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This recording is in French, here’s the outline of what I talk about to help you follow: A comeback video in a new environment: we’re in France! We’ve been settling down, enjoying family time after two years of separation, finally meeting my little (and very cute nephew), creating memories (e.g we took the kids to the snow!) The children have started attending French school...on and off really, due to the absurd C*vid protocols in place here. Still, I’m hoping this will give me some time to resume working on French Your Way! In 2021, I worked on a personal project (I’ll tell you about it when the right time comes) and spent quite a while in lockdown being my daughter’s private teacher. We also prepared our departure to France. In order to help you with your French, I need YOU to give me your input, your feedback: What is your biggest struggle about learning French? What do you need explanations/reinforcement with? What type of content do you find most helpful to learn? (podcasts, online classes, eBooks?) Please get in touch! Email me /!\ Don’t forget: I explain French concepts in English. If you know me, you know that! 😉 For authentic conversations in French, check out my “French Voices” podcast. Thanks for your patience while I wrap my head around things again and release new content! I am grateful for your support and your kindness. Jessica Subscribe to my newsletter. Follow me on Facebook / Instagram
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Buy Full Notes In this second part of my interview with Manolo we will talk about his confrérie (a society of people who get together to perpetuate a tradition, a skill): la Confrérie des amateurs de Sagarno de la Bidassoa. This society is currently under process to be part of the Unesco...
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