Brandon Cairney has been missing from Port Alberni since October 2017. On September 22nd 2022, Brandon surfaced alive.
Published 09/24/22
Published 09/01/22
Amber's disappearance devastates those who love her. In this episode, close friends wrestle with the thought of life without Amber and look to the past to find clues about what was really going on in Amber's world.
Published 09/01/22
Amber lives for summer. She works at a boat shop, her home is out at the lake and she makes the most out of the sunny season. A colleague, a friend and a woman Amber never met, shine a light on how Amber's bright spark may have been darkened forever.
Published 09/01/22
Tensions are high in Amber's hometown of Port Alberni, while Amber remains missing. What can be learned of Amber's boyfriend, allegedly the last person known to be with her before she vanishes?
Published 08/16/22
As time passes with no sign of Amber, friends fear the worst. The town is on edge and the behaviour of Amber's boyfriend adds to the tension.
Published 08/08/22
When 40-year-old Amber Manthorne fails to show up to work on Friday, July 8th, 2022, her friends immediately believe something is wrong. At first, it is thought that Amber is with her boyfriend, Justin Hall, but then Justin surfaces days later, without Amber, leaving more questions than answers.
Published 08/08/22
Amber is a cherished member of her Port Alberni community; a loyal friend, devoted daughter, a really ‘cool chick’, bubbly and always cheerful. So it's no surprise that a community of people dubbed 'Amber's Army' have come together to help find her. Amidst the desperate search for Amber, friends take time to talk about her and answer questions about the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.
Published 08/08/22
Christopher William Adair is the last person known to be seen with Lisa Marie Young before she vanished in 2002. He has never been charged in connection with her disappearance and detectives currently investigating Lisa's case can't say much about him. But now there is a $50,000 reward for information leading to finding Lisa's remains.
Published 06/28/22
“Don't get into a vehicle with a driver you don't know.” This was the golden rule Don Young taught his daughter, Lisa Marie Young. But twenty years ago, on June 29th 2002, Lisa broke her father's rule. She got into a red Jaguar driven by a charming young man and was never seen alive again.
Published 06/21/22
Keinan Hebert is just three when he is abducted from his bed in a small B.C. community in 2011. The Hebert’s credit the Amber alert with helping to keep their son alive. Crystal Dunahee played a role in establishing the system. She has devoted her life to missing children through her work in Child Find B.C.
Published 03/22/22
Michael’s sister Caitlin hopes her brother is still alive. If so, genetic detective Cece Moore believes private DNA banks provide the best shot of finding him. RCMP Forensic artist Cpl Virginia Bernier joins forces with the Victoria police to put a face to the grown man-who would be Michael Dunahee today.
Published 03/15/22
Stranger abductions are rare and getting rarer. In this episode, you'll hear a woman who believes she witnessed Michael’s abduction. American expert on child abductions David Finklehor puts Michael’s case into context.
Published 03/08/22
There are more than 30 child sex offenders living in the community at the time Michael vanishes. Current case lead Victoria Detective Sergeant Michelle Robertson discusses how she includes or excludes suspects as she updates the investigation.
Published 03/01/22
In 2005, the name of a designated dangerous offender first surfaces, as someone with information about Michael Dunahee's disappearance. Mr. X claims to know what happened, but his story keeps changing. Note: Mr X's voice has been altered out of respect for his victims and his own protection.
Published 02/22/22
There are few names publicly associated as possible suspects in Michael’s case. One of them is Vernon Seitz. The deceased Milwaukee barber makes disturbing confessions to his psychiatrist Dr. Victoria Fetter. One of Michael’s missing posters is found in Seitz’s home after he dies. Did he have anything to do with Michael’s abduction?
Published 02/15/22
Victoria Detective Sergeant Al Cochrane takes on a new cold case position. He reviews every single Michael Dunahee tip that has come in. The problem becomes too many viable leads.
Published 02/08/22
The Investigation Begins: Michael’s case quickly balloons, involving multiple local police forces, the RCMP and the FBI. Tips flood in from around the globe. Managing the size of the file becomes a challenge.
Published 02/01/22
The search for Michael Dunahee spans 30 years, and begins just minutes after he vanishes. Crystal Dunahee's football team & lifelong friends ‘The Hellcats’ play a huge role in those early hours. Retired Victoria police detective John Ducker is called in on a day off to help. Perspectives from those involved in the immediate aftermath of Michael's disappearance.
Published 01/25/22
On Sunday March 24th 1991, 4 year old Michael Dunahee disappears near a Victoria playground while his parents are close by.
Published 01/18/22
In 1991, 4-year-old Michael Dunahee vanished from a playground in Victoria, BC. His case remains one of the largest unsolved mysteries in Canada. Listen to Missing Michael on January 18th.
Published 01/04/22
Season 3: Missing Michael. Available January 2022.
Published 11/26/21
Questions answered, exclusive new information on the missing men and the latest reaction to the ‘Gone Boys’ investigation.
Published 03/29/21
Daniel MacDonnell’s dad wishes his son had sought help for his mental health. But like many men, Daniel struggled along on his own. Now Daniel is gone. Why self-reliance could be a death sentence for men like Daniel. *UPDATE* Previous RSS feed issue updated.
Published 03/22/21
Daniel MacDonnell’s dad wishes his son had sought help for his mental health. But like many men, Daniel struggled along on his own. Now Daniel is gone. Why self-reliance could be a death sentence for men like Daniel.
Published 03/22/21