Why does Tesla joining the S&P 500 remind Wells Fargo Securities’ head of equity strategy of AOL and the dot-com boom and bust era? He also explains why he’s sticking with his year-end estimate of 3,850 for the S&P 500 even after the benchmark index reached that level in the first month of the year. Mentioned in this podcast: GameStop Record Surge Gives Win to Reddit Army in Citron Clash Riskier the Better Is Rallying Cry of Day Traders Going Small
Published 01/22/21
The upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden as president offers the U.S. a chance to reboot its relationship with China after a tumultuous four years under Donald Trump. Bob Hormats of investment firm Tiedemann Advisors, who has served in senior economic and trade policy roles under five different U.S. presidents, discusses what’s at stake.  Mentioned in this podcast: A Handful of Penny Stocks Just Made Up a Fifth of U.S. Volume
Published 01/15/21
Another week, another record high for stocks – even in the midst of political unrest. Vincent Deluard, director of global macro strategy at StoneX Group Inc., discusses the disconnect between stocks and reality, a so-called “bear market for humans,” his outlook for 2021, and the risk of inflation. Mentioned in this podcast: Stock Market Warns Workers That They’re the Problem for Business Day-Trader Heaven Arrives as Tesla, Bitcoin and Stock Options Surge
Published 01/08/21
Peter Cecchini, founder and CEO of AlphaOmega Advisors, discusses the crazy year that was 2020 in markets, and gives his outlook for what’s to come. Topics include efficacy of the Federal Reserve, a boom in retail investor trading and zombie companies. Mentioned in this podcast: Day Traders Put Stamp on Market With Unprecedented Stock Frenzy Sustainability SPAC Queen's Gambit Growth Capital files for a $225 million IPO
Published 01/01/21
Anastasia Amoroso, head of thematic strategy at J.P. Morgan Private Bank, discuss emerging investing themes, including deploying leverage in credit-market investments. She also discusses the outlook for green energy, and other top themes her team is advising. Mentioned in this podcast: 2020 Has Been a Great Year for Stocks and a Bear Market for Humans
Published 12/25/20
Danton Goei, who runs global investment strategies at Davis Funds, discusses what opportunities he's seeing around the world as the end of the coronavirus pandemic comes into sight. Yes, it’s a frothy market in the U.S., he says, but there are still opportunities in America and abroad. Mentioned in this podcast: Trading at 369% Premium, New Crypto Fund Astounds Even Bulls Soaring Stock Valuations No Big Deal to Powell Next to Bonds
Published 12/18/20
In the wake of Covid-19, corporations this year issued trillions of dollars of debt to make it through. Now, according to Josh Lohmeier, head of North American investment-grade credit at Aviva Investors, the big question for next year is: What should and will they do with all that cash?
Published 12/11/20
The recent rotation in the equity market has made the once no-brainer decision to bet big on big tech a little more complicated. Jacqueline Remmen, senior wealth strategy associate at UBS Private Wealth Management, discusses how she’s advising clients what to expect in the next phase of the market. Mentioned in this podcast: Tesla’s S&P 500 Entry Takes Away Secret Weapon for Stock Pickers The Bull Market Rotates Away From Tech-Driven Mega-Companies
Published 12/04/20
Randy Dishmon doesn't care much for investment strategies based on lumping stocks into boxes with labels like growth and value. The manager of the Invesco Global Focus Fund, which has returned 46% this year and consistently ranks in the top 1% of similar funds, joins the latest “What Goes Up” podcast to discuss how he approaches investing and the recent rotation in equities.   Mentioned in this podcast: ‘Very, Very Busy Week’ Wipes Out Traders’ Usual Holiday Doldrums Chaos in Factor Land Puts...
Published 11/27/20
Barely-there yields in the bond market have led to a search for other strategies to diversify portfolios with assets that will cushion the blow from any future drop in stocks. Peter van Dooijeweert, managing director of multi-asset solutions at Man Solutions, a division of hedge-fund firm Man Group, joined the latest episode of the “What Goes Up” podcast and talked about some possible alternatives. Mentioned in this podcast: In New 60/40 Portfolio, Riskier Hedges Are Displacing U.S. Debt| Got...
Published 11/20/20
Promising results in a coronavirus vaccine test triggered a wild rotation in the stock market this week. Lauren Goodwin, economist and strategist at New York Life Investments, joins the latest episode of the “What Goes Up” podcast to discuss the opportunities and pitfalls for investors looking to position for a post-Covid world. Mentioned in this podcast: These Charts Show the Euphoria the Pfizer Vaccine News Created Rotation Trade Turns to Duck-and-Cover as Coronavirus Runs Amok
Published 11/13/20
Many investors, like most Americans, have been fixated on the political drama of this year’s presidential election. But when it comes to picking stocks, Jamie Cuellar has kept his eye on the longer term. He’s the manager of the Buffalo Small Cap Fund, which has outperformed 99% of peers in 2020 as well as over the past one, three and five years, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.  Cuellar joins the latest episode of the “What Goes Up” podcast to discuss the election, his fund’s...
Published 11/06/20
The velocity of money is an attempt to estimate the average number of times a dollar changes hands. It crashed to record lows during the pandemic as the savings rate surged. But it had been trending downward for more than two decades prior to that. Adrian Helfert, a fund manager at Westwood Holdings, discusses what it means for markets. He also talks about how he and investors are positioned for the upcoming election and other hot financial topics.  Mentioned in this podcast: Investor Bill...
