FV 132 : (Part 1) The “vin de pomme” from Pays Basque
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Buy Full Notes This 2-part interview with Manolo will take you to the heart of the French Basque country (Pays Basque), its heritage and its tradition of making “vin de pomme” (also known as “sagardo”, or “sagarno”), which is not the same as the apple cider from Normandy. The start of the conversation will help you locate the Pays Basque and understand its strong sense of identity. People still wear the beret, speak basque (which is a language in itself, not related to French), play local traditional instruments that the rest of France probably never heard of. Listen to find out how talking about music naturally led us to talking about apples (yes, there’s a link!). By the way, do you know where apples originally come from? What’s the difference between “vin de pomme” and “cidre”? In other words, what’s the difference with how the Basque and the Norman people process their apples? The answers are in this episode. We’ll talk about the fermentation process of course. We’ll also see why the properties of the sagardo / vin de pomme made it the daily drink on board the ships in the old times. As you may have understood by now, this interview is all about culture, traditions, heritage, history, about understanding how trade, routes and human exchanges played a central role in the diversity of it all. Last but not least this interview is Manolo sharing his passion with you. We hope you enjoy it. Vocab List alambic (nm) = still [alcohol production]baleine franche (nf) = right whalebarrique (nf) = barrel, caskbroyer = to grind, crushclocher (nm) = bell towercontrée (nf) = region, landcouvre-chef (nm) = hat, headgearcroupir = to stagnate [water], to rotfoulage (nm) = pressing, treading, crushingfouler (vt) = to tread, trample, pressfût (nm) = cask, barrel, keghistoire/querelle de clocher = community/parish rivalry ; storm in a teacupmorue (nf) = cod, codfishmûrir = to ripenprendre une pâtée (fam) = to take a thrashingtaquiner = to tease Links and Resources Page Facebook : Bidasoako Sargadozaleen Kofradia French Voices episode 52 : "Champagne Producing with Tristan Hyest"
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