FV 131: Wonder Betty, the life of an inspiring woman (Part 2)
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Buy Full Notes Betty Levanqué really is an incredible woman, I would even call her a wonder woman. I’m truly in awe at everything she’s done so far in her life, her stamina, her strength; she’s an inspiration to work hard, be present for your family, love people, give back to others when you can. Betty studied hard, even while becoming the other of a very premature baby with a disability and later on resuming her studies and taking up three courses in three different universities the same year at age... 40. She founded an association to help orphans in Vietnam (where her background is), the food bank of New Caledonia where she lives (banque alimentaire de Nouvelle-Calédonie), owns a real estate agency (Le Café Immobilier) as well as a popular café in Nouméa (Boops Café), and is the president of the APESA, an association supporting business managers burning out and at risk of committing suicide. The least we can say is that Betty is profoundly humane and committed to making a difference in people’s lives. This is a long, inspiring, feel good interview. Vocab List avoir les pieds sur terre = to be grounded bénévolement (adv) = voluntarily claquettes (nf plur) = flip flops, slide sandals cursus (nm) = course, curriculum gaspillage alimentaire (nm) = food waste invendu (nm) = unsold article natte (nf) = mat néon (nm) = neon light, fluorescent light orphelinat (nm) = orphanage remettre (qn) sur les rails = to put (sb) back on track / on the right path Links Le Café Immobilier (Facebook) La Banque Alimentaire de Nouvelle-Calédonie Boops Café (Facebook) Apesa NC Follow my Dream French Voices, episode 126: (Part 1) Representing Belgium abroad: the work of a consul French Voices, episode 127: (Part 2) Representing Belgium abroad: the work of a consul
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