Comedian Melinda Hill talks with Marc about processing trauma, Adventure Time, Maria Bamford, and Marc’s ex-wife.
Published 10/29/20
Hari Kondabolu talks with Marc about representation in pop culture, The Problem with Apu, being a new dad, and his persistent fear of the Comedy Cellar.
Published 10/26/20
Matthew McConaughey walks Marc through his new memoir, Greenlights, and talks about Dazed and Confused, Texas, saying no, and protecting his privacy.
Published 10/22/20
Patti Smith talks with Marc about New York City in the ‘60s, the legacy of the beatniks, living at Hotel Chelsea, and writing her third memoir.
Published 10/19/20
Lewis Black is back to talk with Marc about going stir crazy in quarantine, pandemic comedy, joining cults and rooting for democracy.
Published 10/15/20
Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips returns to talk with Marc about being on this third life, having an epiphany at Long John Silver’s, and dealing with chaotic times through chaotic music.
Published 10/12/20
Jazz musician Wynton Marsalis tells Marc about the inspiration behind his new composition, The Ever Fonky Lowdown, and about Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Herbie Hancock and more.
Published 10/08/20
John Cusack talks with Marc about political awakenings, Brian Wilson, Being John Malkovich, Utopia, and why Danny Trejo says John is a badass.
Published 10/05/20
Documentary filmmaker Barbara Kopple talks with Marc about her films like Harlan County, USA, Wild Man Blues, and Desert One, and that one time she directed Marc in a phone commercial.
Published 10/01/20
SNL’s Cecily Strong talks with Marc about Chicago, cruise ship improv, depression, Chinese opera, and performing for Obama.
Published 09/28/20
Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson talks to Marc about Mel Brooks, Diner, The Natural, Robin Williams, and whether Democracy can survive.
Published 09/24/20
Marc gets a double dose of NYC when he talks with Alicia Keys about her new album and John Leguizamo about the new movie he directed.
Published 09/21/20
Actor Wendell pierce talks with Marc about The Wire, Death of a Salesman, New Orleans, Led Zeppelin, and the future of live theater.
Published 09/17/20
Toni Collette talks with Marc about Australia, Hereditary, knowing herself through her roles, and working inside the mind of Charlie Kaufman.
Published 09/14/20
Martin Short talks with Marc about SCTV, SNL, Steve Martin, Three Amigos, and how he retains his boundless optimism.
Published 09/10/20
Artist Matt Furie and director Arthur Jones tell Marc about their Pepe the Frog documentary Feels Good Man, and The New Yorker’s Andrew Marantz explains the line from Pepe to QAnon.
Published 09/07/20
J.K. Simmons talks with Marc about Juno, Oz, cross-country Covid travel, and his secret weapon for making Whiplash.
Published 09/03/20
Chelsea Peretti talks with Marc about marriage, motherhood, overcoming her fear of commitment, passing time in the pandemic, her first lead role in a film.
Published 08/31/20
Billy Crudup talks to Marc about Almost Famous, The Morning Show, acting in theater vs. acting in film, and being a movie stars vs. being a character actor.
Published 08/27/20
Giancarlo Esposito talks to Marc about Albuquerque, playing Gus on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and learning life lessons from Spike Lee and George C. Scott.
Published 08/24/20
Kieran Culkin talks with Marc about growing up in a family of actors, pro wrestling, being a new dad, and making Succession.
Published 08/20/20
Kerry Washington talks with Marc about Little Fires Everywhere, the Bronx, India, Olivia Pope, and Anita Hill.
Published 08/17/20
Ellen Page talks with Marc about the instant fame she experienced after Juno, why that fame made it hard to be herself, and how she took control by coming out.
Published 08/13/20
Sarah Snook talks with Marc about her role on Succession, lockdown in Australia, King Lear, Disney movies, and Helen Mirren.
Published 08/10/20
Comedian Joe List talks with Marc about pandemic stand-up shows, George Carlin, Boston comedy, bottoming out, and playing Madison Square Garden.
Published 08/06/20