S1 E14 Speak Up or Shut Up
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If you were accused of being involved in a terrible crime what would you do? William Curry is anxious to clear his name once and for all. He's tired of rumours suggesting he was involved in Lisa Marie Young's disappearance. Christopher Adair has chosen to remain silent. Now one of his relatives wants to put an end to the secrecy.
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Published 05/01/24
Cheri Lynn Smith spends her days reading the bible and writing to her parents. Before she's killed, Cheri is lured away from her Regina home by a sex trafficker posing as her boyfriend. Not long after, a horseback rider finds her body in the underbrush outside of Victoria, B.C., Canada.
Published 04/09/24
For three decades, Rhonda has wondered why someone killed her high school friend Kimberly Gallup. Kimberly was a young girl who loved the Kansas City Chiefs and Bon Jovi. Her death has a lasting impact on all who knew her.
Published 04/02/24