I've had plenty of family members, friends, boyfriends, even team members, not understand what I was trying to do. We all want to be supported and believed in but if they don’t, it doesn't f*****g matter. Your job is to improve your own sense of self, self worth and belief in the inevitability of your success, etc. You decide how money works for you and supports you. Remember: Wealth is an internal state. Money is a vibration.
Published 08/21/20
I am familiar with the hesitations and fears that come up when choosing to hire a coach or enroll in a course and here is what I need you to know: It's not about checking boxes. It's about trusting yourself on your journey, being led and knowing you can't f* it up. Your success is not dependent on anything or anyone. Your success is dependent on you. AND you get to pick which people and things are in your support system as you go.
Published 08/11/20
There are countless paradigms available for how life, love, money, etc works for you. Once we begin to understand that we are making the rules and continually reinforcing how things go in every area of our lives, things get more fun. Let's give a big middle finger to allowing suffering and sacrifice to create abundance and overflow. This episode was been taken from The Energy and Frequency of Money bundle. http://amandafrances.com/energy-and-frequency-of-money
Published 07/30/20
I had Simone Mcnish on my podcast to have a real and honest conversation about self empowerment, exponential growth, expanded vision and other real shit. We had a fabulous time and covered lots of current — and very sensitive — topics. Can’t wait for you to listen to this interview! To continue the conversation find me on the interwebs as @XOAmandaFrances or Simone as @simone.mcnish Love you
Published 07/23/20
Laina Caltagirone interviewed Amanda to discuss her money genius, business model and overall mindset around generating wealth easily and well. They dig into how to set big goals, how to monetize an audience, and AFI’s biggest month to date at $579k. We think you will love this one.
Published 07/21/20
Recorded circa 2017, it has become one of my most loved meditations. FEEL into the energy of these words as you listen: I choose to step into my greatness. I choose to let this be easier than ever before. I choose to receive the money, love, growth, impact, and influence I desire. I choose now to rise. I feel myself expanding and rising into the highest and truest version of myself. I am willing to be lifted, to rise up, to out of my own way -- and elevate. I choose ascension -- on every...
Published 07/10/20
An interesting thing happens when you show up from a place of abundance and fullness instead of lack and desperation. In love, in business and in life. I had an important realization recently and I want to share it with you in this episode. By recognizing where my pain and my hurt came from I have been able to shift it and show up in my love life from a place of  abundance but I had to connect to my own sense of inner abundance and self love first.
Published 07/02/20
I am really really good at what I do. I am really good at sharing messages from the soul that hit the hearts of people. My messages get me noticed, seen and paid. With these tips for sharing authentically from your soul when you show up on the interwebs, your online presence will quickly become more magnetic, irresistible, and interesting. This clip was taken from Decoding Fame: (41% off for two more days only) http://amandafrances.com/decoding-fame
Published 06/28/20
This is not a pretty story but I think sharing it may serve as a mirror for you and may facilitate a powerful shift in you. It may get you to think, evaluate, and choose to create from a place you have not yet. I hope it allows love, honesty and fairness to come through you in your experience. This is about how I discovered my unconscious racial bias, learned more about my privilege, prejudice, and bias and about the racism that lives in America. Today, I consider to be an advocate, ally, and...
Published 06/18/20
What I do anytime I feel nervous, insecure or feel a lack of confidence or worth in myself. This applies to every area of your life -- money, love, business, etc. We think getting everything we want is about making the next perfect move and getting everything right. But, it's deeper than that. Doing this thing before I do anything, always guarantees I make the best choice, while being backed with the best energy. Try this! Remember: You are worthy because you are. Nothing to prove. No one to...
Published 06/10/20
Let’s activate the fun, flow and freedom that financial health, abundance, and wellness has to offer you. You are an infinite, powerful creator of a human. You have a ton of power. You actually have enough power in your little pinky toe to change your life and this world.No more generating and attracting money haphazardly, randomly and sometimes -- but continually, intentionally and easily on repeat. MMM is open for enrollment! All the details: https://amandafrances.com/money-mentality-makeover
Published 05/30/20
You have a say in your financial experience! Amanda breaks down discovering that money is energy. And how our standards, expectations, what we are used to and what we are available when it comes to money effect how much money we allow into our lives. She discussed releasing guilt around spending, changing your ‘just enough’ to ‘more than enough,’ aligning to a new financial goal, and overcoming hang up with money. From $4500 a month, to $450,000 a month, this episode is a vibe.
