Unfinished Business: Updates to S1-5
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Island Crime is committed to keeping 'cold cases' in the public eye and leaving no stone unturned. In this episode, you'll hear an update to Island Crime Seasons 1-5.
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Published 05/01/24
Melissa Nicholson’s badly beaten body is found on the side of the road.  Newspapers at the time describe her as "teen hooker #3", but her family only remembers her big smile, sparkly personality, and honey-coloured hair. The 17-year-old is last seen on the Victoria stroll.
Published 04/16/24
Cheri Lynn Smith spends her days reading the bible and writing to her parents. Before she's killed, Cheri is lured away from her Regina home by a sex trafficker posing as her boyfriend. Not long after, a horseback rider finds her body in the underbrush outside of Victoria, B.C., Canada.
Published 04/09/24