Published 10/30/20
The dollar has been in a slump against major currencies in the last few months, and betting on more declines has become a popular trade. Wells Fargo macro strategist Zachary Griffiths discusses how the election results could interrupt or continue the trend. Mentioned in this podcast: Robinhood’s Addictive App Made Trading a Pandemic Pastime  Banks Brace for ‘Big Bang’ Switch on $80 Trillion Worth of Swaps
Published 10/23/20
The shift to commission-free trading and the stay-at-home environment of 2020 helped usher a new army of day traders into the stock and equity-options markets. How will this influential cohort affect markets now that they account for a share of volume that rivals hedge funds? Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab, discusses this, the upcoming elections, and other market topics. Mentioned in this podcast: Mysterious Mega-Flows Rotate Through World’s Biggest Tech...
Published 10/16/20
An antitrust report by Democratic staffers for the House of Representatives this week sent chills down the spine of investors holding shares of the major U.S. technology and internet companies that have driven the bull market. The report signals the likelihood of heightened regulatory scrutiny over these companies, especially if Democrats win the White House and both chambers of Congress in the November elections in a so-called “blue wave.” Max Gokhman, head of asset allocation at Pacific...
Published 10/09/20
A stock market that sometimes seems bulletproof in the face of adversity can make it challenging for hedge funds looking for companies to sell short in anticipation of share-price declines. Ben Axler of the activist fund Spruce Point Capital Management discusses where he’s looking for opportunities, including in special-purpose acquisition companies. Mentioned in this podcast: Blistering IPO Market Is Rekindling Dot-Com Era Froth Fears The Tiny Activist Fund That Reaped 24% Return by...
Published 10/02/20
Warren Buffett has referred to the massive cash pile at his company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. as his “elephant gun,” meaning he’s always on the prowl for an opportunity to shoot large sums of money at a big acquisition or investment. While he made a few deals this year as the Covid-19 pandemic roiled markets, he hasn’t been quite as active as he was during the global financial crisis more than a decade ago. Why is that? Joining this week to discuss why is Larry Pitkowsky, co-managing partner at...
Published 09/25/20
An explosion of trading in equity options among day-traders is suspected of helping to fuel the rally in U.S. stocks this summer. Chris Murphy, co-head of derivatives strategy at Susquehanna International Group, joins this week’s episode of the “What Goes Up” podcast to explain what happened. Mentioned in this podcast: The Wild Summer of 2020 Turned Small Investors Into Whales Reddit's Stock Threads Become a Must-Read on Wall Street
Published 09/18/20
The selloff in high-flying technology stocks continued this week after a breathtaking rally over the previous five months. Is the bubbling bursting, or is this just a minor setback for the perennial darlings of the market? Seema Shah, chief strategist at Principal Global Investors in London, discusses this and other important issues for the stock market. Mentioned in this podcast: A Week Like This Was a Long Time Coming for Day-Trader Faithful Options Traders Whipped Up Stock Boom With...
Published 09/11/20
The U.S. stock market’s melt-up seems to have ended in spectacular fashion this week, and now many on Wall Street are turning their attention to the election in November as a potential source of risk. Nela Richardson, senior investment strategist at Edward Jones, shares her take on this week’s market action and what to expect in November. Mentioned in this podcast: Low Rates Lead Investors to Look Beyond the Classic 60/40 Mix Volatility Markets Brace for Election Drama Like Never Before ...
Published 09/04/20
Politics has become one of the most-important drivers in markets and this year’s U.S. presidential election is shaping up to be the main focus of traders and investors in all asset classes. Naufal Sanaullah, chief macro strategist at hedge fund EIA All Weather Alpha Partners, discusses how he’s thinking about the market implications of the race. Mentioned in this podcast: Volatility Markets Brace for Election Drama Like Never Before Notorious B.I.G.’s Plastic Crown May Fetch $300,000 at...
Published 08/28/20
Campbell Harvey, finance professor at Duke University and a senior adviser at Research Affiliates, is well known for his research on the yield curve as a recession indicator. While no one could have possibly predicted the cause of this recession – a global pandemic – it’s still true that an inverted yield curve once again predicted an economic downturn. Harvey joins the latest episode of “What Goes Up” to discuss what the bond market is signaling now, along with his new paper on...
Published 08/21/20
Robert Hormats, who has worked in senior economic and trade policy roles under five different U.S. presidents and spent 25 years at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., believes the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the government to embark on what could be considered an involuntary experiment with Modern Monetary Theory. Now a managing director at wealth-advisor Tiedemann Advisors, Hormats discusses MMT, the U.S.-China relationship, prospects for a coronavirus vaccine – and how investors should think about...
Published 08/14/20
At the benchmark level, equity levels by many measures look stretched. But Katie Koch, co-head of fundamental equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, says there’s plenty of areas within the stock market that offer good value for investors right now. She discusses which industries and companies she likes, including a couple that have been ravaged by the coronavirus like restaurants and retail. Mentioned in this podcast: How a Goldman Sachs Manager Is Preparing For a Post-Covid World
Published 08/07/20