I'm all about the Zen quit. It can be energizing to let go.  Listen to today's episode of Chill & Prosper to learn the next 8 key questions to ask yourself if you're considering quitting your business.  I'll share more about my practices businesses, setting boundaries and more.
Published 05/19/22
People are always asking about my schedule. They wanna know how I organize my day. Spoiler: I’m not that organized at all.  I’m a massive procrastinator and not super productive so I’m not gonna recommend bullet journaling or productivity hacks. That stuff doesn’t work for me. But I do have some millionaire productivity secrets to share today.
Published 05/12/22
Boundary lesson time! There’s so much juice around boundaries and money blocks. This episode is made for you if you have a Facebook group, but it’ll be helpful for setting boundaries with clients in general.  I've learned so many lessons - some painful, all powerful.
Published 05/05/22
Today I'm going to take you behind the scenes of what it's really like to write a book. And some of the reasons why you should write one and some pitfalls to consider as well. I love sharing behind the scenes of my business and I know you love hearing about it. Sometimes, it literally feels like gossip, because no one talks about it!
Published 04/28/22
You’ve probably heard of, or done, inner child work.  It’s a process of examining your most formative experiences and memories from childhood to find underlying beliefs or blocks.  Inner teen work is also really powerful - especially for your money mindset.  It’s such an intense time of life, the teenage years. Doing work on blocks from this phase can really shift your life and business.  Let’s dig into your high school money blocks.
Published 04/21/22
I've invested in so many coaching and mastermind programs over the years.  I've literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and some have been good, some not so good. On today’s podcast we're talking about how to recognize FOMO when investing in coaching and mastermind programs.  And on the flip side, how to spot scarcity mindset and a fear of investing.  It’s such a juicy conversation!
Published 04/14/22
Today, we are talking about monetization - what you’re making money from and how.  Does everything in your business need to be monetized?  Do you really need to make money out of every single thing?  You might be surprised by my answer because I’m all about money mindset and charging what you’re worth, but I'm also a Chillpreneur. 
Published 04/07/22
I had to unlearn so much crap in order to hire a team. A lot of entrepreneurs have blocks around hiring. It can bring up a load of money stuff. In today’s podcast episode I talk about my million-dollar hiring lessons and how to create a team that grows with you. 
Published 03/31/22
Every day I get asked about evergreen programs and courses.  Evergreen means always available. Green all year round! Money Bootcamp is evergreen – you can join any time.  Plus we also do a big annual launch and regular promotions, but we’ve moved from 3 launches a year to sell more evergreen.  Maybe you want to switch from launches to having a program that's open all year round.  Maybe you want both.  I’m here to answer ALL your questions!
Published 03/24/22
Today, I’m sharing about my ADHD diagnosis and how it’s become my superpower - especially in my business.  Even if you don't have ADHD, listen in because this episode will give you some insights about the challenges other people in your life face. Listening to this might even sound familiar - ADHD is very common in entrepreneurs and widely under-diagnosed in women. 
Published 03/17/22
I love batch creating content – it has changed my life.  And I just get better and better at it. Friends call me the batching queen. I batch EVERYTHING - my social media content, my podcast, video content, admin tasks in my business.  I wish I could find a way to batch some of my kid related stuff!  This one simple mindset shift makes things easier and more profitable. So many people resist batching. It might seem boring. Or hard work. Or lacking creativity. But it works for every...
Published 03/10/22
Time to pull on your boss pants! Today, we are talking about dealing with default customer payments. How to chase up your money without all the emotions. 
Published 03/03/22
I’ve got some sticky stuff for you today! We are talking about how to cope with criticism and business rejection. Yuck, right?! But we all have to deal with this. Whether you’re starting out or an established entrepreneur.
Published 02/24/22
So you’re reading books about money mindset, you're listening to my podcast and you’ve probably invested in conferences or courses to change your mindset.    And then someone you love poops on your parade.   A question I get ALL THE TIME is “How can I get my partner onboard with my money goals?”   You might live with someone who's very negative or fearful about money, personal development, entrepreneurship. That can be really tough and my heart goes out to you.     Or your...
Published 02/17/22
There are so many money mindset layers around saving money. It might feel uncomfortable. And that’s great. You absolutely need this! In today’s Chill and Prosper podcast episode we are talking about something super juicy - setting a savings goal and getting good at saving money.
Published 02/10/22
Perfectionism has been a cross for me to bear for a long, long time. I'm a Virgo!  But I see it all the time in entrepreneurs. So let’s talk about what it's costing you to be a perfectionist in your business. Today’s episode of Chill and Prosper will inspire you to get started on projects that you're procrastinating.
Published 02/03/22
I'm stoked about today’s podcast episode - It's silly but has some great lessons too!  I’m sharing money lessons from New Kids on the Block. Check out Step by Step by NKOTB on YouTube. It’s that song that’s always playing in Target!  Step one is that making money can be fun. Sometimes we get so serious about launches and doing the work that we forget that we're allowed to make money and have fun. I have definitely been guilty of overworking and getting too serious. I've changed this...
Published 01/27/22
Today I’m busting four myths about spending money on personal development. I see backlash sometimes about people buying courses. I see resistance, underspending, people holding themselves back from learning things and giving themselves what they really need because of money mindset issues.  I’ve loved reading ever since I was tiny. I found this little red book once, called The Magic of Believing by Claude M Bristol. I was so fascinated - it was about how you could change your life by...
Published 01/20/22
There’s something that affects each and every one of us and holds us back from success.  In today’s podcast episode I share how to break free. We all have sabotaging business habits that keep us stuck and prevent us from making more money. I still have them!  Are you holding yourself back from making money because you’re stuck in these repetitive behaviors? Self-awareness is your biggest tool in making money.  This episode will help you bring your blocks, habits and the mindset issues...
Published 01/13/22
Goals aren’t just for January 1st. You can set and reset them throughout the year. I explain how I approach goal setting and share my top tips for making them work. Many entrepreneurs really struggle to set goals - to ask for what they want, to articulate it. Maybe you’re worried about what will happen if you don’t achieve your goal?  I’m here to help you discover why you're not setting goals, why you are not allowing yourself to dream. It's totally okay for you to shift and change your...
Published 01/06/22
Let’s Celebrate! Even if things didn’t go to plan, I’m sure you have SO much to be proud of this year.   Taking the time to recognize achievements and celebrate is a skill. As a Ruler I often struggle and say “yeah cool, but what’s next?” - sound familiar?    This episode is for all the introverts out there, who struggle with being the center of attention. The extroverts can learn lots about what it feels like to live with a fear of being visible too!
Published 12/30/21
People are always curious about the best investments I’ve ever made in my business.  In the spirit of Oprah's favorite things list at Christmas (which I love!), I’m gonna give you my four favorite investments to move through your money blocks and get to the next level in your business.  Let’s talk about how to use the principles of upgrading and investing in yourself to grow your business. 
Published 12/23/21
I want to share my secrets around getting through the holiday season without freaking out about money. I want to help you avoid getting too triggered. This can be a really stressful time of year. Of course, it’s often exciting too. And for some of us, it's sad. But it’s often challenging. Luckily, I have some tips to help you sail through the holidays.
Published 12/16/21
Today I want to talk about three ways that your money blocks are really impacting your business right now.
Published 12/09/21