S6 E8 Hope
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Experts say Investigative Genetic Genealogy, also known as IGG, is showing incredible promise in solving cold cases abroad. But the technology is not yet commonly used in Canada. Could Cheri, Melissa and Kimberly’s cases one day be solved through IGG? And what’s preventing law enforcement from using it more frequently in Canada?
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In the immediate aftermath of the original Sweetheart series, the Island Crime inbox is flooded with new leads, fresh tips and reactions from those who knew and loved Kimberly Gallup, Melissa Nicholson and Cheri Lynn Smith.
Published 05/28/24
Published 05/28/24
The 'teen hooker’ headlines are symbolic of the very real stigma and victim blaming involved in the cases of Cheri, Melissa and Kimberly. What role did the shaming of sexually exploited youth play in the murders, the investigations and how the media told their stories?
Published 05/14/24