts on Games Workshops new contrast paints.
Published 06/25/19
With Jasper away in the USA, touring American battlefields we thought we'd reflect on our experiences of visiting sites and how we might transpose this to the table top.
Published 05/15/19
In this episode the chaps review their time at Salute. Earlier in the year Guy attended the Crusade Wargames show, at Penarth. Like last time he was there, he recorded Rob Jones talk on Medieval infantry tactics, it may have you rebasing your medieval army!
Published 04/24/19
The boys have been busy, Guy fills us in on the latest news from Osprey, Cavalier books and we discuss Warlord Games new membership card scheme. 'Come and have a go if you think you're lard enough' in Southampton was a great success and Mark tells us all about hosting it and what he has learned. Finally the analogue hobbies painting challenge, we reveal who of the four of us won with the most points.
Published 03/28/19
With Poldercon, which Jasper organises, over for another year we thought we'd discuss participations games, why put them on, what makes a good one and how run one.
Published 02/24/19
In this episode of the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Podcast we discuss the magazine publishing issue 100! Guy heads off to Meeples and Miniatures HQ for a question and answer session with Neil and Mike about producing the magazine. The boys also catch up on the analogue painting challenge, of which Mark is well and truly in the lead.
Published 01/29/19
Guy and Jasper are both taking part in the analogue painting challenge, while Angus and Mark aren't they are competing against them in their own WSS side challenge. One week in they boys catchup on how they are doing.
Published 12/28/18
A few months ago the boys discussed what was the undercoat colour of choice, it turns out there was no consensus, so we sent Guy out with hit microphone to gather opinion.
Published 12/12/18
We're in Antwerp, at Crisis for the latest Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Podcast. Guy chats to Johan Van Acker one of the organisers and catch up with Alex Buchel, from Studio Tomahawk about 'Age of Magic.
Published 11/14/18
In this episode Mark and Guy go head to head with he new early war supplements for Bolt Actionand Chain of Command, and Jasper gives us his considered thoughts on Black Power II. The guys are also joined by Andy Hobday to tell us about War Banner Games / Footsore Miniaturesnew releases for Gangs of Romeand their new game Mortal Gods.
Published 10/10/18
After a unintentional hiatus over the summer the WSS gang get the band back together and compare notes on what's new. Guy also has a chat with Craig Cartmell, from the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare about their new game Thud and Blunder.
Published 09/18/18
In this episode of the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy podcast we look at Participation games, their problems and how to run on. Guy also brings us up-to-date on the latest wargaming news form Warlord Games, Peter Pig, North Starand Lucid Eye.
Published 07/31/18
We're looking at Matrix Gaming in the latest issue of the podcast, a form of collaborative wargaming where the participants narrate the action though discussion and arguments. Developed by Chris Engle you can find rules and more stuff for free here. Not only do we talk to Chris, you can hear some actual game play from the Lardiesand To the Strongest'sSimon Miller.
Published 06/08/18
In this episode of the podcast we discuss Salute 2018, and Guys has a cigar and brandy with Rick Priestley in a fireside chat.
Published 05/03/18
In this episode we discuss fantasy wargaming on the back of chatting to Joe Saleh from Lucid Eye Publications, about their new rules 'The Red Book Of The Elf King', and miniatures range to go with it.
Published 04/01/18
Guy has been on his travels and at Crusade this year sat in the back row looking furtive with his tape recorded clenched in his sweaty hand! He recorded the great talk from Rob Jones titled ‘Putting the Chivalry Back into Wargaming: making medieval wargames more medieval.’ We also discuss new releases Blood Red Skies from Warlord Games and Outremer: Faith and Blood from Osprey.
Published 02/27/18
We talk to Professor Tony Polland about attempting the biggest wargame ever, replaying the Battle of Waterloo, in 28mm.
Published 02/02/18
We look at what is new for Christmas in the the latest episode of the podcast, it turns out there isn't much new to spend your hard earned cash on (though for some reason we missed Gangs of Rome). The boys explain the analogue painting challenge, which both Jasper and Guy are taking part in this year. For the main feature we talk to Ancient Warfare Podcast regular, Marc De Santis. Marc has been dabbling in writing fiction for Gates of Antares.
Published 12/23/17
It's that time of the year again where we review the results of the WSS Great Wargames Survey! Have you ever wondered what is the favourite wargames genre? Have a listen and find out...
Published 11/04/17
In this episode Angus, Guy and Jasper are joined by Criag Cartmell from the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare, Fat Lardies Rich Clarke and some chap called Rick Priestly to discuss how they approach writing rules.
Published 08/17/17
We've all had the problem of not being able to find someone to play with? In this episode Angus discusses ways to solve this problem and is joined by Neil Shuck (Meeples and Miniatures) to try a game of Command and Colours using the online gaming engine Vassal. And Murray Dahm (Ancient Warfare Podcast) they attempt to play a game of Frostgrave via a Google Hangout! Plus we have a quick news round up and chat about what we've been up to.
Published 07/04/17
The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team, with the Karwansaray the publisher, were present at Salute in London. Between manning the stand and running round meeting people they didn't have much time but Guy and Jasper try to convey their impressions of Salute 2017.
Published 04/26/17
Whilst attending Crusade Guy slunk into the back of a talk from well known historian Adrian Goldsworthy, sneakily he recorded it on his phone. Audio quality aside its a very interesting look at what from history wargames arm missing.
Published 04/03/17
In this episode Guy, Jasper and Angus investigate the idea of Friction in wargames rules. We're joined by games designer Rich Clarke (Two Fat Lardies) and historian Murray Dahm.
Published 02/21/17