Published 05/21/20
When it comes to manifestation, we can’t mess it up. We can only get clearer and clearer on what we want and closer and closer to calling it in. Amanda shares what happened when she manifested a man perfectly and fell very much in love -- and in the process discovered the powerful love that was in herself all along, while getting ever clearer on what kind of relationship she is now choosing to create.
Published 05/16/20
You will be called upon to deepen your faith and mature your belief systems. As you learn more about what is happening in the world you will have to reconcile your current understandings with your new learnings and deepen your beliefs. When it comes to making money, if you live in a country country where it is legal and possible to start a business, make money and build wealth, it is important that you do so. Those in the position to make money, can also spend and circulate money, stimulating...
Published 05/13/20
There is a common misconception amount spiritual circles around how money works. Let’s address this today! Money allows you to pay your bills, feed the people in your home, employ people, buy things, stimulate the economy and give generously. Money is not bad. Wanting money is not bad. We get energetically tangled up when we do things we do not want to do and override our hearts and integrity to make money. This 3 min taken from Aligned As F*ck Bundle - 70% off now...
Published 04/30/20
Last month, Amanda spoke on a panel on Necker Island. She was the youngest person in the room and one of the only self made people there. This is what she explained to a room full of billionaires and multimillionaires about creating income and impact via telling her story. You can have meaning and money, purpose and profit, income and impact. You can do it. Take action, move forward, and believe.
Published 04/21/20
Constant. Stable. Reliable. How you view money matters. Is money dependent on the economy? Is it a low vibe to receive government assistance? Are you f*ing up your manifestation if you feel like crap? How exactly do $400k+ months feel? How to turn it all into gold — even during COVID-19. Energy and Frequency of Money Success Stories + Details: http://amandafrances.com/energy-and-frequency-of-money Grab the homework Qs:...
Published 04/14/20
God is GOOD with you having a good life. The Universe, God and the angels are already all about it. YOU have to agree with them. You have to decide you're worthy. You have to line up with them + allow yourself to receive. When we believe that our worthiness is contingent on hard work, we don't allow ourselves to receive it until we feel like we've done enough. We could have allowed ourselves to create the life we want it all along. ❥ What do you think? I love to hear your thoughts. Please...
Published 04/06/20
The Secret to Lasting Transformation. Loves, it’s time to stop fighting yourself, own your desires, and incorporate self-acceptance into your daily actions. This will help you meet your goals faster and with greater ease. Whether we are talking about your butt or your business, this will amplify your results and your love for yourself. Become a Money Making Coach is 40% off for 48 more hours only. amandafrances.com/become-a-money-making-coach This is the foundation for online business. I...
Published 03/30/20
CLIENTS COME TO YOU! First, no part of who you are and what you love needs to be eliminated from your business or brand. Secondly, you do not need to go out chasing the humans hoping they hire you. Your content + intentions call them in Become a Money Making Coach is going on sale! The info + confidence you need to start an online, service based business is here: Grab Your Coupon Code: https://eo5v6ktg.pages.infusionsoft.net The course: https://amandafrances.com/become-a-money-making-coach
Published 03/23/20
Today I am sharing an episode with you taken from IG Stories from the past week with my thoughts about the coronavirus pandemic. Do the practical sh*t & don't ignore the energetic sh*t. I am not a doctor, or medical professional -- and while I do think we should gather information from them -- I also know a thing or two about mental health, energy, and business growth. (I built a multimillion dollar global brand via teaching women to harness the power of their energy and have a background...
Published 03/19/20
I don’t really believe in waiting on inspired action; I believing in taking inspiring action. I believe in moving towards the things that you desire. When it comes to manifestation, your job is to embody the feelings of the things you want. Every moment of believe and action will add up and up and up... and overflow into your reality.
Published 03/14/20
It all starts within you. If you can become an energetic match for the things that you desire then is only a matter of time for them to manifest into your reality. In this episode you will learn how to create an internal experience that will attract every thing that you believe you get to have.
Published 03/08/20
Say it with me: I am worthy of money because I am. I am innately, and completely, and undeniably fully forever worthy of money and all my other desires. You may already know this, but one of my core beliefs is that good people do good things with money. My job is to support women --like you -- in knowing + accessing + accepting their desires as valid and valuable, in monetizing their heart + messages + gifts, and in getting in touch with their own innate worth.
Published 03/06/20
"How do I talk about my success without bragging?" I get this question ALL of the time so I’m bringing this #throwback classic training to you. Like everything else, it comes down to the intention and energy you hold underneath the words when you speak about your success. The world doesn't need your modesty; The world needs to know what is possible for them You share with the intention to inspire and empower those who need you and your work. Taken from:...
Published 03/02/20